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Lime Crime Cosmetics To Brighten Your Life!

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Many years ago wearing bright colored lipsticks, blushes and skin makeup, and eye colors were the norm. Then things changed for a more subdued and sultry look, now the bright is back on with a cosmetic company called Lime Crime.

Lime Crime offers great bright, bold colors that will make your eyes, lips, and skin stand out and get noticed in any crowd. Creator, Doe Deere, is dramatic, dynamic, and as you can imagine..uses the products that she has discovered and invented since 2008 when she first started her Lime Crime business. Deere believes that make-up should be used as a personal preference to show self-expression, as well as the freedom to look like YOU want to look, not a cardboard copy of everyone else. Her products are animal friendly and she has a huge cast of customers and fans.

Lime Crime came about the name honestly. Deere loved the lime green color and when she accomplished starting her own line, she decided to name it after her favorite color and offer the world a variety of bright, bold colors to choose from in beautiful containers.

Lime Crime was originally started in 2004, when Deere was trying to startup a new fashion line and actually modeled her own clothes. She could not find any place that offered the makeup that she wanted to wear with the clothes, so she started to invent her own look. This is when the public started noticing her outstanding colors of lipsticks and eyewear. The makeup line very quickly upstaged her clothing line and Lime Crime was born.

A standard day in the business world for Doe Deere is meetings with her Creative Director, then more meetings with other top officials of her company. She feels that this keeps them all working together seamlessly and staying on top of every situation. She usually spends the rest of her day working in a lab on developing new products. Any new products developed, Deere tries on herself personally before they go to production. She likes to know that the products will fit in with the Lime Crime guidelines and will work for her customers.

Deere feels that in growing her business successfully, her relationships with the people she works with is very important. Deere is clear that all people are treated with respect and to show appreciation for a job well done will go a lot further than taking people for granted and talking down to them.

Deere has come a long way in the past few years. She looks forward to the years ahead with enthusiasm and a keen zest for life that will take her onto the next stage of her career with Lime Crime.