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Alex Pall and The Risk He Takes By Using His Own Life as Material for His Craft

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The music lovers who have listened to the music of The Chainsmokers should know that without Alex Pall, there would probably no Chainsmokers. There wouldn’t be a band that has touched thousands of lives with a set of musical lyrics that you rarely find in most EDM music. Without Alex Pall, the people who are fans of Chainsmokers would have to be stuck with loud and heartless EDM beats.

The Palpability of Lyrics

It can be said that there are already so many musicians in the industry today. There’s a lot of competition among bands, and in order to stand out, you have to offer a product differentiator that would put your offering to where it should be regarding appeal. As the co-creator of The Chainsmokers, the appeal that Alex Pall brings to the band is in the power of his lyrics. He realized he needed to do this. Before starting out as a music creator, he was still a minor DJ in New York City, and he played in various colleges, for undemanding audiences. That kind of culture is what inspired him to write music, and to be able to work the kind of job that he thought was only for dreams.

It was later that he realized that most of the DJs could get people to listen to the songs, but for the songs to mean something, he had to add something others can’t. That’s when he realized how making the lyrics palpable to the core of one’s being is the way to go. This is the reason why he has never missed a chance on refining the lyrics of the songs he makes.

The Real Lives

Alex Pall also believes that to be brave in the music industry requires risks, and on his part, the risk that he makes is that the lyrics he puts in his songs are based on his real life. Not on someone else’s life. Not on fictional characters that don’t bear any resemblance to reality. It’s his life that wants to be voiced out, and this is one thing that makes Alex Pall stand out in the music scene right now.

Robert Deignan Leadership

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Entrepreneur Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan is a name to reckon with in the world of business. His accomplishments both personally and professionally are a contribution to the many innovations and competitive edge that he has created for his business. His diverse skills and knowledge have assisted his company, Advanced Tech Support Digital Services where he is the Executive Director, to endeavour in business that has won the it much recognition.


Robert is an alumnus of Purdue University where he attained his degree in organisational leadership. With his extensive skills in leadership and entrepreneur, he co-founded the Fanklink, Inc in 1998 a company that was closed after being in business for two years. He once again held the position of Executive vice president of iS3 from 2002 until July 2011. After his exit from the company, Deignan again co-founded his current company Inbound Calls Experts which majors in digital support services, targeting clients around the globe.


ATS digital is located in Raton, Florida. It is customer oriented and ensures that the clients attain the highest levels of satisfaction, by guaranteeing computers are safely kept and in good working conditions at all times. All this is made possible by the company’s website where a customer service call number is provided. The knowledgeable and professional team of technicians help clients by remotely accessing their PCs and troubleshooting any problem with computers.


Robert Deignan’ leadership at the company has lead to the certification of the company by AppEsteem Corporation, becoming the first ever call centre to be recognised. His presence has helped set ATS on the map and crafting a noble name for it. An evaluation done by the company showed that they overpassed the threshold set by AppEsteem. Mr, Deignan’s efforts have established his company on the foundation of client-focus passivity. Many clients have been able to get accessed through remote screen sharing and support help of the technical telephone. Robert’s organisation is impressive given that he has managed to bring together different jobs that under normal circumstances would have been difficult.

Talos Energy All Set to Acquire Stone Energy

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Talos Energy has always been a company focused on development. One of the reasons why the company has managed to stand tall in such a competitive industry is because of their plans to keep improving themselves and the work that they do. Acquisitions have always been a big part of the development that the company experiences and the most recent one that the company is undergoing are just another examples of that.

In a press release, Talos Energy stated that it would be undergoing a number of changes, particularly concerning the resource management that the company has to partake in. The company that they are set to acquire is Stone Energy, a company that mainly operates out of Louisiana. The company has a large pool of resources which now can assist Talos Energy with the endeavors that it is looking to take up.

Having the right resources is an integral part of any business, and is something that a company needs to develop. For Talos energy, the acquisition was a way in which they could acquire a better pool of resources. Some of the resources that Talos Energy was in need of included things like workforce, technology and many more. Stone Energy did have a considerable amount of these and thereon decided that it would work in their best interests to work with them.

