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Karl Heideck Engages Wells Fargo In Lawsuit

Karl Heideck graduated from Swarthmore College in 2003 with a bachelor’s in english and literature. He later received a juris doctorate with honors from the Beasley School of Law with Temple University in 2009.

Upon graduation, he joined Conrad O’Brien as an associate. Later, he joined Pepper Hamilton. His experiences geared him toward business law. He is currently a member of the prestigious Grant and Eisenhower Law agency in Philadelphia.

His current concentrations are on civil litigation, corporate compliance and risk management assessments. He has also championed class action suits stemming from corporate misconduct. He currently is suing banking giant Wells Fargo on behalf of the City of Philadelphia.

Karl Heideck’s suit alleges that the bank is using a 90 year old banking practice called redlining which systematically denies loan options to certain undesirable homebuyers, usually minorities, in certain neighborhoods. The suit charges that this practice contributes to segregation in direct contradiction of 1968 housing legislation combating the issue. It is also the city’s position that this creates high-crime areas costing more resources to keep people safe.


When the law was originally past, segregation throughout the country was a real problem that was illustrated by racially divided neighborhoods, and disproportionate distribution of civic resources. Much progress has been made since then. When attention is taken from this effort, unfair practices can creep back up.

When it comes to proving this case, the city may be facing an uphill battle. Damage must be proven to the city through their loan practices and that may be hard to pin on just one lender. Also, the effects may not be as drastic as in the past. The company has responded to the suit by claiming it to be frivolous and without merit. Recently, however, the company made the same claim when they were charged with making bogus accounts in their customers names. On those charges, they were found guilty.

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Whitney Wolfe’s Big Love Day

Whitney Wolfe and Michael Herd tied the knot last week in a breathtaking ceremony held at the Italy’s Amalfi Coast Villa Treville. The breathtaking event was private as only the people with cards were allowed to the function. However, it became popular in the social media as it trended with the hash tag #homeiswheretheherdis. People within the function posted photos of the bride and groom plus the breathtaking site, making the public follow closely.

Whitney Wolfe and Michael Herd met on Valentine day three years back, and they have been in a budding relationship for the last few years. Whitney was engaged last year July by the love of her life, and the wedding last week was the culmination of the dating days. The function was romantic, and the location only made it even the more fun.

Whitney Wolfe wore an Oscar De La Renta gown, which was designed in a custom-made style. The evening gown was equally stunning as it was silky cream-colored slip dress that fit her beautiful and elegant body. Moreover, she wore a sweet smile throughout the occasion as she could not hide the joy of finally getting married to the love of her life. The reception was also beautiful as it was full of lemon trees canopies that matched the lemon dinner tables and lemon menus. The one-tiered fruitcake was topped up with fresh strawberries and other fruits.

Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe founded the Bumble Dating App, which empowers women in relationships. The App allows women to make the first move in romantic relationships. Whitney hated the situation where women must wait for men to notice them and ask them out. Consequently, she decided to allow women to make the first move and chose the men they like. The above makes men respect women and cease from mistreating them.

Whitney also started the Bumble BFF App, which helped women relate with other women whom they could trust. Whitney observed that women took too long to be married and they needed the company of people that they could share their experiences with. Many of the office Divas had no time for friends, and Bumble BFF helped women get the new company in new places. Whitney was an alumna of the Dedman College and Southern Methodist University where she majored in IT.

Based on her new union, Bumble is most likely to go a notch higher as now Whitney is united with a business person.

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Omar Yunes Successful Entrepreneur and a Smart Businessman

Running a restaurant or a fast food business is not a cakewalk, and many factors work together to make it a success. Omar Yunes, one of the highly successful businessmen and entrepreneurs in Mexico, has achieved great success in the fast food business in the country. He also won the highly prestigious Best Franchise in the World Competition held in Florence, Italy. In the competition, many other franchise owners from different countries participated.

However, Omar Yunes bypassed them all through the judging parameters to be named as the winner of the competition. It is because of the value he brought to the brand and the revenue he generated through his 13 Sushi Itto restaurants. He started his franchise of Sushi Itto at the age of 21, and today at the age of 39 owns 13 outlets, which is a remarkable feat.

