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Emerging financial policies are pushing the developed economies to the brink. The first alarm should have been triggered when china devalued its currency. A lot is left to be desired from the communist country action. More and more economies are facing a mini financial crisis. This was one of the points that were raised by George Soros while he was in Sri Lanka. He continued to state that investing in this shaky economy was dangerous and investors needed to be careful. Change in strategy by china which is the second largest economy in the world will lower productivity on and spiral down the economic climate. Many countries are facing currency problems and there is no economic healing in the near future. According to Soros estimations there are tough times ahead which will need very stringent measures to remedy. In George Soros opinion investors should read the troubling signs which are evidenced by the unpredictability of markets.

As of this year the world is facing serious economic challenges on and it is by pure lack that the financial sector has not hit rock bottom. This can be evidenced by the loss of $ 2.5 trillion in the stock markets. Low currencies that are being experienced in Asia are as a result of China’s economic instability. In order to protect their markets different economies react in different ways, some states such as the U.S will provoke rate-hiking cycle. According to George Soros there is little economic growth and the economic situation as of now can be compared to 2008. The 2007-2008 financial crisis was the worst financial crisis in over 60 years. The aftershocks might be worse since not many countries have recovered from the recession. George Soros first aired his concerns in September 2011 while speaking in Washington. While in Washington he talked about the European situation and the various factors in play that were almost drowning the union. Greece a member of the union is deep in debt and the government does not seem to be aware. According to his prediction featured in Russia which is also not doing very economically has done little to change the situation. Some time back it invaded Ukraine and the E.U retaliated by imposing very high sanctions. The international financial market is gloomy and keeps deteriorating as the days pass by. The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index, the Nikkel Stock Average Volatility Index and the Merrill Lynch index have all plum metered.

George Soros is an international hedge fund billionaire with investments in almost all continents. According to his economic graph began to rise in the late 1970s and has never stagnated since then. He is a human rights activist according to he feels compelled to intervene and help those who are not able to speak and fight for themselves. His foundation which goes by the name Open Society has offices all over the globe. In a recent press review that was aired in Russia felt threatened by the good work being done by the organization.

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