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Maggie Gill – Education, Career, and Future Expectations for Memorial Health

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Margaret (Maggie) Gill is the president and CEO of Memorial Health. She joined the Memorial University Medical Center in 2004 in the capacity of vice president. She was later promoted to chief operating officer in 2005, and later to the position of president and CEO in 2011.

Education and Career Background

Maggie Gill attended Florida State University where she earned her bachelor’s degree with honors. She later attended Saint Leo University in Florida where she received her MBA with honors. Additionally, she completed a coursework in strategic thinking and management at the Wharton School.

Gill worked for other health organizations in different capacities before joining Memorial Health in 2004. For instance, she worked for Tenet South Florida Health System for five years before moving to Memorial University Medical Center. Her time at the company saw her work directly with three hospitals: Coral Gables Hospital, Palmetto General Hospital, and North Shore Medical Center. Her outstanding work also saw her receive the Tenet Outstanding CFO Award three times during her five-year tenure.

Providing Comprehensive Oversight

As president and CEO of Memorial Health, Maggie Gill is tasked with leading and guiding senior vice presidents and physician leaders. She is also tasked with a host of other responsibilities including internal audits, trauma services, physician relations, corporate communications, financial assistance, perioperative services, and government relations.

Maggie Gill has been contending with growing financial shortcomings over the recent past as Memorial Health’s CEO and President. She has so far managed to sustain the hospital’s operations, but she paints a grim future for the organization.

Maggie Gill’s Take on the Health Care System

Maggie Gill has been vocal about the health system’s continual loss of revenues and the complications that lay ahead. The bad news, however, is not a surprise as this has been the trend in the recent past.

According to Gill, the continual loss of revenues is a result of the changes taking place in the health care environment. The revenue losses are partly attributed to Medicaid cuts from the Affordable Care Act as well as higher levels of charity care. She also attributed it to the fact that Memorial Health is the only safety net hospital in Georgia that is not granted special and local funding.

However, the CEO has a plan for keeping Memorial Health afloat and improving its performance. First, she recommends partnership with other institutions with enough money and resources to help it recover. She also unveiled the Pathways to Excellence initiative which aims to generate $20 million every year.

Norman Pattiz’s Success as a Professional in the Broadcasting Sector

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Norman Pattiz is a media professional who is established PodcastOne, and he currently serves as its executive chairman. He has been in radio broadcasting industry for more than 40 years. Mr. Pattiz also created the Westwood One and has led it to be recognized for offering reliable news, talk, entertainment, sports, and traffic information. Westwood One controlled or offered programs on the CBS News, NFL Football, NBC radio networks, CNN Radio, March Madness, Mutual Broadcasting System, winter and summer Olympic Games, The Super Bowl, and various music shows.


Mr. Pattiz established the Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010, and its primary function was to offer top notch programming. In 2012, the radio guru noted an excellent business opportunity in the audio-on-demand sector, and he created PodcastOne. The enterprise developed at a fast rate and was regarded as the top producer of audio-on-demand programs. Podcast one has various top media brands and personalities. They include Dan Patrick, Adam Carolla, Laura Ingraham, Heather Dubrow, Shaquille O’Neal, Chris Jericho, Steve Austin, WNYC’s Radiolab, Dr. Drew, Freakonomics, and many more others. The network has more than 200 active podcasts.


Norman has made significant accomplishments in his career. He served as a member of the United States’ Broadcasting Board of where he was appointed to by Bill Clinton in 2000 and by George Bush in 2002. The board supervises the undertakings of all U.S broadcasting stations that are not owned by the Military. They include the Radio Free Europe, Middle East Broadcasting, the Voice of America and many other services. He was appointed to head the creation and opening of the American radio stations that broadcasts in Arabic and operates in the 22 Middle East nations. Pattiz also established a Farsi language radio service that reaches more than 40 million people every week.


