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Stay Connected With The Top Inmate Network Calling Provider

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Staying connected with their family, friends, and legal representation is very important for inmates when they transition to a life outside of the jail. Most inmates agree that the most important privilege for them is staying connected to the outside. Securus Technologies is responsible for processing over 55.7 billion inmate calling minutes. In fact, it is just as important to acknowledge tha they are responsible for government mandated monitoring of other network providers. A PRN Newswire article had highlights on the Global Tel-Link fourth quarter audit that was very successful. Securus secures your inmate calling network.


Securus Technologies recently combined partnerships with video professionals at Vimeo and a successful partnership with Jpay. Operator assisted calls were costing families a lot of out-of-pocket expense to stay connected with inmates, but Securus Technologies has changed all of that with revolutionary calling features. You’ll save money and receive quality calls. Every minute specified in your contract is available worry free. You’ll even get features that will eliminate the need to commute to a correctional facility for services. Thousands of people rely on Securus Technologies across the nation for their calling needs. You can access their program by visiting their official website.


Securus Calling Features


Telephone Pay Services


Telephone pay is an exciting feature that is being offered to Securus customers through a merger with JPay services. Their services allow customers to pay for features on their inmate account over the phone with a valid checking or credit card.


Inmate Voicemail


Voicemail inmate correctional features allow inmates to receive messages. You never have to miss a call from a loved one again by leaving them a message on their voicemail account. This feature is available to inmates from inside the facility and offer inmates and their families the opportunity to save money.

IAP Worldwide Continues to Provide Cutting Edge Services

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IAP Worldwide is a global firm that fully specializes in the provision of amazing services ranging from global-scale statistics to facilities management and other technical and advanced professional services. This company has outlets in over 25 countries across the globe. Additionally, IAP has more than 2000 trained employees who strive to ensure customers’ needs are 100% satisfied. This company’s services provide better solutions to challenges raised by both public and private sector clients. IAP Worldwide Services has an amazing and vast experience in coordinating, planning and performing logistical tasks as well as complicated technical tasks. This company manages, operates and maintains military installations, civilian facilities and research laboratories.
IAP Worldwide has been operating in the industry for over six years. With a humble beginning, this firm has continued to offer responsive and reliable services to clients thus building a good reputation in the market. Employees working for this firm provide services with an end goal of exceeding client’s expectations. IAP Worldwide Services being a market leader has set itself apart and away from stiff competition that comes from other firms in the industry. This therefore clearly indicates this firm’s ability to provide satisfactory services to clients. All employees, clients and leaders in this firm are treated with much respect and this has helped create a friendly business environment. IAP values and missions focus on taking clients goals and needs and owning them thus guaranteeing proper solutions.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.: Private Company Information
Not long ago, this firm officially took possession of DRS Technologies Logistic and Aviation business situated in Oklahoma City. Additionally, IAP Worldwide acquired Network Solutions business and Tactical Communications and Network Solutions (TCNS) enterprise located in Aberdeen Proving Ground. The Aviation and Logistic business offers a broad spectrum of services such as mission support services, logistics and aircraft repair management. On the other hand, TCNS provides communication support solutions, engineering and information technology solutions to defense agencies. As a part of the long term growth strategy of IAP, the two business units will help ensure customers are provided with better solutions. Additionally this acquisition will increase the chances and capabilities of IAP to address a wide market.
IAP Worldwide strongly believes in acting with humility and integrity when tackling any issues raised by customers. Additionally, it believes in the power of collaboration with customers, colleagues and the community as a whole since this brings about mutual success. IAP takes pride in the provision of unparalleled services in the market.

Freedompop – The Unforeseen Competitor in Tech

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Since its start in 2011, Freedompop has steadily moved upward in building and creating a solid, quality service. As of now that service has grown to include free mobile services such as data, text and talk, mobile hot spots, and more. Can you say, SCORE? Free data and wifi? Sign me up! In this Freedompop review I would like to talk about the ever growing list of reasons why this service provider is top tier.

Over the past five years, Freedompop has been able to raise millions of dollars to support their innovative products. And product performance aside, the money alone that they have raised tells me that their ideas work; that their innovation in tech and service is definitely something we can use more of. Then also taking into consideration their product performance, it is undeniable that this provider is a force to reckon with among its competition.

There are different levels of service provided by the company. Their beginning option is free data, talk, and text; following that there are six other premium packages available for purchase, beating their competitors in service quality and price. Premium packages begin at $10.99 and reach up to $29.99 a month. That’s a HUGE savings when compared to other popular providers.

These products and services fit the mold for many different uses. There are some who simply use it as a back up, while others use it heavily. The more heavy data – users take advantage of in – home wifi, mobile hot spots, and of course their mobile data. Hot spot users have happily reported they join with friends onto a hot spot to play online community games, with ease of set up and top tier service connection.

Joining the Freedompop community does come with its perks; it is not only the perk of receiving great quality service at fantastic prices (one of which is free!), but if you invite friends to join and stick with the provider, you’ll be rewarded with additional data bytes per month!

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Norka Luque – A Positively Inspiring Artist

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When Norka Luque was young, she was making music and sharing her uplifting personality with everyone that would let her. When Norka’s mother and father realized how much she loved creating music, they immediately decided to help her in every way that they were able to. Norka received professional vocal instructions and piano lessons, in addition to two styles of dance. Norka was always a wonderful student and a successful academic, and she did not let her grades fall even though she kept so busy with her musical education.

Norka was born Norka Martinez Luque in 1986 in Venezuela. Her childhood was kept very busy working towards her musical goals and attending school. After graduation, she moved to France wher she continued her education by earning degrees in Culinary Arts, Marketing and Fashion. She also studied Business Administration while in France. During her time in France she had the opportunity to join a band. After sometime she found herself working with one of the world’s top music producers, Emilio Estefan. Together they began to bring Norka’s music to the world, earning her a nomination for the Best Female Pop Singer. Her songs have found themselves topping charts spanning multiple genres, such as urban and salsa in addition to pop music. Norka writes music in both Spanish and English, and her songs are available at all of the world’s most popular digital stores.

Norka writes with a deep understanding of the psychology behind music. She is an intelligent, educated and very positive and vibrant person. She understands the effect that music has on people and their moods and emotions. The lyrics of a song can uplift you, make you cry, dig down deep inside of you and pull up a long hidden sadness or bring to life a happiness that may have been forgotten. Norka has a love for humanity, and wants to share music that uplifts people, music that brings to mind happy thoughts and positive emotions that will help to fuel them and drive them to living an inspired life. Her music is motivational, inspirational, uplifting and personal in a way that everybody can relate to. That is one of the key ingredients to getting your music to touch people’s lives. Norka writes music that is personal to her, and is also relatable to her fans. This has set Norka Martinez Luque apart from other artists of today, and she has a long and bright future ahead of her.