Todd Lubar’s Expert Remarks on the Future of Smart Home Technology

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Todd Lubar is a real estate entrepreneur and tech enthusiast with passions in other fields such as finance and scrap metal firms. Todd’s innate inclination towards technology was obvious at an early age. He has tracked the development of connectivity of home technologies, also known as the internet of things over the years and has a rich commentary on several matters.

Todd Lubar defines smart technology as tech that eases the uses of devices by automating functions. Control and monitoring of machines like phones, smart appliances, and tablets at home, work or on the road save time and effort in performing tasks and acquiring information. The first smart devices were smart thermostats allowed home owners to regulate home temperatures from far. Smart devices are on the rise in recent years since they do not require any complex know how to develop or expensive technology. Check out Inspirery to know more.

Todd Lubar explains that smart tech has had a direct hand at shifting sale and marketing of homes. He revealed that property incorporated with more tech sells faster. He added that according to data by National Association of Home Buyers and Consumer Electronic Association indicate that smart tech boost sales by at least three percent up to five percent. Millennials prefer smooth home operations whereas seniors appreciate features that ease matters of health and safety.

Todd Lubar earned his undergraduate in 1995 from Syracuse University. He began his career in finance working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation immediately after college. He then moved on to work for Legacy Financial Group, Priority Financial Services, and Charter Funding. Todd Lubar currently leads TDL Ventures as owner and president after launching it in 2013. Todd Lubar is enlisted as one of the best 25 mortgage originators in the United States and creatively finds new schemes to improve customer experience.

Todd Lubar is positive about the future of smart tech in homes. He predicts that homes without enough smart techs will trade slow and return low revenues. Todd advises home owners to add the future to their homes if they ever have plans to resell. His views are supported by statistics which show that smart home technology will exceed $130 billion in value by 2020.

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