Anthony Petrello Is As Much A Family Man As He Is A Businessman

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Anthony Petrello has always been a man with big aspirations, but he’s also a man with a big heart. Petrello is the Chairman of Nabors Industries, a large job in managing one of the nation’s largest oil drilling companies.

Nabors Industries is known to have the largest oil drilling land-based rig fleets, and they also have quite a few offshore modular operations. Petrello had a lot of experience in finance and corporate law which helped him earn the position as Chairman.

Anthony Petrello originally came from Newark, NJ and was one of the top students in math class at his school. He attended Yale and enrolled in advanced mathematics both in undergraduate studies and in graduate school, but he decided law was more appealing so he attended Harvard where he got his J.D. His career in law started as an associate at Baker & McKenzie law firm and in several years he became a managing partner there. He helped clients with tax compliance and business structure legal issues and soon his expertise in the field led Nabors Industries to ask him to come to their executive board. So in 1991 he joined Nabors as Chief Operating Officer.

Petrello is a contributor to the Dan and Jan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at the Texas Children’s Hospital. He has a young daughter named Carena who had periventricular leukomalacia, a disorder that triggered cerebral palsy as the young girl started growing. While there was no cure for Carena, Anthony Petrello got to know the Duncans well and joined them in their effort to find cures for future children born with the disease. Petrello’s philanthropy includes a gift of $7 million to the institute.