In 2009, Norman Pattiz was named as a winner of the Giants of Broadcasting Award, which is offered by the Library of American Broadcasting. He was also inaugurated into the National Radio Hall of Fame. Apart from his long career in the broadcasting sector, Pattiz has served as the chairperson of the Los Alamos National Security Laboratories and the Lawrence Livermore. He is also recognized as a member of global bodies, which are the Pacific Council on International Relations and Council of Foreign Relations. Norman Pattiz has been married to Dr.Mary Turner Pattiz for three decades, and they both live in Beverly Hills.

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Anthony Petrello: From A Working-Class Background To Highest Paid CEO

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Newark, New Jersey native Anthony Petrello is Nabors Industries president and CEO. The Houston, Texas based company is among the largest gas and oil drilling contractors in the world. Many people were surprised Petrello became involved in the energy industry.

As a teen he was a math whiz and most expected him to have a brilliant career in academia. He won a scholarship to attend Yale University where he earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees. He then attended Harvard Law School and after getting his Juris Doctor he practiced law with the respected Manhattan, New York law firm Baker & McKenzie.

Nabors Industries was one of Baker & McKenzie’s most prominent clients and the were aware of the high quality work Petrello was doing. In 1991 Nabors offered Petrello a job as their chief operating officer and president. In 2003 he was promoted to deputy chairman and in 2011 he became Nabors Industries president and Chief Operating Officer. Today he is chairman of the board, president and Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries. He’s also director of Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart & Stevenson LLC. He provides them with operating functions as well as direction and strategic planning initiatives that have helped them to prosper.

A husband and father, Anthony Petrello is married to actress and producer Cynthia Petrello. The two had been dating since their college days. They also have a daughter named Carena. Carena was a premature birth and doctors diagnosed her with cerebral palsy. Anthony Petrello jumped into action and donated $7 million to fund a neurological research center located at Texas Children’s Hospital. He has continued to support the hospital and a number of other philanthropic causes. He is currently Texas Children’s Hospital Incorporated’s director. Petrello has also been director of

Anthony Petrello is an example of someone living the life many Americans dream about. He was raised in a working-class neighborhood, yet through his talent, hard work and good use of the opportunities presented to him he’s now a rousing success. He has had the good fortune to study under noted mathematician Professor Serge Lang. He has also made the best of his chance to work with the world’s largest land-based gas and oil drilling contractor. He has provided the company with innovative ideas and the highest quality leadership. In 2015, the Associated Press said he earned $68.2 million and was the highest paid CEO.

Securus CEO, Rick A. Smith States That The Firm Deserved A BBB Accreditation.

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In early 2016, Securus received a Better Business Bureau accreditation with and A+ rating. The communication providing company provides technological communication solutions to the legal community in the United States. It focuses on providing technology to the civil society and criminal justice community for managing public safety, monitoring, investigations and correctional activities. The senior vice president of operations of Securus, Danny de Hoyos, stated that the firm earned the right for an A+ accreditation from BBB by working hard to prove its quality in services and products. Danny also revealed that Securus accreditation affirmed its formal high-quality status in showing oral and printed communications to its clients. A BBB accreditation is a voluntary service that Securus chose to integrate into its procedure of helping customers believe that it meets required standards.



To qualify for a BBB accreditation, it is a must that an enterprise builds trust with his clients, and maintain a positive relationship throughout a transaction. Securus earned the rating by affirming that it advertises its services through legitimate means and telling the truth about its products and services. Securus has clear business information that apparently gives customers details concerning the nature of its activities, the location of its offices, company ownership, policies status, business procedures and customer guarantees. Securus honors its promises by abiding by a written agreement and timely replying to marketplace concerns with professionalism and good faith. Besides, maintaining integrity in business, Securus protects the privacy of all its data by preventing fraud and mishandling and respecting the preferences of all its customers. Rick A. Smith, the chief executive officer of Securus, stated that the BBB accreditation was proof of the firm’s practice in what it says. He revealed that Securus loved the BBB accreditation analysis process and enjoyed working with them for proper scrutiny.