The judges of the competition took many factors into account to name the winner of the contest. Most importantly, Omar managed to make Japanese cuisine popular in Mexico, which before Sushi Itto started was almost not known in the country. Today, Japanese cuisine is among the most loved cuisines in Mexico. Upon winning the BFW Competition, Omar Yunes gave credit to his 400 employees to make it possible.

He said at the award ceremony that without the effort and dedication of his team of employees, winning such a competitive competition was merely wasn’t possible. The organizers of the BFW competition also said that Omar Yunes won the competition by miles due to the value he added to the brand and the revenue he generated through his outlets. Omar Yunes has always been highly interested in the restaurant business, and he showed his skills and passion for the business by expanding his restaurant business systematically over the years. To know more about him click here.

Benjamin Cancelmo, the CEO of Sushi Itto, said that Omar Yunes are winning the BFW Competition only showcased the collective effort of the brand and its partners to serve the customers quality food at economical price along with exemplary customer service. Omar Yunes is presently focused on expanding his restaurant business further and has many exciting plans under his belt.

Jose Henrique Borghi-An Icon In Brazilian Advertising

Jose Henrique Borghi is an accomplished Brazilian advertising executive who started in the business over 25 years ago. He currently serves as founder and Co-CEO of the Mullen Lowe Group. Along with his top marketing and advertising team they create award winning advertising campaigns to catapult their customers businesses to the next level in advertising. He provides leadership and vision for the continued development and advancement of this award winning advertising agency.


Jose Henrique Borghi knows how to emerge in international markets and is a superior creative spirit whose emotions and creative spirit can be seen in all of his advertising campaigns. It is this reason he has landed campaign ads for top international companies such as Delta, and American Express.


The road to this position is paved with a series of brilliant advertising campaigns that was created by Jose Henrique Borghi including the ad for wildlife conservation entitled “Mammals of Parmalat”. And with this success comes rewards, including seven London Festival Awards, 10 Clio Awards, 14 Cannes Lions, and 11 New York Festival Awards.


Prior to his position of Co-CEO at Mullen Group, Jose Henrique Borghi started his career with Standart Ogilvy where he quickly learned the in’s and out’s of the advertising industry. From that point on he was determined to succeed and decided to pursue a career in this industrious field and learn more about Borghi.


Some of his most memorable ads include those of top companies such as Fiat, Unilever, Delta and Mitsubishi. Jose Henrique Borghi holds a degree in Marketing from Pontifical Catholic University in Brazil and more information click here.

Jason Hope Showcases His Entrepreneuring and Success in Business

An Arizona entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jason Hope specializes as an healthcare technology investor. The undergrad in Finance and graduate of Arizona State University with a MBA, he knew he had to go into the background of business. He was inspired by Mobile communication which inspired him because of the benefits. Even though mobile technology is not new, the field still has area for growth as well as improvement For this reason, Jason Hope thought about selling a premium text messaging service which laid his foundation in the future of technology as well as in medical research which was his passion.

For Jason, he makes his money from the portfolio with technology companies. At the beginning of his career, he created Jawa, the mobile communication company which was acting as the main company of additional partnerships within the technology industry. Then Jason decided to make his money from the investments in his portfolio. Some of those investments include some companies like Digital Media Solutions.

The future in society is relying on technology as it works to connect and interconnect people as well as places and a variety of things. This was the idea that Jason Hope used to build Jawa. For Jason, he knew he had to keep his mind open and that you have to keep one eye focused ahead on what technology is doing and where it is headed.

Jason immediately began making money following the opening of the gate which is what helped to encourage him to expand his portfolio of investing in a variety of companies as well as in individuals. Being an entrepreneur, you have to be open to the idea of doubt. You have to doubt what you are doing in order to remain on your toes and continue thinking ahead. What makes entrepreneur successful is how they deal and cope with failure and managing the challenges ahead of them.

