Securus Technologies: A Reliable Crime Prevention Partner

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Securus Technologies is a company committed to developing solutions that enable law enforcement agencies combat crime and promote a secure social environment. It provides emergency response, inmate self-service, biometric analysis and even information management to over 1.2 million inmates and over 3,450 police agencies spread across North America.

Using this service has not only inspired confidence in security systems but also restored trust with people the employees work with. I believe based on this, one can track phone calls from an employee involved in contraband business. With this information, the corrupt staff member was arrested and this served as a lesson to others who harbored similar motives. Difficult to proof scenarios like harassment at workplace have been resolved using the investigative features that the company provides, making the working environment safer than before.

It is clear that Securus employees are now more focused for fear of being monitored in case they participate in illegitimate ways. With the understanding that privacy is essential and must be provided, security of staff and business has always superseded individual privacies, especially if that privacy infringes on the rights of others.

The LBS software and the Investigator Pro are not only useful at the working placebut also in maintaining jail security, tracking illegal assets, drugs and even cash. Securus Technologies have provided the ability to listen in on inmate calls that has been instrumental in resolving mysteries surrounding particular cases.

By providing the services listed above, Securus Technologies has been able to revolutionize the incarcerating environment and help in the improvement of public safety. The correctional facilities have been made safer by disabling contraband cell phones within their walls. This means that inmates cannot hold conversations with the outside world secretively, plan an atrocity and execute it without being detected. The correctional facilities are now relying on these technological advancements by Securus Technologies to ensure that their facilities are not crime breeding grounds but crime prevention units.