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Proof Positive of Results

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True Value Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Kenneth Goodgame knows how to make something big happen in retails sales and marketing. His previous success in the field starts with receiving a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Tennessee. The subsequent successes just keep coming from productive service with previous employers Home Depot, Newell Rubbermaid, Techtronic Industries North America and Ace Hardware. It continues with his vision, passion and understanding of the Destination True Value plan. The plans calls for a strategic over haul of all 4,000 stores in the field around the world. The newly welcomed addition to True Value organization brings decades of signature marketing savvy to operation ready to take on a long-lasting change for the future.

The understanding and business know how Goodgame has comes from range and longevity. The long suffering comes from twenty years of learning and earning what they do not teach in class. The range comes from his holding positions like Hardlines D28 Product Merchant and managing all purchasing for indoor garden over an entire region. That range grows when the man moves onward and upward to President and General Manager and secures a $30 million contract within thirty days of being hired. The only way to top that performance is to open 30 location coast to coast in a matter of two years with each store making about $1 million in sales. So the idea of making something big fast and new work and work well for another big business is precisely what Kenneth does.

So taking on the task of getting True Value stores to run ahead of the pack is just another day at the office for a man named Kenneth Goodgame. This time it is all about pricing the merchandise to move. The plan this time is to simply improve on what the company has by offering a superior assortment of products at mid to higher price-points. When that simple directive combines with some state of the art mapping and graphing customer regions the supply and demand of turning a profit should fall into place. When it comes to the bottom line, the end of the day goal is always profit. But getting those results means trying something new and never done before.

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Jason Halpern, the Driving Force Behind JMH Development

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Jason Halpern is the founder of JMH Development, a full-service real estate development company which builds distinctive properties that fall into the luxury category. They handle all phases of the building from the planning stage, the design of the building, developing the site and the construction. Then it’s on to the marketing of the project. The companies professional team are experts in the development process which cover residential, mixed use property and hospitality segments.


JMH believes in giving their customers the highest quality along with enduring properties. They also focus on historic preservation by using projects that can be adapted for reuse as well as the restoration of historic properties.


Jason’s dad, founder of Halpern Enterprises in Westchester is where he started his career in real estate and launched JMH in the later 1990s. Jason is well known in Brooklyn for his work on several projects, one of which is a warehouse he converted into a luxury rental apartment complex boasting 340 apartments. He later sold this project to Kushner Co., LIVWRK, and the Rockpoint Group for $275 million. He is finishing the Townhouses of Cobble Hill, again in Brooklyn, a project that has renovated four historic townhomes built in the 1850’s, along with 5 new constructed houses.


He flies to Miami every two weeks where he, along with other New York based developers are building residential projects. Here, instead of mega buildings, he is constructing smaller boutique buildings that he feels are a lot more recession-proof than the larger mega projects.


He opened a sales gallery for Three Hundred Collins above a boutique condominium and has already sold 50% of the units. He is also in partnership there with a charity to provide clean drinking water to the third world countries of Nepal and Ethiopia. He is donating $20K for each contract signed at Three Hundred Collins.


The largest project that his company has completed is at 184 Kent Avenue in New York. It was a rental conversion project and the best thing about it is that both his penthouse apartment and his offices are in the same building. A short walk across a landscaped roof top deck and he is either at work or at home.

JMH completed a redevelopment project of the historic Ankara motel on South Beach in Miami. It houses the 235 room Aloft Hotel on Collins Avenue. The hotel includes a new restaurant, the Continental Miami, with Stephen Starr, a well-known restaurateur. He purchased the land for this in 2006 on which he was going to build a condominium, but this is about the time that the economy started taking a downturn. He decided to stop, board it up and then paid off the debt. He just sat back and waited for the market to turn itself back around. Had it rezoned for a hotel and started to build.

James Dondero – Director of Highland Capital Management

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Mr. James David Dondero, also called Jim, is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Highland Capital Management(HCM). Jim Dondero is currently residing in Dallas, Texas. Mr. James Dondero has more than 30 years of experience in high-yield investing in the credit and equity markets. This knowledge enabled him to help in pioneering the utilization of the Collateralized Loan Obligation(CLO). Dondero is also the Chairman of Nexbank, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Healthcare. Also, he works as a board member of MGM Studios and American Banknote. Jim Dondero is an active philanthropist, currently providing initiatives to support veteran’s affair, education, and public policy.

He is also providing initiatives for supporting the ongoing George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. In 1984, Mr. Dondero started his career in a training program named the Morgan Guaranty as an analyst. Dondero studied Accounting and Finance at the McIntire School of Commerce. Moreover, he is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). This justified him for using the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Highland Capital Management was founded in 1993. Highland’s head office is based in Dallas, TX. The company has other office branches operating in Sao Paolo, Singapore, New York, and Seoul. Since its establishment, HCM has been an innovator in the emergence of the CLO market. Additionally, Highland Capital Management involved itself in developing solutions that are credit-oriented for retail, and institutional investors worldwide. The client base for HCM includes foundations, business corporations, endowments, pension plans from the public, individuals with a high net-worth, large financial institutions, and governments.