Even though both the companies are going to be keeping their production plants and the same manners of running a business, they will be denoted by one name to the public, which is Talos Energy. Additionally, the company will also be indicated by the symbol that spells out ‘TALO.’

Some intricacies have emerged as a result of the acquisition. One of these was the percentage that the stakeholders at the company were in possession of. The stakeholders belonging to Talos Energy will be abiding by a system that mandates that they own sixty-three percent of the company while the rest will be the stakeholders belonging to Stone Energy.

Talos Energy has undergone various acquisitions in the past that have worked for the benefit of the company. The leaders at Talos Energy know that the reason that the company has been able to develop is that of the pooled in resources that they get access to, thereby helping them develop into a notable name.



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In today’s day and age, a credit score is pretty much a requirement if you want any type of good loans with low interest rates. Unfortunately, many Americans have a good amount of credit card debt. The sad thing is that it continues to rise each and every year, hurting the credit scores of millions of people nationwide. However, this doesn’t have to be you. In fact, there are many ways to improve your credit score. In this article, we are going to be breaking down some of these ways.

  1. Pay off all debt

If you want a great credit score, you first have to pay off all of your remaining credit card debt. You can either use the debt snowball method or the debt avalanche method for this. Dave Ramsey recommends the debt snowball method but I would recommend the debt avalanche method if you have thousands upon thousands worth of credit card debt. The debt avalanche is where you pay off the debt with the highest interest rate first and then work your way down. I like this method over the other because it will save you money over time.

  1. Only put on credit what you can afford in cash

One of the biggest mistakes that I see new credit card owners make is buying things that they can’t afford on credit. As a result, they don’t make the payment at the end of the month which negatively affects their credit score. Don’t let this be you. I would recommend putting minor expenses like gas and groceries on credit. This way, you will be able to pay the card off very easily and it will build your credit a little.

  1. Check your credit report

The next thing I would recommend would be to check your credit report. Sometimes, credit card companies can mess up transactions which can negatively affect your credit score. Combat this by checking your report.

If you are looking at financing, I would highly recommend going with GreenSky Credit. GreenSky Credit has over 12,000 active merchants. GreenSky Credit also has over $1 billion in loans borrowed. GreenSky Credit has 1.6 million satisfied customers currently doing business with them. All in all, GreenSky Credit is the right choice for you.

Roberto Santiago Achieved his Dreams- Paving the Way for Entrepreneurs

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Success is rather a subjective term often used in any industry. In business especially, success actualizes the performance index of the enterprise. Whether it is a small or a relatively huge business, success defines the direction in which, a business should go. For a business to succeed, a role model comes in handy. This is because role models empower business leaders in many ways. When discussing role models in business, Roberto Santiago features the list. He is the founder and team leader of one Manaira Shopping Mall. He has paved a way for every emerging entrepreneur who aspires to become a business leader in Brazil.


A Look at Roberto Santiago and His Career


Roberto Santiago is known as a prominent entrepreneur who hails from Brazil. He was born in Joao Pessoa and he grew up in the same place. He developed particular interest for business at a tender age. As such, he decided to pursue formal education by joining Pio X-Marist College and study business administration. From the look at his academic credentials and the course he decided to pursue, Roberto Santiago knew exactly what he wanted from a tender age. From school, he landed an employment opportunity at Café Santa Rosa. There, he garnered vast managerial skills and used it to establish his business – a cartonnage company that supplied construction materials to companies. Well, since he had garnered vast managerial skills from his past work experiences, he was a competent business man in the same category. The cartonnage

company performed well.


Investing in Real Estate


Nevertheless, Roberto Santiago invested in real estate. At first, he was concerned about the future of the industry and the eventuality of loss or profit. However, he took the risk and dived into the business. That is how he became an active participant in the real estate industry. Having bought land, he decided to construct a shopping mall.


