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All You Need To Know About Dick DeVos

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Dick DeVos is an entrepreneur and businessman from Michigan. He is the son of Richard DeVos, the co-founder of Amway. He was born and raised in Michigan, and he went through the Forest Hills school system. In 2012, the Forbes Magazines listed him as one of the richest people in the United States.


He started getting involved in his family business when he was very young. The business offices were very close to his home, and he used to work whenever he was not in school. During the annual conventions, he would be assigned to greet the attendees at the gate. He also helped to clear plates during gatherings and conventions. This made him get courage to speak fluently and confidently in front of people. As a young boy he was able to give product demonstrations without any problems.


DeVos started working with Amway Corporation in 1974. He held different positions in the company such as development, research, manufacturing, sales, marketing and finance. He became a vice president of the company in 1984, making him responsible for all the institutions operations in eighteen nations. While holding this position, Amway managed to open numerous new markets in the globe. The company also tripped its internationals sales, and for the first time, they managed to exceed the domestic sales in Amway history. When he left the position after six years, the company had grown significantly.


In 1991, the DeVos family purchased Orlando Magic Basketball Franchise; Dick DeVos was chosen to become the CEO and President of the team. Under his leadership, the team is believed to have registered the best results in its history. He however left this position in 1993 to rejoin Amway.


After leaving Orlando Magic, DeVos was appointed to become the President of Amway. He got the position from his father, Rich DeVos. When he rejoined the company as its president, Amway was able to expand its operations to over fifty nations and six continents.


While working as the president of the institution, he was able to oversee the corporate restructuring and creation of Alticor, the predecessor of Amway and many other companies. In just twenty months, Alticor managed to cut more than one thousand jobs in Michigan during the restructuring. Out of these cuts, four hundred were early retirement and buyouts. This led to profitability of the business and prevented any possible losses to the institution. Dick DeVos is also involved in philanthropic activities. He has funded several educational causes in the past.

Norka Luque Is Discovered By Emilio Estefan

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As a little girl, her parents wanted her to be musically trained. When she was just eight, they enrolled her in music and voice lessons to see these desires come to fruition. However, they had no idea that they were helping young Norka Luque to one day become a singing sensation. Music is an ever-evolving industry that changes daily. The young girl knew that if she was to start her journey into the music industry, she would have to be very good to make it. She had the training, but she needed a message to give to her audiences. That is when she decided that she had to ensure her music had passion and a message. Her tunes are about positive things that people can enjoy listening too.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how great your singing is if you have not been discovered. Remember what Clive Davis did for Whitney Houston? It didn’t take long for Emilio Estefan to see and hear the talents in Luque. He didn’t want her to be just another “one hit wonder.” He worked and mentored her to release singles that would make her a success. You don’t get a second chance and if the public didn’t like what she was delivering, she would never make it. Due to the fact that Estefan won numerous Grammy Awards for his work on the Miami Sound Machine, she was in good hands.

As one of the hottest Latin American artists around, Estefan knew what it would take for her to be great. With some training, she could be the next J-Lo or Beyonce. She released her first single with much success. The young Venezuelan artist had some luck with her music in her home country, but it was when she moved to Miami, Florida that things really began to heat up. Though she will never deny her Latin roots, she knows that she needed a bigger market to branch out into. It just so happens that when she came to Florida, Estefan was one of the first people to see her. She was doing a play that he was working on with Shakira.

The sky is the limit for Luque. It appears she has the makings of something great. She has certainly already made her mark on the music industry and will continue to do so. With a great mentor like Estefan directing her paths, what could go wrong?

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Billionaire Democratic Activist George Soros Leading Democratic Donors Again

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After years of being unenthused with politics, after losing his attempt in 2004 to stop George W. Bush from becoming the U.S. President, billionaire philanthropist George Soros is back in action. Soros had spent $27 million in 2004 while trying to defeat the Republican party’s candidate on Since then he has been mostly inactive in contributing to political parties and candidates. Now Soros has shown that he is back into supporting democratic politics with his $25 million in donations to various democratic candidates, but primarily in support of Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House.

Soros is estimated to be worth nearly $25 billion, much of it earned in very risky, seemingly prescient currency trading. For instance, in the 1980s when there were problems with the British Pound, he short-sold British Sterling and profited over $1 billion. George Soros had planned to go the to 2016 Democratic party’s convention in New York. However, he his advisors had revealed that he cancelled his plans for that trip, because he is so concerned about the current destabilizing events in Europe.

Soros evidently wants to concentrate on monitoring and helping as he can with that possible unraveling of the European Union (EU); especially because of “Brexit,” the label applied by media to Britain’s recent withdrawal from the EU. He has clearly turned on his political donations to the Democrats, full-tilt, in an attempt to stop Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

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George Soros moved to the west from Hungary, the Eastern European country where he was born in 1930. That was after spending a stretch of time in England, where he escaped brutal communist U.S.S.R. rule in their occupation of his home country during the Cold War era. He had already endured Nazi Germany’s invasion and occupation of Hungary just a few years before that, in World War II. He graduated from England’s London School of Economics. He has always been outspoken and has written books that share his liberal democratic political views and especially his criticisms of the U.S. Government’s handling of foreign policy.

George Soros is the founder of the Open Society Foundations(OSF), which is a socio-political collective organization dedicated to promoting better healthcare, better education, and basic human rights experienced by all true democracies in the world. He also uses this organization to work to gain freedoms for all people around the world who are oppressed by their own despotic governments. Much of this information came from an article on Politico.