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A Comprehensive Brief of Dick DeVos’ Philanthropic Activity

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You have without a doubt already heard of the DeVos family and their philanthropical work towards changing the educational system of America towards a better one. They have been fighting for what they call the education-choice reform, and it is an idea that Betsy DeVos and Richard “Dick” DeVos had a long time ago to try and find solutions for families that couldn’t put their children in an education of quality.


Richard and his wife, Betsy DeVos, have already done so many philanthropical attitudes towards representing the collective interests of students, parents, teachers, school managers, and many people that care about the educational system.


When the couple unveiled that their charitable contribution was of almost $139 million in in 2017, many newsletters started sharing the story of the philanthropical duo that was slowly but steadily raising awareness of the education problem in the U.S. and trying to find solutions for families that do not have a way to put their kids in the best schools of the country.


They have already achieved so much, and the couple is not only invested in changing the general education department. Richard is also the President of the Windquest Group, his private venture, where he leads investment strategies and researches towards a greener future with sustainable energy and apparels. The company aims to develop technologies for that goal, using the most modern features to try to find solutions for humanity to lead a path of sustainable energy and synergy with nature.


The entire DeVos family are listed among the America’s Top Givers list from the Forbes Magazine, and it isn’t just the couple of Betsy and Richard, but many other individuals from the DeVos family that have contributed towards charitable roles in the U.S.


In 2015, the donations of Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos reached $11.6 million in charitable contributions, and it was one of the biggest gifts of any philanthropical celebrity in that year, being ranked in the top 10 charitable people of 2015.


Dick DeVos, apart from being a philanthropist, he is a very successful entrepreneur and businessman as well. He loves aviation, as seen in his participation and founding of the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which he opened in 2010 to support young aviators who wanted to learn the profession and earn experience in a dedicated school with great professionals.


He is also part of the Kids Hope USA along with his wife, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, a property of the family who was helped dozens of children and women recover from health issues, and, finally, he supports with capital the Potter’s school, a religious educational institute where he and Betsy studied in high school in their youth.


Mentioning the Potter’s religious school, the reality of parents struggling to pay for the quality education for their children was the stepping stone that led the couple to invest their charitable lives in changing the educational system of the U.S.




Sawyer Howitt’s Input at Meriwether Group

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Sawyer Howitt is young energetic and innovative. Since joining The Meriwether Group in 2015, his contribution is causing ripples within the business community. The second semester senior currently holds the position of the Project Manager at his father’s company. Before his appointment in January 2017, Sawyer Howitt worked as a business strategy analyst where he developed the RFID checkout solution. Driven by a great desire to succeed, Sawyer effortlessly combines his studies, internships and a management position at his father’s company.

In his current role, Sawyer Howitt’s responsibilities include making important decisions for his father’s company. Sawyer works alongside a team of experts to develop and implement the required business solutions. His new solutions aim at changing the nature of conducting business in the firm. Implementation of technology solutions by retail stores is expected to take place in the next few years. It is in this regard that Sawyer has the task of ensuring the RFID implementation alongside other technology solutions for the retail businesses.


Meriwether Group focuses on offering assistance to upcoming and expanding business establishments. The company offers mentoring and consultation services alongside the development of reliable business solutions. The company works on a platform that seeks to assist entrepreneurs in achieving development goals. The Meriwether Group has worked with establishments of different sizes including startup ventures and existing businesses. The customers’ teams working with Meriwether Group gain experience and understanding of the detailed business operations that help in increasing their revenues. It is through this platform that the company creates and offers appropriate solutions for entrepreneurs.

View Sawyer Howitt’s LinkedIn profile for more information.

How Jason Hope’s Internet of Things will Change Everything

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If you went back in time even just thirty years then you would be looking at a world that lacked connectivity, at least in comparison to our current day and age. The change, of course, was the internet. Now techno entrepreneurs and giant corporations alike are trying to find their way into the next big thing with the internet. Jason Hope, a board member on XPrize and a Harvard graduate, believes that the Internet of Things is that future. What is the Internet of Things? Well, we’re glad that you asked and more information click here.

The Internet of Things refers to the interfacing of technology in our day to day life via an internet connection. Having every day objects connected to the internet in a two way network means a whole lot more than you might realize. Jason Hope believes that a connected world is our future and, unlike Asimov, he sees it as an entirely good thing. Imagine a world where buses were on time thanks to constantly updated smart maps. Imagine a world where traffic is essentially set to 0 thanks to smart cars driving people around.