The Mall


The Manaira Shopping Mall was constructed for two years. After that, the first launching was done. From the first launching, there have been two to three more; with the purpose of establishing new businesses within. Well, since Roberto realized that most Brazilians are family oriented and they would find it convenient to have a one-stop shopping mall with everything required in it, he decided to establish a mall that has the following features;




Manaira shopping mall has modern features with various advantages. Convenience is just one of the many advantages that come with the mall. For starters, there is an education center at this mall. This means that students can enroll for courses and conveniently study. Secondly, there are entertainment units within which people can watch movies and listen to music. Other than that, there is the Domus Hall. This hall features sufficient space at the rooftop. The space can be used for concerts, weddings and other events therein. Apart from that, Manaira Mall has an exquisite supermarket for all personal care items.


The Overview


Without a doubt, Roberto Santiago has successfully paved the way for emerging entrepreneurs who need a role model to look up to. His major success story is engraved in the heart of Brazil and is a potent legacy.


Adam Milstein: Philanthropist, Real Estate Investor and Jewish Rights Activist

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Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American businessman and philanthropist who is widely known for his pro-Jewish and pro-Israel political activism. Milstein is a contributor to a variety of political blogs and columns, and he frequently publishes blog pieces on the Israeli-American site Jewish News Syndicate (JNS.) On February 7th, he published a piece in the Israeli American Council column about Radical Islam’s efforts to promote worldwide anti-Semitism.

In both Europe and North America, Adam Milstein writes, radical Muslims are beginning to ally themselves with the radical left, an alliance that is as unlikely as it is threatening to the Jewish people. In theory, Milstein argues, this is an alliance that makes no sense: the radical left in Europe and North America are very socially liberal, while radical Islam is notorious for its misogyny, homophobia and human rights abuses. Yet these alliances continue to form, united by their intense dislike of Western global influence and their shared anti-Semitic tendencies.

The radical left, Milstein further argues, has a tendency to view Muslims as a single entity that is universally oppressed. This causes them to view even radical Islamists as victims, and Jews, who are in opposition to radical Islam in the Middle East, as oppressors. Radical Islam fuels these ideas in any way possible to promote Western anti-Semitism and advance their anti-Jewish agenda, which is why Milstein views these alliances as one of the greatest modern threats to Israel and to the Jewish people.

Adam Milstein is a co-founder of the prominent Israeli-American Council, of which he he was appointed Chairman of the Board in 2015. Milstein has made his career primarily as a real estate investor, but he has also spent considerable time on philanthropic efforts. In 2000, he and his wife, Gila, founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which sponsors education for young Jewish students and professionals. He is also a board member of StandWithUs, Birthright Israel, the Hasbara fellowships and the Israel on Campus Coalition, among other organizations.

Adam Milstein served in the Israeli Defense Forces during the Yom Kippur War before graduating from Technion in Israel in 1978. He moved to the U.S. in 1981, and shortly after acquired an MBA from the University of Southern California. He has used his considerable business acumen to become a Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate firm based in California.

Paul Mampilly Thoughts on Bitcoin

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Paul Mampilly is a prominent financial advisor who helps thousands of people each year. During his career, he has earned multiple awards for his excellent work in the industry. Many people enjoy interacting with Paul Mampilly. He enjoys teaching people the basics of personal finance and investing. Anyone who wants to take their investments to a new level should consider working with his team.

Paul Mampilly recently spoke about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that took the world by surprise in 2017. Not only did it rise quickly, but it also gave exposure to the volatile asset class of cryptocurrency.


Should You Invest?

One of the most critical aspects of investing is managing financial risk. Some people are fine taking on high levels of risk. Other people feel like they want to save and conserve all of their money. Paul Mampilly believes that assets like Bitcoin are a significant investment for young people who invest a small percentage of their portfolio. However, this is not the type of investment for people who are about to retire. Read this article at Daily Forex Report.

General Advice

Paul Mampilly helps people across the country with financial planning services. Few people achieve success with their finances for several reasons. First of all, most people are not willing to stay disciplined on a budget. Most people spend too much money each month. Some people even use credit cards to survive.

