Morally Rich Life of Helane Morrison

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For women like myself, it’s a welcome change to find female role models who are ethical, successful, and can stand any tests that the industry throws at them. This is the reason why I have always followed the career of Helane Morrison – from her humble beginnings to skyrocketing success. The CEO, General Counsel, and MD of Hall Capital has an impeccable record when it comes to her professional career. Helane has basically been the moral compass of the industry.

Everyone knows about the 2007 economic crisis which was inarguably the bigger global financial catastrophe the world had to face after the 1930’s Great Depression. Since then, unethical behavior went on a rise and apart from the loss of people’s home and savings, there was a greater loss of trust in the Wall Street. Experts like Yale Hirsch also believe that the stock market has suffered as a result of such questionable financial ethics of the industry and the approaching 2016 elections will do nothing to help with that. Hardcore investors are worried about investing and so are professionals. At times like these, Helane Morrison is a shining beacon of hope and morality that the industry revolves around.

After a prolific educational background in the legal field, Helane Morrison decided that it was high time someone started exposing the corruption that has become a part of the industry and despite numerous people and organizations harassing her, she didn’t stop to breathe. During her fight against corruption which soon became the highlight of her career, she also made sure that there were actual actions being taken against the culprits. In the major investigations held under her command, three led to enforcement actions. US SEC soon took notice and invited her to become a part of their organization in their office at San Francisco.

Apart from her work against corruption, she has also helped to maintain gender equality at workplace by starting a number of groundbreaking initiatives. She has dedicated her life to ensuring that women get the accolades they deserve and are paid according to their abilities. From the lowest rungs to the highest positions in the financial world, Helane has ensured that representation is pulled back to a balance.

After being appointed at Hall Capital, she continued her fight against corruption and gender bias in the industry by living the morals she has preached for her entire career. Helane Morrison is the person I choose as my role model and so should other women.