With James Dondero being nominated as one of the members of the SMU Cox Executive Board, in overall, the board is made up of about 100 members. The majority of the members are non-academics, who give strategic advice concerning the business school. Mr. Jim is honored to help with the numerous ongoing growth and excellence initiatives undertaken at the School. The Cox School was founded in 1920, Dallas, Texas. The School provides a full range of academic centers of excellence, business education programs that are highly ranked for both undergraduate and graduates, and an alumni network with chapters that are active worldwide. Also, the Cox School of Business donates to business communities located in Dallas. Highland Capital is amid the many beneficiaries of these donations.


John Goullet Taking Diversant to New Places

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John Goullet is the Principal Executive at Diversant. He was recently interviewed and shared some insight on his beginnings and journey to success. Certainly, a number of young people trying to establish themselves in business might find the interview very enlightening and inspirational. Mr Goullet has had a very long and successful career. He founded Info Technologies, Inc. in 1994, working as Chief Executive Officer of the organization. Today, John Goullet serves as the Chairman and Principle Executive at Diversant. Diversant is a well regarded organization that has received several awards over the years. Most notably, the organization was included in Inc. magazine’s 500 list of the country’s fastest growing private companies.

Diversant Beginnings
In the interview, Goullet took the time to discuss Diversant’s beginnings. The successful business professional relates that the idea for Diversant came to him over 24 years ago. He realized that the field was wide open for this type of organization. In fact, the industry was hungry for such an organization. Therefore, he was certain that a business of this type would succeed.

Typical Day
Certainly, fans wonder about his daily routine. Does he spend countless hours in business meetings or, jetting across the country in private planes. Well, Goullet’s day begins just like a lot of people. He starts the day at 6am. Works out in the gym, goes to the office by 8am. Ends his day at the office by 6pm.

Thoughts On IT Industry
John Goullet relates that one problem in the IT industry concerns staffing. There are not enough people in the industry to fill the openings. The fact is that IT graduates are in great demand. Goullet is working to study the career market and recruit the highly qualified graduates to fill positions in high demand industries. Diversant is working hard to bridge that gap in the industry, relates Goullet.

About John Goullet
John Goullet’s is the Principal Executive at Diversant. He advises young entrepreneurs to look at a successful company or individual and try to emulate their to achieve success.

Goullet founded Info Technologies in 1994. He has worked as a computer consultant and a staffing executive before starting his own IT staffing firm.

The Success of Brian Bonar

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Brian Bonar is a financial expert and a successful businessman. He is someone that is very skilled at what he does and is willing to take the time to make sure that the businesses he creates are successful. Being a financial expert is also very helpful in the sense that he knows how to handle his finances.

It takes a lot to actually build a successful business. For one thing, people need to build some skills in order for them to succeed in their careers. Brian’s skill is in being able to build a successful business structure. This is one of the factors behind his success.

One major factor in his success is his education. There is no way around it. Success does not come without education. Even the successful people who have not completed their education have taken the time to get the education they need in order to build a successful career.

According to a report from PR NewsWire, Brian Bonar has not only finished high school, but he has graduated from college and tech schools. He has gotten a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical engineering and then went on to get his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. This has opened a lot of doors when it comes to career opportunities.

He has spent some of his years working for different companies like IBM before he went to Trucept. Trucept is the company that helps out small and medium sized businesses when it comes to different tasks. Among the tasks they work on for the companies are payroll and other types of tasks that the businessmen could not handle on their own.

Brian Bonar has made a successful career because he is interested in helping other people achieve their goals. His financial expertise is what helps not only his business but the other businesses that he does tasks for.

Thor Halvorssen: The World’s Mot Productive Activist

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Thor Halvorssen isn’t your average human rights activist. He didn’t start protesting in college; he experienced tyranny in action when his father was thrown into a Caracas prison for exposing government corruption and his mother getting shot while attending a peaceful anti-Hugo Chávez demonstration. Half-Norwegian, half-Venezuelan, Halvorssen was raised in Venezuela, however, he was attending the University of Pennsylvania when his father was arrested.

Founder, and now president of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), Halvorssen is not known for sitting behind a desk. Beaten by Vietnamese authorities for interviewing the leader of the banned Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, Halvorssen still managed to get the interview out to the public.

Thor and his modest staff take on authoritarian regimes worldwide, ignoring popular causes in democracies that other organizations cover. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

People who know Thor say that he never sleeps; making calls and firing off emails in the middle of the night from one of his five phones or his three laptops.

