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Morally Rich Life of Helane Morrison

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For women like myself, it’s a welcome change to find female role models who are ethical, successful, and can stand any tests that the industry throws at them. This is the reason why I have always followed the career of Helane Morrison – from her humble beginnings to skyrocketing success. The CEO, General Counsel, and MD of Hall Capital has an impeccable record when it comes to her professional career. Helane has basically been the moral compass of the industry.

Everyone knows about the 2007 economic crisis which was inarguably the bigger global financial catastrophe the world had to face after the 1930’s Great Depression. Since then, unethical behavior went on a rise and apart from the loss of people’s home and savings, there was a greater loss of trust in the Wall Street. Experts like Yale Hirsch also believe that the stock market has suffered as a result of such questionable financial ethics of the industry and the approaching 2016 elections will do nothing to help with that. Hardcore investors are worried about investing and so are professionals. At times like these, Helane Morrison is a shining beacon of hope and morality that the industry revolves around.

After a prolific educational background in the legal field, Helane Morrison decided that it was high time someone started exposing the corruption that has become a part of the industry and despite numerous people and organizations harassing her, she didn’t stop to breathe. During her fight against corruption which soon became the highlight of her career, she also made sure that there were actual actions being taken against the culprits. In the major investigations held under her command, three led to enforcement actions. US SEC soon took notice and invited her to become a part of their organization in their office at San Francisco.

Apart from her work against corruption, she has also helped to maintain gender equality at workplace by starting a number of groundbreaking initiatives. She has dedicated her life to ensuring that women get the accolades they deserve and are paid according to their abilities. From the lowest rungs to the highest positions in the financial world, Helane has ensured that representation is pulled back to a balance.

After being appointed at Hall Capital, she continued her fight against corruption and gender bias in the industry by living the morals she has preached for her entire career. Helane Morrison is the person I choose as my role model and so should other women.

Beauty Rubric is a Score of Perfection for Doe Deere

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Putting several beauty rules on a rubric grading system with headers like: unfortunate, safe, or perfection, would create a nice matrix and surprisingly one beauty queen would land in the perfection square every time. That fashion diva is Doe Deere. The queen unicorn has an uncanny sense of style like no other. She is the cat with the nine lives; she always lands on her feet when it comes to fashion excellence. Now, here is the biggest shocker, Doe Deere breaks all the rules! That is right; she tenderly mocks all the fashion celebrities’ hoopla about what to wear and what not to wear.

In this article we profiled several rule bender edicts according to Doe Deere. The queen says the old status quo, ho-hum make-up, hair coloring, clothes, style, and dress combination rules are outdated. She says add color in your life; jazz it up a little, or maybe a lot. First a common make-up myth is busted by the founder of Lime Crime. The rule says: never have dramatic eyes with matching knock-out lip color. The branding in Lime Crime cosmetics takes the position that superiority in applying make-up comes with the use of brilliant color both for eyes and lips. As an example, Lime Crime’s liquid eye liner color palette reminds one of a topical paradise where the ocean is blue, the foliage is emerald and the floral is orchidaceous. Orchidaceous is one of the lip color brands. In comparison the liquid lip colors are a riot in self-expression. Lime Crime offers the liquid lip color in a bold red-brown hue. Moreover the red velvet lip shade can dazzle any boring face into a rocket of splendor. So the unicorn of beauty says set the stage for a buoyant chromatic appearance with make-up.

Upbeat and cheery make-up is good, but Doe Deere says go further and mingle colors. The old tired adage is not to introduce more than a few colors together. However, the talented stylist formulates her ideas by citing color matching may be tricky, but she does not feel guilt at all about adding more variety to her ensemble of dress. A rainbow is beautiful because of the many, not because of the few colors. So she says go for it. The garland of prettiness Doe Deere says the answer is in the harmonization of tones.

If voluminous color is not an issue, than similarly the loveliness of Lime Crime debunks the tale told forbidding the use of pattern prints together. She recommends going with corresponding color arrangements which flatter each other. This is a highlight of precision she says all can do if one stays close to the scan of color in the same shade. Hence, Doe Deere challenges the fashionista to explore the vista that waits for you in pattern matching. Moreover, she advises similar fashion don’ts are only marginal provision broadcast as fact but are only simple guidelines. So she rallies the troops of trend to break free and experiment. So take the test and be graded, for you too can rank a perfect score on any fashion forward rubric scheme for noncompliance.

