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George Soros’ Expert Opinion on The World Economy

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Emerging financial policies are pushing the developed economies to the brink. The first alarm should have been triggered when china devalued its currency. A lot is left to be desired from the communist country action. More and more economies are facing a mini financial crisis. This was one of the points that were raised by George Soros while he was in Sri Lanka. He continued to state that investing in this shaky economy was dangerous and investors needed to be careful. Change in strategy by china which is the second largest economy in the world will lower productivity on and spiral down the economic climate. Many countries are facing currency problems and there is no economic healing in the near future. According to Soros estimations there are tough times ahead which will need very stringent measures to remedy. In George Soros opinion investors should read the troubling signs which are evidenced by the unpredictability of markets.

As of this year the world is facing serious economic challenges on and it is by pure lack that the financial sector has not hit rock bottom. This can be evidenced by the loss of $ 2.5 trillion in the stock markets. Low currencies that are being experienced in Asia are as a result of China’s economic instability. In order to protect their markets different economies react in different ways, some states such as the U.S will provoke rate-hiking cycle. According to George Soros there is little economic growth and the economic situation as of now can be compared to 2008. The 2007-2008 financial crisis was the worst financial crisis in over 60 years. The aftershocks might be worse since not many countries have recovered from the recession. George Soros first aired his concerns in September 2011 while speaking in Washington. While in Washington he talked about the European situation and the various factors in play that were almost drowning the union. Greece a member of the union is deep in debt and the government does not seem to be aware. According to his prediction featured in Russia which is also not doing very economically has done little to change the situation. Some time back it invaded Ukraine and the E.U retaliated by imposing very high sanctions. The international financial market is gloomy and keeps deteriorating as the days pass by. The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index, the Nikkel Stock Average Volatility Index and the Merrill Lynch index have all plum metered.

George Soros is an international hedge fund billionaire with investments in almost all continents. According to his economic graph began to rise in the late 1970s and has never stagnated since then. He is a human rights activist according to he feels compelled to intervene and help those who are not able to speak and fight for themselves. His foundation which goes by the name Open Society has offices all over the globe. In a recent press review that was aired in Russia felt threatened by the good work being done by the organization.

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Talk Fusion Heading Towards A Global Future

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Talk Fusion has been one of those innovations that the 21st century can no longer do without. It has literally changed the way we communicate. No longer do we need to just rely on words and text only to communicate to the customers what the brand is about and what it represents. All business’s and individuals can drastically improve their market impact by utilizing some of the innovative new communication technologies offered by Talk Fusion and it’s CEO, Bob Reina. Bob Reina is the mind behind all the innovation. Thanks to his keen business sense and thinking he has taken something from idea and turned it into a useful tool. The idea came about in 2004 when Bob tried to email friends and family and attach a simple several second video clip. He tried and tried but the attachment would simply not embed within the email. Bob went as far as contacting his ISP for advice. They responded and said it was not possible to do. This is where the journey begins.

Bob Reina confided into a close friend and IT specialist by the name of Dr. Jonathan Chen and told him about the idea for an application solution to his problem. Dr Chen believed it would be hard to pull off but not impossible. The rest is history. Today the Talk Fusion brand is in over 85 countries around the world and serving thousands of customers on a daily basis. From video email to live conferencing, all is possible with the unique Talk Fusion CONNECT package. Simply register on a custom business website or from the Talk Fusion official website and begin trying the Talk Fusion package for 30 days for free. The free 30 day trial was only launched recently and allows the customer a risk free period to try the product out.

Thanks to Bob and the team of professionals at Talk Fusion, video communications is finally simple and extremely versatile. Fitting into any lifestyle or business application. Templates allow the customer the chance to personalize their video.

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The Best YouTubers of all Time

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The world’s most famous YouTubers are online everyday entertaining the masses. They make videos about a variety of different subjects and all of them rely on humor to reach audiences. Here is a list of the world’s most famous YouTubers and the shows they have to offer.


Pew Die Pie


|Pew Die Pie is a mega YouTube star that has over 10.1 billion views for his material. Technically, Pewdie Pie’s videos are so popular that they have more views than any television program or movie film in history. If Pewdie Pie landed a major network deal he would probably become the highest rated television program in all of history. He has a total of 39 million plus viewers.




Believe it or not You|Tube has only been around for only 11 years. The video channel is still fairly young and one of the first break out videos on the site was Smosh. Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla is the show’s creators and they are two comedians who have been entertaining people for years. |They have close to 5 billion views and well over 21 million subscribers.


|The FineBros Series


The FineBros Series was created by brothers Benny and Rafi Fine. These two young men have major cable network sponsors standing behind them. Comedy Central and Ford sponsors these two whimsical guys as they make videos about how people will react to certain situations. With over 3 billion views and 13 million subscribers this YouTube program is one of the best of all time.




Wengie is a YouTube star that doesn’t have the big numbers like many other YouTubers but she is on her way. This young lady is originally from China and she is 30-years-old. Wengie’s show airs in Australia where she now lives with her soon-to-be husband and hundreds of thousands of Aussies really love her work.
This young Asian beauty makes videos about makeup tips, relationship advice and fashion. She has a great sense of humor and frequently changes her appearances. However, she is known for her trademark pink hair. Wengie has over 5 million views for some of her videos has well over 1 million subscribers and her fan base continues to grow each day. These are a few of the many YouTubers on the internet and there are many more.

Fox News Interview With Thor Halvorssen: What The Network Got Wrong

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Fox News really bungled an interview the other day with the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen. They got everything so twisted and wrong that it took Thor Halvorssen about three minutes to sort things out. The network intended to use the interview to take a shot at presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, but it fell through. Here’s what they got wrong:




The anchor claims that socialism is a violation of basic human rights. It’s an obvious attempt to hurt public opinion of Bernie Sanders, a self-avowed democratic socialist, which is something completely different. That’s the first error. But as Thor Halvorssen explains, socialism is simply a form of government. It’s not capable of doing harm on its own. Socialism requires people to behave good or bad. There are good examples of socialism such as in Denmark and Sweden, and there are bad examples of socialism like Venezuela. Thor Halvorssen likes to focus on authoritarian dictators who abuse any form of government regardless of their political affiliations.


Bernie Sanders


Fox News claims that Bernie Sanders wants America to be a socialist country. This is patently untrue. The Vermont Senator would like to keep the capitalist heart of America beating while expanding social programs such as government-funded education and healthcare. It’s a far cry from socialism.


Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz


Thor Halvorssen calmly explains that each of these candidates support authoritarian dictators in some fashion. Clinton, he claims, has taken millions of dollars from ruthless dictators to fuel her presidential campaign. On the Republican side, he points to the fact that both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have publicly supported the strong-arm moves of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. If anyone is violating basic human rights, it’s these presidential candidates, not socialism.


Thor Halvorssen’s Support Of Bernie Sanders
This is something they got way wrong. The world-famous human rights activist proclaims his support for Bernie Sanders during the interview, and you can see the shock in the Fox News anchor’s eyes. You can feel the tension as she tries to wrap up the interview as quickly as possible.