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Do you have a passion for the arts? Do you have a passion for fashion? Well, if you just so happen to have an interest in these subjects then you should pursue a career. The Academy of Art University has a team of educators that will provide you with all of the necessary tools. When it comes to fashion, AAU’s School of Fashion Design is top-notch, and it demonstrates its greatness at New York Fashion Week each and every year. Last year, the School of Fashion Design was honored by its past graduates. These graduates just so happened to be Eden Slezin, Hailun Zhou, Saya Shen, Joanna Jodallah and others.

By participating in the festivities, the Academy of Art University received great notoriety. These students did a phenomenal job by introducing some new flavor into the mix. There were a ton of people in the audience, including many celebrities. “America’s Next Top Model’s” Ms. J. Alexander was spotted amongst the crowd. This event marked the 21st appearance by AAU and this is a consecutive 21 showings. The consistency alone shows just how dedicated the schools truly is about its craft. You’ll find some of the most exotic and funky designs here as the outfits were made from a number of different material such as leather, PVC and vinyl. New York Fashion Week was a hit and 2018 will definitely be no different.

Did you know that the Academy of Art University has gone by many different names? Yes, this is correct as the school was once known as the Academy of Advertising Art as well as Academy of Art College. In the United States, AAU is considered to be the country’s largest private art and design school. The school consists of student housing, galleries and exhibits. All in all, the Academy of Art University has set new trends in fashion design as well set new standards.