Jason Hope used his referrals for advertising and marketing which he was performing for another business he was working for. He used this referral to build up his professional network. He advocates the use of social media so long as it is uses properly.

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Rocketship Education Gives Options to Parents

There are many parents who are worried about the public education system. With test scores dropping every year, many parents believe that there are better options for their children. The problem is that few people can afford to send their children to private school. Charter schools are becoming popular in many places across the country. California has dozens of charter schools for parents to consider.

Rocketship Education is one of the best schools in the state of California. The school has done a great job of adding value to children over the years. Here are some of the things that help separate Rocketship Education from other schools in the area.

Parent Involvement

One of the most important aspects of a successful education program for children is how much their parents are involved. Many studies show that involved parents help their children increase test scores over time. Rocketship Education highly encourages parents to get involved in several ways.

First of all, the grades for children are always available for children to see online. This is a great way for parents to check on their children throughout the school year. Rocketship Education wants to help parents in any way that it can.

Future Plans

Rocketship Education is investing in a lot of new technology to help students take their education to a new level. Over time, this is a great way to help children learn more about different subjects. Some children learn better in a more traditional classroom setting. However, other children would rather use technology to learn.

Rocketship Education is planning to expand the size of their school in the coming years. This is in response to demand from parents in the area who are willing to invest in their children. The future is bright for Rocketship Education.


Benefits of Investing in Wines with UKV PLC

In most instances, people are misguided to buy wines that do not suit their tastes. Founded in 2015, UKV PLC is an independent organization that offers guidance in choosing the appropriate wines or champagne for any occasion or purpose. In particular, the firm acquires supplies and sales bonded fine wines and champagnes on behalf of other operators. Particularly, UKV PLC operators have a good number of consultants willing to offer their guidance even at homes when the clients needs it. More interestingly organization works in collaboration with a large network of brokers, merchants, and traders. Therefore, the firm provides the following as the benefits of investing in wines.

UKV PLC offers a broad customer base for wine operators willing to invest in wine marketing. For instance, the UKV consultants offer wine operators great information on the market conditions; they give them a clue on the value of their investments. Since wine tends to be a profitable asset, competitive wine operators contact the UKV PLC wine operators to get complimentary trends on their wine collection to get an impression of the future. Besides, investing in wine is a great way of protecting your income due to the changing economies experienced nowadays.

In most instances, some people get afraid of starting wine business because of little information, especially in taxation. However, with the guidance provided by UKV PLC consultants, investors are assured of zero taxation on capital gains. It is true because as per the Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act of 1992, wine investment is a pure tax-efficient. Ironically, tax authorities assume that the value of wines depreciates with time. Thus, it becomes favourable to invest in wines because the tax authorities assume that the product falls under tax-free laws. In addition, one gets a full control of the investment; because they are tangible assets that one controls as well as own. In fact, at UKV PLC your wine collection holds your name under your personal account. It means that your investment is under protection with an additional benefit of getting a free storage in a warehouse with a desirable climate condition at any given period.

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Getting Surgical Precision on Cancer with Dr. Clay Siegall

It’s another scheduled procedure that you have been dreading since the last time your shadow landed on the hospital doorstep. The procedure itself is simple enough, they insert an IV and the chemicals slowly flow into your bloodstream with a fiery presence that ensures that they are working, almost too well. It is mainly the effects after the appointment where the real struggle begins. It starts with appetite loss, nausea, fatigue, hair loss and photo-sensitivity all hubs around a constant writhing pain throughout your whole body. This is the one of the most common treatments for cancer known as chemotherapy and it has some people saying that it worse than the cancer that it treats.

Dr. Clay Siegall has made it his life’s goal to discover more targeting methods to treating cancer that do not result to such dramatic side effects. With his education in a B.S. of zoology from the University of Maryland and a PhD in genetics from George Washington University, he is utilizing all that he knows to bring to fruition the future of improved cancer treatments that also lowers the mortality rate of the cancer as well. He has been the founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics since 1998 and has quickly risen to the front-line of the industry to promote better drugs through companies such as Bayer, Pfizer, Genentech and etc. With his endeavors the methods of chemotherapy shall be rendered obsolete and will just become a page in the history books.

