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Desiree Perez and Jay Z Seek out New Deal as Live Nation Contract Comes to an End.

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Jay Z is a man who needs no introduction, but he is still going to be going and making the rounds. Jay Z has become one of the premier free agents on the entertainment market as his contract with Live Nation comes to its end. Jay Z signed a prolific 10 year, $150 million contract with Live Nation back in 2008 thereby giving the company rights to his work, his studio recordings, and his live performances. With the deal coming to a close many music execs are trying to see where Jay Z will go next — if he goes anywhere at all.  Check on for this.

Right now there are good odds that Jay Z is at least considering making a huge move. Jay Z along with Desiree Perez were seen in Santa Monica, CA taking a sit down dinner with the CEO and Chairman at Universal Music Group. Perez is a long time confidant and business associate of Jay Z and she has made some huge moves on her own — including the Rihanna/Samsung deal. know Dez more, click on for additional article.  The fact that both individuals were in attendance speaks volumes as to the seriousness of Jay Z moving his business with Roc Nation elsewhere.

Live Nation, in fairness, has also been seemingly hinting at a profound change in their relationship. Live Nation is no longer interested in getting the recording rights to various artist. Their business model is now moving toward just live performances, something that Jay Z could still provide at a valuable level. If Live Nation balks at recorded music is there any deal left in place for the two parties to come to?  For more interesting article, click this.

Desiree Perez and Jay Z could make a big difference if they shifted their focus to UMG. UMG provides better support for Jay’s top tier talent at Live Nation including Meek Mill, Shakira and Rihanna.  Continue reading on

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James Dondero’s Success Land Him a Position in the SMU Cox School of Business Board

Home | Investment Banking | James Dondero’s Success Land Him a Position in the SMU Cox School of Business Board

The Southern Methodist University (SMU) Cox School of Business has recognized James Dondero’s impressive business and entrepreneurship career by giving him a position on its Executive Board. The board membership doesn’t come as a surprise since MrDondero was an already in active partnership with the re-known business training institution through the Highland – SMU program.Highland Capital Management an asset management firm James Dondero co-founded with Mark Okada back in 1993. Highland has been working closely with SMU Cox School of Business through the Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars.

This is a program geared towards recognizing and encouraging professionals to make good of their pursuits in public policy. The partnership also offers continued support to the school’s Gearoge W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.According to MrDondero, the new board membership will only cement the strong and cordial partnership that has existing between his company and the business school. As a board member, he would be expected to offer his wisdom to the school’s strategic management as well as help formulate policies that will make it a better place for upcoming entrepreneurs.He will now be part of the trig-annual board meetings held in the spring, fall and winter. He will be part of around 100 appointed SMU Cox Executive Board members, who like him are non-academics who have excelled in business.

About James Dondero

James Dondero, a Dallas, TX resident is the co-founder and current President to the Highland Capital Management, a credit advise agency. Dondero has worked in the credit and equity market for over 30 years now and pays special attention to distressed investing and high-yield ventures.His position as a successful investment adviser has earned him many strategic adviser and board member positions in companies like American Banknote, MGM Studios and Cornerstone Healthcare. Apart from his successful career, Dondero is an active philanthropic whose support can be felt in public policies and veteran’s affaris.


Ricardo Tosto Involvement In Brazil’s Law Industry

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Every country has a different legal system which people have to adhere with or face the consequences. A good example of a country that is very keen when it comes to law is Brazil. Brazil civil law is basically a combination of the Portuguese, Italian France, and German civil law. With this in mind, it is paramount for any aspiring attorney in Brazil to be in a position of understanding the legal system and how it operates. Brazil is a state that is filled with very many lawyers who aim at interpreting the law to the average citizens. For you to be fully qualified and become a certified lawyer in Brazil, you first have to undergo training in any recognized law school for five years where you get to earn a degree in law. Later, you sit for a bar exam, and if you pass, you become a certified lawyer. Regardless of there being many lawyers in Brazil, it’s very hard to excel in the legal industry as there is a lot of competition. For one to excel, one must be ambitious, skillful when it comes to making predictions and hardworking like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho.

Ricardo is one man who has been able to establish a firm foundation for himself while securing future in Brazil’s legal industry something not many attorneys can say they have. Regardless of the fact, he had a humble beginning; Ricardo had decided that the past would not define him. Having started in small law firms, Ricardo worked his way up to the point of owning his law firm that has grown and developed to become one of the best law firms in Brazil. Ricardo has represented some of the biggest fish in Brazil including Multinational businesses, politicians, and wealthy individuals.

Regardless of what class you are, Ricardo is always ready to help out if his services are required. He has provided consultation to his clients and other people who come up to him with the aim of getting legal solutions to any problem at hand. Ricardo is known for adopting proper techniques and mechanisms that help in governing his skills as a lawyer. Ricardo believes with discipline, and hard work one can achieve anything and become successful.



Timothy Amour Takes Control of Capital Group

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Timothy D. Armour is the chief executive officer and chairman of Capital Group. He took over the chairmanship on 28th of July 2015 after the election by the company’s board of directors. Armour has more than three decades of experience as an investor at Capital Group. Armour served as Capital’s investment analyst covering United States telecommunication services and world’s telecom. His first job at the company was a participant in the Capital’s Associate program.


