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Whitney Wolfe and Michael Herd tied the knot last week in a breathtaking ceremony held at the Italy’s Amalfi Coast Villa Treville. The breathtaking event was private as only the people with cards were allowed to the function. However, it became popular in the social media as it trended with the hash tag #homeiswheretheherdis. People within the function posted photos of the bride and groom plus the breathtaking site, making the public follow closely.

Whitney Wolfe and Michael Herd met on Valentine day three years back, and they have been in a budding relationship for the last few years. Whitney was engaged last year July by the love of her life, and the wedding last week was the culmination of the dating days. The function was romantic, and the location only made it even the more fun.

Whitney Wolfe wore an Oscar De La Renta gown, which was designed in a custom-made style. The evening gown was equally stunning as it was silky cream-colored slip dress that fit her beautiful and elegant body. Moreover, she wore a sweet smile throughout the occasion as she could not hide the joy of finally getting married to the love of her life. The reception was also beautiful as it was full of lemon trees canopies that matched the lemon dinner tables and lemon menus. The one-tiered fruitcake was topped up with fresh strawberries and other fruits.

Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe founded the Bumble Dating App, which empowers women in relationships. The App allows women to make the first move in romantic relationships. Whitney hated the situation where women must wait for men to notice them and ask them out. Consequently, she decided to allow women to make the first move and chose the men they like. The above makes men respect women and cease from mistreating them.

Whitney also started the Bumble BFF App, which helped women relate with other women whom they could trust. Whitney observed that women took too long to be married and they needed the company of people that they could share their experiences with. Many of the office Divas had no time for friends, and Bumble BFF helped women get the new company in new places. Whitney was an alumna of the Dedman College and Southern Methodist University where she majored in IT.

Based on her new union, Bumble is most likely to go a notch higher as now Whitney is united with a business person.

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