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Barbara Stokes is a woman who is known by so many people for her role with Green Structure Homes Delivered, LLC. This is a company that functions out of Huntsville in Alabama. People respect Green Structure Homes Delivered for various reasons. It has a modern manufacturing center that is home to the creation of modular and mobile residential and commercial buildings. Stokes is Green Structure Homes Delivered’s Chief Executive Officer. She’s a skilled worker who is linked to choice work in the sizable disaster relief construction field. Her higher education took place at Macon, Georgia’s Mercer University. Mercer University is a private school that was launched back in 1833. She learned so much about topics that would later help her with her career while at this college. She completed an abundance of courses in physics and even biomedical engineering. Some of this professional’s knowledge sectors include material properties, thermodynamics, technical communication, management, manufacturing and, last but not least, material structures. Read more at Business Insider.

Stokes is no newbie to her industry. She enjoyed a strong career before securing her current Green Structure Homes Delivered role. She worked for companies such as Boeing and the acclaimed Pisces Corporation. Boeing is a business that produces airplanes. Pisces Corporation, on the other hand, is one that manages the development and studying of electronics of all kinds. The staff members at Pisces Corporation assist customers with exchange systems, public infrastructure and beyond.

Stokes is a reputable figure in the government contracting world. She has done a lot in that sector so far. She adores heading Green Structure Homes Delivered in the process of working toward the aim of helping the government in the United States. She aids the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as well. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Stokes doesn’t exclusively work for Green Structure Homes Delivered. She likes to do volunteer work in and around the city of Huntsville any time she gets the chance. She also is an avid family woman. Barbara Stokes raises three children. She works next to Scott Stokes. He’s Green Structure Homes Delivered’s Chief Operating Officer. He used to function as a corporate pilot. He, like Barbara, is constantly searching for ways to do positive things for Huntsville. Volunteer work is also a subject that matters to him. This individual is a professional who is well-versed in putting staff members together to work on upcoming efforts. He’s well-versed in all kinds of quality control duties, too.