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The Extraordinary Career of Crystal Hunt

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Actress Crystal Hunt always knew what she wanted to be. The ‘Guiding Light’ alumna actress began her show biz career by participating in pageants at the tender age of 2. Growing up in Clearwater FL, Hunt took acting and singing lessons which honed her acting talents for television and the big screen. The actress’s talent landed her the role of “Daughter” in the 1991 hit movie ‘Problem Child 2.’ Ms Hunt is best known for her role as Lizzie Spaulding on the CBS soap opera ‘Guiding Light’, a role for which she received a daytime Emmy Award nomination in 2005 for outstanding younger actress in a drama series. In 2009, Hunt joined the cast of ABC’s One Life to Live playing vixen Stacy Morasco.

Hunt’s daytime television roles prepared her for a role in one of the most popular films of 2015, Magic Mike XXL, where she played the role of eccentric Lauren. However, her magic Mike XXL role wasn’t the only role Hunt undertook in 2015. Hunt also had the honor of working with fellow soap opera alumnae Hunter Tylo of Bold and the Beautiful and Joan Collins of Dynasty fame on reality docu-drama series, “Queens of Drama.”

The Queens of Drama follows Hunt’s and fellow daytime plus primetime actresses Tylo, Collins and more efforts to develop and produce a new primetime drama series. When she’s not in front of the camera’s lens, Hunt can be found working on a clothing line for pets while enjoying a Starbucks on the go.

Securus Technologies Provides Insight on Breaking Ethical Codes

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A subject that I have recently researched is an interesting subject that concerns a communications company that holds one of the largest monopolies over the prison communications networks. This company is Securus Technologies and is currently one of the largest communication networks in North America that currently provides access to communication for around 1.2 million inmates that stretch across the entirety of North America. Securus Technologies is a company that is known for being the leading company in innovative technology. This company is known to provide innovative solutions for civil and criminal justice. From what I have researched, all of these solutions solve major problems that appear in public safety issues, investigation, corrections and monitoring and many other issues. In recent news, this company has been investigating the wrongdoings of other countries that are also involved in the communication industry. Securus Technologies has noted that many other companies have been charging customers with high prices that goes against any ethical code.

Richard Smith, the current CEO of Securus Technologies comments on the fact that he finds it appalling that companies that have pledged excellence and integrity have stooped to this level. Securus Technologies is specifically turning the blame towards Global Tel Link. With sufficient evidence, Securus Technologies has found that this company has even been rewiring the phones within the prisons to add on 30 seconds more to the call for each phone call that is made.

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based company that has pledged excellence to the customers of this company. Not only has this company vowed to provide emergency response to any issue, but this company also provides incident management, public information, as well as investigation for any of the customers. This company has vowed to put all funds into developing technology in order to make the world a safer place.

The Mission Of IAP Worldwide

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Certain qualities help define a company. A company’s culture may be devoted to helping to provide quality service as well as helping to offer a culture that is devoted to encouraging people to be truthful and honest in their dealings at all times. Like so many other companies, this is very much true for those at IAP Worldwide. Those who work at IAP adhere to many important values that are imperative in helping the keep the company on keel. This is one of many reasons why so many people find this company a place where they can happily work and have a satisfying career at the same time.

Focus On The Right Goal

At all times, those at IAP Worldwide keep in mind that focus is an important task. Focus helps employees keep in mind the needs of their fellow clients and employees as they go about their day. Focus also helps the employees here remember what they need to do each day in order to provide quality service for their clients. It is staying on target that enables the company to continue to move fast and stay in sight of goals that they know they must meet to stay competitive in this world they see each day.

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Agility And Creativity

Agility is another important concept that helps motivate employees here. The ability to respond quickly and helpfully as fast as possible is one that helps provide clients with solutions that work. Those who work at the company also know they must be as creative as possible every single day of their working lives. They also know that working here means working in such an environment where such out of the box thinking is always encouraged. This kind of corporate culture is one that allows people to grow and develop fully as they continue their career path.

Values At The Company

To be an employee at IAP Worldwide is to be part of a team. Employees know that is not enough to show up for work. They know they must show up and demonstrate essential values such as honesty and integrity in everything they do here. These values are what has helped the company thrive in the business world for over six decades. Such values are also what has helped keep the company on top of the competition in over twenty countries all over the globe where they have branches.

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