Timothy Armour has an economics degree from Middlebury College in Los Angeles. After graduation in 1983, he joined the Associate Program at Capital Group, which marked the beginning of his lifetime career at the company. Armour’s current position at Capital put him in charge of one of the global leaders in the investment management industry. He identifies the key to success in the investment management sector a firm’s collective talents targeted at pursuing the company’s mission. Armour observes that smart managers evaluate companies and estimate or determine companies’ prospects in distant or foreseeable future. He cites the example of baby boomers healthcare, which ostensibly intersects with innovative therapies. Armour deduces that an active strategy to exploit such opportunity requires financial analysis to establish the risk-reward scenario before investment. He emphasizes the work of good managers to better themselves to rival the market particularly in a troublesome some market and more information click here.


Capital recently entered into a partnership with Samsung Asset Management t to build asset management products and competency in its Korean market. Tim Armour, Capital chairman, lauded the partnership with Samsung for its benefit to Koreans and Korea institutions in helping them realize their long-term investment goals in the same way as Capital Group’s success in the United States market and globally through assets management and holistic market cycles. Janet Yang, the CFA a long-term worker at Capital, praised Armour’s appointment as the perfect choice to fill in the shoes of the late Capital chairman Jim Rothenberg. She particularly lauded the company’s accountability and administrative measures and linked them to its long-term success. Capital currently commands $1.3 trillion capital in the form of asset and learn more about Timothy.


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Brian Torchin Is A Crucial Asset In The Medical Staffing Industry

Home | Healthcare Staffing Agency | Brian Torchin Is A Crucial Asset In The Medical Staffing Industry

Brian Torchin runs a company called HCRC Srtaffing. It is a healthcare staffing agency and he is a crucial asset to the medical staffing/healthcare staffing industry. Here’s more information about his business model, the advantages of using his services and other interesting info about him.

Brain Torchin: Business Model

His business model is simple, he provides staffing to companies in the medical industry. His healthcare staffing agency provides the industry with billing managers, desk assistants, doctors, nurse practitioners and chiropractors to name a few. Those are only a few examples of the type of staff Torcin’s company can provide businesses with.

Advantages Of Using His Services

The main benefit is HCRC Staffing has an array of professionals that work within the healthcare industry. This means finding talent is easy when you use the agency. Not only that, but the company provides companies with referrals in less than four days, which is good news for those needing new hires right away.

Media Outlets That Have Featured Brian Torchin

According to Wellness, a number of media outlets have features Brian Torchin, including well-known ones. CNN and Xrepublic are a few out lets to have featured Torchin. Generally speaking, the coverage has been in regards to him and his company providing staffing to those within the healthcare industry, such as chiropractic offices.

Social Media

Brian Torchin is on a number of social media platforms. This includes both Facebook and Twitter. On Twitter, he posts about positions that he has open within his company and where those positions are located. He also posts the same content on Facebook. This is good because it means medical professionals or those that work in the industry can learn where there are job openings and contact him or his agency for more information.

If anybody wants to learn more about finding work or finding staff members within the healthcare industry, then they can visit HCRC Staffing’s website.

Wedding Photography in NYC: George Street Photo and Video

Home | Wedding Locations | Wedding Photography in NYC: George Street Photo and Video

George Street Photo and Video Address Locations first started with three people in Indiana before they exploded into a popular, nation-wide company. Now, they provide their photojournalism services for wedding and engagement shoots in over forty cities all over the country, including New York City. From classy, vintage themes to bold and modern looks in the big city, George Street provides a style quiz and consultants to help each client figure out the perfect package for their event. They assemble great teams best suited to capture the unique essence of each wedding’s theme, without missing out on the intimate moments of the big day. The George Street teams in New York City work passionately and diligently to ensure that their work reflects the wonderful and personal emotions that make every wedding beautiful and memorable.


Knowledge For Prevention With Life Line Screening

Home | Health | Knowledge For Prevention With Life Line Screening

Thanks to the internet, it is easy to find a source of information that is very trustworthy on any given topic. This is very important when it comes to health because people need as much knowledge as they can get in order to be prepared for when they have a health issue that needs to be taken care of. One company to go to is Life Line Screening. They not only have technology for screening, but they also have a lot of information on a lot of diseases and conditions that they can screen for. Therefore, people are able to learn a lot of useful information about these conditions. Also, whenever there is new important pieces of information, the social media site gets updated.

With Life Line Screening, people can look up information on different diseases. They can also look at the different health risks so that they can have a better idea on where they stand as far as their health is concerned. Life Line tells people about all of the signs and symptoms. Therefore, people will have a better idea on what to look for. They will also have better knowledge on when to go for a screening for a certain condition.

One of the best things about Life Line Screening is that they put forth a lot of information on their website so that people will be able to know when they need to take action and get treatment. They also offer people information on what they can do to prevent any type of illness they might be faced with. Another good thing is that these professionals are working on coming up with better forms of treatment for illnesses. One of the best things to do is figure out a treatment plan in order to make recovery a lot better.

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