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Desiree Perez, simply know by alias Dez, has thrived where most women have failed as men have dominated, proving that the glass ceiling is either mythical or has been broken. She is a talent manager, a producer and an entrepreneur who has scaled the heights in the music industry, rising to the position of Chief Operating Officer in the Jay Z owned Roc Nation music label. Although Desiree has been involved in many widely popular projects over her 20 years stay in the music industry, she does not seek fame for herself. She is known as a strong negotiator and pitted to have had a hand in the “360 Deal” between Jay Z’s Roc Nation and Live Nation, which is soon coming to an end. She has been involved in formulating a way forward for Jay Z post the 360 deal thus going to the extent of meeting executives from Universal Music Group, presumably to discuss a possible deal. Interesting article on

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Ms. Perez has been instrumental in the discovery and growth of various talents in the music industry, top among the Robin Rihanna Fenty, popularly known as Rihanna. Although concealed from the limelight, Dez has been instrumental in managing and growing Rihanna, both in the music scene and in the business space. She was instrumental in ensuring the realization of the Samsung deal that saw Rihanna net $25 million from her Anti project. Rihanna also gained plenty of publicity from this deal, which propelled her into the enigma in the music industry that she has become.  For updates on Dez recent timeline activities, click   Dez remains one of the most famous people in Rihanna’s inner circle and remains closely involved in most of her projects, both in the music industry and outside of it.  Read more from Dez, visit her page.

Ms. Perez is a well-respected player in the music industry and is a member of the Hova Circle of Influence, which is a group responsible for the success of the Roc Nation, Roc Nation musicians, and Roc Nation products.  Hop over to for more.

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