Hope knows that the technology for the Internet of Things is at its infancy. We are seeing gigantic leaps of growth in every day tech that will eventually lead to this revolution. Hope, who has experience first hand with tech innovation thanks to XPrize, believes that the Internet of Things is going to be the next big thing and he’s advocating heavily for people to get involved and learn more about Jason.

Saving On Beneful At Walmart

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When you go to Wal-Mart, you can find more than clothing, shoes and accessories. It’s a store where you can also find an abundance of Beneful dog food. There are dry foods for puppies and older dogs that need a bit of support for the joints. You’ll also find Beneful foods for the healthy weight food of the dog. As you begin to price the brands of dog food at the store, you’ll find that Beneful is among the least expensive. The store accepts coupons to reduce the price of the food that you get. You can find coupons in a weekly newspaper or online.

Aside from dry Beneful dog food, you will also find wet selections as well. These are in small containers with a lid to make it easier to save what the dog doesn’t eat. Wet foods are less than $2 each, making it an affordable option for pet owners who might want to give their dogs a treat or who might want to offer a food that is a bit easier to enjoy as the consistency is softer. When you look at the brands of the wet and dry dog food, you’ll see beef, chicken and salmon. There is a healthy weight option with real salmon in both the dry and wet dog food. Opening the containers of the wet food, you can see the fresh ingredients that are used, such as peas and carrots. The store does offer specials on dog food, especially when there is a new flavor being introduced in the line.

Bob Reina’s Method Of Changing Lives

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It is very common for people to have dreams of changing lives. One of the most common ways that people try to change lives is through charitable acts. Bob Reina is one of the people that are involved in changing lives of others. However, he does more than get involved in acts of charity. His actions to change the world are actually deeper. He is actually very thoughtful about the purpose behind his work. One thing he has thought about is actually making his acts of charity a large part of his work. This has given a lot of motivation to push forward with some of the greatest projects.


Among the projects that he has finished is Talk Fusion. This app has made it a lot easier for entrepreneurs to move forward with their businesses. Talk Fusion in and of itself is an act of charity. Bob has seen how certain economic conditions have pushed people to try to work for themselves. He has also seen the challenges that a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs are faced with. Therefore, he has looked at what he can do to make the work easier for entrepreneurs.


When Bob Reina looked back on his attempts at being an entrepreneur, he has remembered the challenges facing him with his business. For one thing, he needed to find some kind of way to get the message across. One of the best ways to do this is with video. He has seen the value that video could bring to the internet with marketing. Therefore, he wanted to put together something that is going to make it easier for people to send video to customers. One area that he put his focus on is video email. He has worked very hard to come up with a way that people could send video in email.


Lori Senecal Has Delivered Succesful Marketing Campaigns For Brands Such As Coca-Cola

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The advertising and branding sector is filled with competent individuals, but it takes more than competence for one to rise and realize their full potential in this field. One professional who’s recognized her strengths in this area is the Global CEO of CP+B, Lori Senecal. Lori is a vibrant professional with years’ of experience in the field of advertising. Her approach to the business is what that makes her stand out. She believes the client should get paid before she can get paid. This method means that Senecal has no other option other than innovating advertising and marketing solutions that would work for the client.

What exactly is Lori Senecal stand out?

Lori Senecal is the last born in her family of four girls. She is from Montreal and grew up getting all the attention from her parents and siblings. Despite all the love that is usually showered for the last child in the family, Lori managed to set a high bar for herself. For more info visit her LinkedIn account.

She has been in the advertising industry for quite some time, something that has equipped her with all the experience and business networks she needs to be successful in the sector. She had a very successful stint at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal where she served as the Global Executive Chairman. During her time at the firm, Senecal oversaw the expansion of the company’s business and introduced a corporate culture that keeps propelling the business even in her absence. Her track record at KBS made the management of Crispin, Porter, and Bogusky to headhunt her so that she could take the position of Global Chief Executive Officer in the enterprise.

Lori qualified academically with a degree from the University of McGill. She once served as an executive at the New York office of McCann Erickson. At McCann, she helped create successful campaigns for household names such as Coca-Cola and Xbox.

In her position, Lori is always faced with the challenges of developing a successful marketing campaign. She notes that her satisfaction is derived from the moment a client gets satisfied with her solution. This attribute keeps pushing her to greater heights in her career.

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