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Duda Melzer To Serve As The Chairman And President Of RBS Group

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RBS Group has a new president, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, who is nicknamed as Duda. RBS Group owns media conglomerate and entertainment hubs in Southern Brazil. Duda is also the founder and chairman of e.Bricks, which is an investment corporation within the digital industry with operations in the United States and Brazil.

Duda is a member of the Sirotsky family. His grandfather, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho, founded RBS. Duda is an alumnus of the Harvard University and the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS). He graduated with an MBA and business administration degrees from the two universities respectively. He started his career while still in the United States before moving home to work in the family business.
Previously, Duda worked at Delphi as a senior financial analyst. In 2015, Duda’s name was on the list of the Cambridge Institute for family enterprise. The institute brings together 25 entrepreneurs of the new generation who head family businesses and are regarded as good examples in the society. Eduardo posits that good governance is crucial for any business to succeed. Through excellent governance planning, RBS was able to have a succession plan that saw Duda join the company’s leadership.
In the past, Duda’s efforts have been recognized and rewarded. In 2006, Duda Melzer was recognized as a vehicle professional during the Cabore award ceremony. Eduardo has also been awarded by portal because of his excellence in matters of communication and management marketing. During the ARP communication week, Duda was awarded entrepreneur communication of the year. He has also been awarded the merit in business administration for his contribution in the private sector. In 2015, Ernst and Young awarded Duda the entrepreneur of the year in the category of family business. This information was originally published on Grupo RBS’s website as explained in the link below
From an early age, Duda was disciplined and developed much interest in business growth and sustainability. John Davis is cited as having much influence on Duda. John is a Harvard professor and a professional on matters of family business.
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Meterology and Business

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I heard an interview on KCRW with Andy Wirth about the effects the four year drought has on ski resorts in California. Andy Wirth is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which includes Alpine Meadows. He has over two decades of experience in the ski industry, having worked with Steamboat Springs in Marketing.

The last snow season was difficult, with the snow systems not passing through the mountains with a 20% down in precipitation. The drought in California has lasted the past four years, and it effects the Northern part of the state and the Southern.

Over $50 million has been put toward drought efforts to restore snow in ski areas. With a combination of snow machines and environmental practices, skiers should be able to enjoy the slopes, still though other resorts will be closing until more snow fall happens .

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Andy Wirth believes that money can still be made even though there is less snow. The area of skiing has been reduced, but there are still 4000 acres available for skiing so snow lovers still have the opportunity to enjoy the ski season. Snow making and snow management proves to be the best option for the drought.

Working with meteorologists at CSU, they analyze weather patterns to create favorable circumstances for skiing. This winter, considering El Nino, promises to be colder so that more snow will fall and more skiing can be enjoyed. The colder temperatures allows for snow making to be more successful. If anything, the patterns will change to accommodate summer activities.
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The Quality of the RBS Group Thanks to Duda Melzer

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The RBS Group is very well known within the Brazilian marketplace. If you have ever thought about going with a great new broadcasting company, this one is definitely the top in what they are able to offer. Its president and owner is known as Duda Melzer, and Duda Melzer makes it his passion to make the RBS Group one of the top broadcasting firms that you have ever seen in your life. This is why a lot of people use the company and are happy with the successful options and results they have gotten from it.

The most important thing to know is that Duda Melzer has a long history of experience and knowledge when it comes to the RBS Group and broadcasting in general. You cannot expect a company to become as successful as this one has if it did not have the right president and CEO. Because of this, Duda Melzer has made it his mission to continue to grow the company and get it well known for the world of Brazil to utilize for themselves. Once you begin realizing just how much of a success this company has been, you may wonder why there are still other companies out there.

Because of the fact that Duda Melzer has a lot of experience in this industry and continues to work in growing the firm, it is easy to see why the RBS Group is a top contender in the Brazilian market. You may even find that it is mentioned in and on any station or show program that you watch. This is because it has grown to a tremendous scale since its inception and is one of the best broadcasting companies out there. There are lots of people using the company for all that it is worth and are happy with the quality.

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