Mike Baur Delights In Seeing New Businesses and Entrepreneurs Thrive

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A residence of Fribourg in Switzerland, Mike Baur discovered his interest in finance right from his teenage years. He obtained his masters in business administration from the University of Rochester in New York and an executive MBA from the University of Bern. He is a person who always knew what he wanted to become; nothing could make him happier than his dream becoming a reality.


Mike Baur has worked for more than 20 years in the banking and investment industry, but later on shifted his focus to investing in startup firms. Mike joined Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, to start a flourishing business; the Swiss Startup Factory. The Swiss Banking Industry expert is responsible not only for fundraising but also for funding rounds at the Swiss Startup Factory. The Zurich-based firm that was launched in 2014 looks for thriving digital entrepreneurs to whom they provide exciting opportunities from the very start – using its strong network within Switzerland, and across the world.


Swiss Startup Factory usually runs a three-month accelerator program. During this period, the company offers a unique platform for services ranging from mentoring and coaching, office spaces right at the heart of Zurich, and an entrepreneurial network to facilitate actualization of the set goals.


Besides helping new entrepreneurs to start, run and grow their businesses, Mike Baur is a generous man who enjoys giving back to the community. Mike never lets go an opportunity to encourage his colleagues and other successful business owners to give themselves an opportunity to act as mentors and stepping stones for the sake of keeping the entrepreneurs and businesses going. Mike believes that new ideas do not always come from individuals who are business oriented. Rather, they emanate from many different places, and firms such as Swiss Startup Factory are critical to bringing these ideas to life. Swiss Startup prides itself in developing and serving a dynamic community that is constantly in need of innovation.


Among the services offered by Swiss Startup include payroll management, bookkeeping, tax reporting advice, management of invoices, as well as reports and reviews. Inexperienced business owners receive guidance and step by step explanations of running successful businesses from experienced entrepreneurs and individuals who are reaping big in the corporate world.


One of the advantages of having a mentor or a guide is the fact that he or she comes in handy when it comes to learning about nearly all the pitfalls, and knowing how to avoid them – which in turn increases the chances of that business or entrepreneur becoming a huge success. Ventures such as Swiss Startup Factory go a long way in ensuring the presence of many successful entrepreneurs and businesses.