Certainly leading the HRF and coordinating the annual Oslo Freedom Forum would be enough for most activists, but not Thor. He’s produced at least seven films and documentaries, which deal primarily with struggles against tyrannical governments.

Halvorssen also has some idiosyncrasies; he religious takes more than 30 supplements each day, which help him keep up his round-the-clock schedule.

With so many dictatorships in the world, Thor may find it difficult to sleep. He’s devoted his entire adult life to helping the oppressed in every corner of the globe, and he seems to thrive on it.

Betsy DeVos Sits Down with Philanthropy Magazine to Discuss Education Reform

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Betsy DeVos has been involved in spurring change for a large majority of her life. During her studies, she began her involvement in politics on her campus of Calvin College. She continues to make a name for herself by being a part of loca as well as national committees and groups to create change for the better. Perhaps most notable of her political involvements comes from her time as Chairman of the Republican Party in her home state of Michigan, a position she held for six years. Mrs. DeVos also holds the position of Chairman for the Windquest group, a firm founded by her and her husband Dick DeVos. The private firm focuses on managing investments in renewable energy as well as sustainable technology. One of Mrs. DeVos’ most passionate positions is as the Chairman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, a non-for-profit endeavor started by the family. During an interview with Philanthropy Magazine, Betsy DeVos explains how one of her greatest efforts lies in education reform. More specifically, she wishes to see every parent have the option and of where to send their children to school, a freedom currently reserved for those with the resources. Mrs. DeVos has joined the American Federation for Children as well as the Alliance for School Choice, both of which she serves as Chairman. Mrs. DeVos has also been actively involved in raising money to go towards scholarships to aid low income families with sending their children to better schools.


Dick DeVos has also been involved in this pursuit as well as others both politically and in business. DeVos actually spent time on the Michigan State Board of Education. Dick DeVos is from Grand Rapids, Michigan where he currently resides with his wife and kids. He attended Northwood University receiving a Bachelor’s in Business Administration as well as an honorary doctorate. His first professional positions were held at his father’s company, Amway Distribution. Soon, DeVos was promoted to vice president where Amway saw a tremendous growth in their international markets. After owning the Orlando Magic basketball franchise for some time, Dick DeVos returned to Amway as CEO. Forbes Magazine named DeVos as the 67th richest person in the United States in 2012. DeVos is no stranger to politics either as he ran as the Republican Party’s nomination for Michigan governor in 2006. Now retired, DeVos focuses his energy on his philanthropic endeavors and spending time with his family.


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The Truth About George Soros

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There is no man in the world more misunderstood and unfairly reviled than George Soros. His accomplishments are enormous, and his opinions in the field of world economics are prized by intelligent and influential world leaders, but here in his home country, he has been depicted as a scoundrel, a communist, a fascist, and a Jewish member of an evil new world order. George Soros is feared by one ugly portion of the Republican Party in America, and they have spewed a derogatory detritus of propaganda about this man solely owing to his progressive views on governing.

George Soros, born Gyorgy Schwartz into a well-to-do Jewish family in Budapest, Hungary at a time in history when Jews were under attack from Fascist regimes. It was the Second World War, and his homeland was occupied by the German Army on Forbes. As a fourteen-year-old Jewish Boy he was to take notices prepared by German officers to other Jewish professionals in Budapest, his father said to tell those receiving the notifications that if they complied they would be sent to concentration camps. Toward the end of the war, he experienced the liberating Russian forces occupying Hungary and learned first hand of another form of governance.

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Those of us in America can not imagine the stresses experienced by George Soros during the Second World War, especially as a Jewish boy. He persevered and at the end of the war was able to immigrate to the United Kingdom where he began his formal academic education at the prestigious London School of Economics. During his studies, he came to read and agree with Karl Popper and his theories about Open Societies. After Soros made his fortune on Wall Street, he would start his charitable foundation and name it after Popper’s theory, The Open Societies.

Soros continued his immigration by coming to the United States of America and working on Wall Street in the late 1950s. As a Hungarian from a Jewish family, it was difficult for him to find work and when employed he felt restricted by New York Society. After having limited success, Soros struck out on his own and founded the Quantum Fund, which he would later name the Soros Fund. His big break came from his knowledge of the financial and economic conditions taking place in the United Kingdom when the predecessor to the European Union was being formed he recognized that the British Sterling Pound was substantially overvalued and would soon fall. In 1992 pursuing this future reality for the Pound he bet that it would decline. His investment of $10 billion brought him a profit of $1 billion in a matter of hours.

Shortly after that Soros founded the Open Societies Foundation and sought to invest $ billions improving world governments by making them more open and available to their citizens.
Soros’ progressive political views have made him a pariah among rich conservative Republicans and hence the flood of negatives about him. In reality, George Soros is a shining example of what Americans should aspire to become.