Paul Mampilly believes that reducing debt is a crucial way for people to have financial success. With the rising cost of college, millions of students are graduating with high levels of debt. It is critical for young people to stay on a financial plan based on their future goals.

Although Paul Mampilly has had a successful career, he still attempts to improve himself each day. He is passionate about his business and plans to continue working in the future. Follow Paul on Medium.

Lawrence Bender and his Impressive Career in Hollywood

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Quentin Tarantino has made many of America’s classic films, but he didn’t do it alone. Through most of Tarantino’s struggles, he had Lawrence Bender at his side, acting as producer for many of Tarantino’s greatest accomplishments in film.

When Tarantino’s first project, Reservoir Dogs, was being created, Bender was there to assist Tarantino with financial backing and additional support. Since the release of this movie, Bender and Tarantino have worked together nearly a dozen times.

The two film giants even partnered together to create their own production company in the early 1990s. This company was named A Band A Part, and it was in operation until 2006.

Lawrence Bender doesn’t restrict his work to Tarantino projects. He has also produced documentaries, television, and music videos.

Knockaround Guys

Lawrence Bender is familiar with the crime genre, producing a large number of films in this category. One of these films is Knockaround Guys, which starred Vin Diesel, Barry Pepper, John Malkovich, and Dennis Hopper.

The film centers around four sons of prominent mob-bosses who were tasked with retrieving a large amount of cash from a small-town sheriff. This task prepares them for future leadership, and they realize exactly what type of work their parents do.

The film opened with a mediocre response from critics. It was directed by Brian Koppelman and David Levien.

Good Will Hunting

This is a more popular, more critically accepted effort from Lawrence Bender. This film stars Robin Williams, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Minnie Driver. The film was written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

The plot of Good Will Hunting focuses on a young man named Will who works as a janitor at MIT. One day, while making the rounds at the school, he comes across a complex math equation on the board and solves it.

The movie centers around all parts of Will’s life. Therapy, love, and friendship are just a few of the things Will deals with in the movie.

New Job Openings At Sussex Healthcare

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Anyone desiring to work in a positive environment caring for seniors should consider putting in an application with Sussex Healthcare. This long term healthcare provider serving area elders has announced some new job openings just recently.

The opportunity for advancement in this highly rated healthcare organization has drawn many to begin exciting careers in one of their 20 spectacular facilities. Trained nurses, certified aides and many therapist positions are open, and the company also is searching for caring people to fill positions in housekeeping, dietary services, laundry workers and transportation van drivers that have an excellent safety record.

Other open jobs include important hospitality service positions, administrative openings, telephone operators, care specialists, accounting experts, computer positions, secretarial jobs and maintenance service work. Interested parties can find more detailed information on these and other career opportunities by researching the company’s information simple-to-navigate website. Positions are available across all shifts in some instances, and those desiring to work part time or just weekends may also apply. Experience in working with seniors or disabled adults is helpful, but some positions do not require any specific training. All of the salary rates are at least competitive and often supersede other similar pay rates.

Read more: Sussex Healthcare Helps Patients Feel at Home

Sussex Healthcare has been leading the way in cutting edge healthcare and forward thinking patient care. Every resident is treated with the highest degree of respect and compassion possible. Every attempt is made to encourage each resident to continue living life the way that they desire. Many seniors also keep involved in outside community events and groups. Sussex Healthcare has partnered with several top advanced educational institutions to provide higher level education to learning disabled young adults in their care. Many local community dance, music and theater groups put on private recitals and concerts for the residents in Sussex Healthcare senior living homes across the area.

The food that is served to the residents has earned high praise for taste, and trained nutritionists keep watch to ensure that meals are nutritious and healthy. Most family members are very impressed with the design and decor of the residential homes, and they are thrilled with the homelike atmosphere and many diversion activities that go on every day. Weather permitting, many residents enjoy being outside in the beautiful gardens and walking the lush green walking trails at many of the facilities. Sussex Healthcare has also opened up a stunning gymnasium that offers top-of-the-line equipment.