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Shaygan Kheradpir Aims to Grow Coriant into a Global Telecommunications Giant

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Coriant is a private company that was formed in 2013. It is a telecommunications company that offers technological solutions to businesses and other companies. Its products include hardware and software used for optical transmission of data, voice and mobile networks. It relies on the Backbone network for all its product deliveries.

Brief History of Coriant

Coriant became independent from Nokia Siemens Networks after being acquired by Merlin Equity Partners – its current parent company. It has dual headquarters in Munich, Germany as well as Naperville, USA. After inception, the company looked to expand its market reach to serve the greater European and American markets.

Therefore, Coriant merged with Tellabs located in Naperville, Illinois, and used the company as the base for all its US operations. It also merged with Sycamore located in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. The two companies were acquired by Merlin Equity Partners in 2013 and currently operate as Coriant America Incorporated.

Products and Operations

Today, Coriant operates as a global entity serving various international markets and clients. It currently employs over 3000 employees. It serves top leading network operators located in over 100 countries. Its range of services include mobile and fixed landline service providers, cloud and data operated centers, cable MSOs and content providers. It serves government agencies, large enterprises, financial institutions and various utility companies.

Coriant has deployed over one hundred thousand network operating systems and owns hundreds of patent rights totaling to billions of dollars in revenue from end user services. Its products include software defined networking systems, packet optical transport packages, IP/MPLS routing series and Ethernet fast mile.

About Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is an innovative business leader and technology executive. Today, he serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Coriant. The Cornell University alumni holds a doctorate in electrical engineering as well as a bachelor’s and Master’s degree in the same field. Shaygan has served in many top executive positions in leading technological and financial companies. These include GTE, Barclays Bank, Verizon and Juniper Networks.

The new CEO and board Chairman of Coriant has brought years of experience, innovation and quality leadership to the fast growing telecommunications company. He aims to continue growing the company globally while continuously introducing new, innovative and economically feasible products to the Telecom market.

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Queens of Drama Makes An Impact

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Queens of Drama is a reality television show starring some of the most prominent prime time stars in all of modern television, and putting them all together to create one of the most chaotic reality shows with more twists and turns than almost any other reality show on television right now. The show began in late April of 2015 and it still going strong.

Queens of Drama has an incredibly interesting cast made up of Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marchi, Donna Mills, Chrystee Pharris, and Lindsay Hartley with other well-known guest stars such as Hunter Tylo, Lorenzo Lamas, and Jason Shane Scott who often times stick around for long periods of time and cause disputes and disagreements amongst the main cast of the show.

The show brings the group of primetime starts together to work on a project together. At the beginning of the show the actresses all seem to be in touch with each other and excited to work as a group, but as the show continues disputes form amongst the group rapidly and they become torn on decision making and they begin taking sides and forming enemies.

The disputes between the characters will not bore you. You quickly get to know the characters and start to see the relationship between all of them such as how Chystee Pharris serves as the voice of reasoning and how the whole cast seems to have suspicions of Donnas Mills intent. Not a character in the show goes without suspect as they all form paranoias about each other and think that the other have intents of doing things like giving the other limited lines in an attempt to steal attention from each other.

One of the most prominent stars of the show, Crystal Hunt, participates in the drama and draws plenty of attention to herself in the show. She is most likely one of the most paid attention to stars as she has a long history in television show acting and producing. She has been known as Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Lights, as well as acting in Sydney White, and One Life to Live where Crystal really took off.

When talking with fans on her Facebook page, Crystal Hunt revealed that her acting career started when competed in pageants, and her skill was acting Her skills were promptly noticed and she began getting work in commercials and other smaller field acting then she currently works in. After her work in Guiding Lights, she received a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in A Drama Series.  Crystal’s aggregate review score is pretty impressive too.

This show will keep you coming back for more with its drama mixed with surprise cliffhanger endings that keep your mind busy wondering about the next episode. This is definitely one of the best reality shows as it has so much more substance than most, so if you haven’t seen in next, be sure to catch the next episode.