The Importance of Proper Haircare

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If there is one feature about the human body that gets people excited it’s possessing a head full of lustrous hair. Hair defines who we are to a certain degree and it is one of those things that makes us more easy on the eyes. Did you know that many people don’t take good enough care for their hair? The very things you do for maintenance purposes such as using dyes/perms, overwashing, and the use of shampoo is doing more harm than good. Dyes/Perms are full of strong chemicals that can straighten the hair as well as color it. Washing your hair more than three times per week is stripping the scalp of it’s natural oils and moisture and a shampoo’s lather is basically a chemical reaction thanks to it’s parabens and sulfates.

The best thing to do is to cut back on the usage of these products, not use them at all, or start using a more gentle product that’s from an organic source. Have you ever heard of WEN hair by Chaz? WEN by Chaz has become the premier hair care product line of the 21st Century thanks to it’s nourishing effects. These products come in the form of pomade, sprays, mousse, gel, and crème. Founded by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean, these exclusive products are safe to use on a regular basis, lack dangerous contaminants, and have the finest of ingredients. Wen hair care products are widely available online as well as in many select retail stores like Sephora, all across the world.

As of today, according to the company’s crunchbase page, WEN by Chaz has sold well over 40 Million bottles of these revolutionary formulas that span across 16 years. When it comes to giving an individual picture perfect haircare at an affordable price, few can outperform this exotic label. WEN by Chaz has taken the industry by storm and will continue it’s passion into the future.

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Marcio Alaor from Banko BMG and his life

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Marcio Alaor is a famous banking executive from Brazil who is now serving as the Vice President of Banko BMG, one of the largest financial institutions in the country. Through last 85 years, this bank has been serving the people of Brazil and made a strong reputation for himself. While Marcio assumed a critical role in its management team, he already secured his entry to hall of fame in Brazilian banking sector. But now he pushing himself even more to reach to the highest point of professional excellence through his hard work and dedication.



Marcio was born and brought up in Santo Antonio do Monte, Brazil. He had to go through a rough childhood with a poor background, and he did a number of odd jobs i.e. shoe shining and so on. Even after that, Marcio never gave up his motivation, and he continued his studies. Once he completed his studies, he joined the corporate sector, and with his professionalism and competencies, he became the Vice President of Bank BMG. Right now, he provides valuable and strategic direction to the bank and plays a crucial role in implementing strategies for the bank. Along with the management team, Marcio played a vital role in developing and diversifying various products and services of this bank. Such initiatives helped the Bank to secure top position in the finance sector and capture more market share. Thanks to their efforts, they have managed to sustain the profitability of the bank in a difficult economy and managed some significant partnership with other big organizations. Marcio also plays a big role in promoting the bank through different campaigns and actively participates in different events, interviews, shows and exhibitions to represent the bank. Right now, Bank BMG has a strong brand image, and it is one of the biggest sponsors of Brazilian Football, Basketball and Volleyball teams.



Marcio has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of market trends. He provides regular insights and advises to different entrepreneurs, young professionals as well as businesses and help them succeed in competition. He has a dedicated blog where he provides useful comments, analysis and business thoughts on a regular basis. His insights such as opportunities with amended rules of engagement for small businesses, top 10 job opportunities in 2017 for executives and many other reports were highly appreciated by the readers.



Marcio is also involved with numerous social and charitable work. He has a keen interest to promote rural growth of his hometown where he grew up. He maintains a close connection with his roots, friends and local community and he always there them in any way possible. For his numerous contributions to the community of Santo Antonio do Monte, a food court was named after him in his honor in the 33rd Agricultural Exhibition of Santo Antonio do Monte (Expose Samonte). He is based in Belo Horizonte and has an interest in outdoor activities and sports.