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Grupo Televisia’s ‘executive vice president’ invited Porfirio Sanchez to join the company when Sanchez was contemplating a job at the World Bank. This is after having worked for Mexico’s Finance Secretary as an advisor. Alfonso encouraged Sanchez to join Televisia instead of the World Bank, saying it would be more fun for Sanchez. Sanchez agreed and left Francisco Gil Diaz for Grupo Televisia.

Porfirio Sanchez was appointed by Grupo Televisia in a strategic effort to improve the company’s material for its audiences. Prior to working as CEO, he was Editorial Director, a post he assumed after a successful job as special project’s director. In the position of editorial director, he worked closely with Rossana Fuentes Berain. Rossana, is herself a journalists with additional background and mastery in legal matters; having a PhD in legal matters. Sanchez Galindo’s strategy is one of winning audiences advertisers as well as markets.

Project YOO

Through this project, Grupo Televisia is planning to provide the public with basic television, telephone service and internet at ‘a bundled price’. Through this project, every Mexican and the general Latino folk will be in a position to enjoy telephone, television and internet services together as a package. Sanchez believes that the project will soon be realized as every department is working towards the success of the same.


Sanchez went to Carnegie Mellon University’s Institute of Software Research in 2012. In 2011, Sanchez enrolled at Stanford Graduate School of Business for an executive education program. Prior to joining Stanford, Sanchez had studied at ITAM from 1994 to 1998 graduating with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics.


As a leading professional, Sanchez has leadership qualities and people skills. He can speak both English and Spanish. He is able to plan strategically, courtesy of his business strategy and strategic planning knowledge.

Career Experience

For the last two years, Sanchez has been the Chief Executive Officer at Editorial Televisa. He has been ‘Chief of Staff Corporate Vice President’ for Televisia since December 2016. For Televisia, he has also served as Chief Economist. Before joining Televisia, Sanchez was Chief of Staff to the Mexican Finance secretary between the years of 2000 and 2006.