His inspiration to searching for this more direct approach came from observing the prevalent methods and just how extreme they seemed to be with hardly any real beneficial results, especially in the cases of radical surgery and amputation.

His endeavor has not been without its hardships, it took nearly ten years for the company to actually become profitable and there was a financial crisis in 1999 and 2000 where it was rather uncertain whether the business would survive another fiscal year. They say that you must look at danger in the face and embrace death to actually be able to fight for

Des Perez Leading Woman For Talent Management At Roc Nation

Des Perez is a leading businesswoman when it comes to the high stakes talent agency. In a profession where lazy people will not thrive, Des holds a place in one of the biggest circles of movers and shakers that is predominantly male. Des Perez is equipped to handle all aspects of the talent industry from production, developement, investers and concert tour management. Developing all aspects of her talents empire is what makes her such a multifaceted leading entertainment business professional.

Des Perez has been a trusted advisor for Jay-Z for over twenty two years. When it comes to corporate board room meetings and deciding the best moves for areas of his empire, Des has a no nonsense attitude. She makes sure that every decision made is one that will benefit her client to the fullest and is a force to be reckoned with. Des Perez also has worked with Rihanna. She was able to work out a twenty five million dollar deal with Samsung that would promote Rihanna’s Anti Tour.   For blogs and timeline updates, check her page.

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As a Chief Opperating Officer at Roc Nation, Desiree Perez works with music producers, recording artists and songwriters on various entertainment aspects such as brand building and management, music tours and promoting music and publishing. Roc Nation works with industry experts to help enhance and promote their clients.  Hop over to for an interesting article.

With negotiating skills being the center of creating the best promotional deals for talent, Des Perez always has her clients best interest and careers in mind when it comes to their music and tours.  More of her negotiating skills on  Talent management in the performance industry can be a thankless and tough job, but Des Perez doesn’t mind, she enjoys pulling off near miracles when glitches in tours and concerts happen. She enjoys making sure fans have a positively memorable experience and performers have a seamless show.  Added info on

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Tony Petrello on Top of the Business World

Mr. Antony Petrello became known for his work at Nabors Industries as well as for his exorbitant paycheck as the chief executive officer of the company and more information click here.

Mr. Tony Petrello has been on top of the Nabors Industries for a handful of years. The company does gas and oil drilling and it is at the forefront of its line of work. Mr. Tony Petrello is also occupying the positions of Chairman as well as President. Many benefits come from operating a large industry such as Nabors. One of the largest aspects of being the chief executive officer of the company is that Mr. Tony Petrello has become the top-paid CEO in the world for 2014. In that year, Mr. Tony Petrello received more than $68 million effectively stunning the business community.

Mr. Tony Petrello assumed his first position at Nabors industries in the year of 1991. He worked at a number of jobs in the large enterprise. Eventually, the position that Mr. Tony Petrello had been occupying helped him amass enough experience and expertise as a leader that he was promoted to the post of Chief operating officer (COO). He held that position up until 2011. While Mr. Tony Petrello was a chief operating officer, he had also occupied a variety of jobs at Nabors Industries. In 2003, for example, he took up the responsibilities of deputy chairman and resume him.

Previous work experience of Mr. Tony Petrello is from other firms. Mr. Tony Petrello had been a part of institutions such as Baker and McKenzie Law Firm where he used to work for more than ten years. Over the course of his career, Mr. Tony Petrello has amassed a wealth of experience. That has helped him become one of the leading business operators in the world of business as well as the top-paid CEO and learn more about Tony.

All of that success started with his education. Mr. Tony Petrello had always been passionate about his studies. He graduated from the Yale University where he majored in Maths. He also achieved a degree in Law from Harvard University. Today, Mr. Tony Petrello is not only a prominent businessman, but he is also a philanthropist. His charitable work and donations have been directed mostly to children hospitals and Tony’s lacrosse camp.

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