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Shiraz Boghani Achievements in Hospitality Sector

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Shiraz Boghani, a UK based renowned hotelier, arrived from Kenya in 1969, and joined Chartered Accountants as an accountant trainee and later moved to Thomson McLintock and company currently known as KPMG. From a humble beginning, Boghani strived to achieve all he has today, through being sharp business-minded and innovative he was able to spot business opportunities that turned out to be successful. Boghani is the Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group, and during the 2016 Asian Business Awards, he was awarded the ‘Hotelier of the Year’ award. The hospitality sector is not a new thing to Mr. Boghani since he has been in it for over 30 years.

Managing and owning 19 trading hotels in the UK proves that Shiraz Boghani is a dynamic entrepreneur and being a Chartered Accountant is icing on the cake. In 1990, he introduced Limited service branded hotels which did well across the country earning him great income due to the good reception. Shiraz Boghani took diversification as a tool for success which is seen in the array of services provided by his hotels not mentioning his decision to invest in Sussex Health Care. Apart from the stylish and luxurious hotel he owns in different locations across the UK, he is a major supporter of the Aga Khan Foundation and development network globally not forgetting he is a UK registered charity.

Shiraz Boghani invested in a sector that he was passionate about according to the speech he gave after receiving the award and also an appreciating person as well as a family man. Stuart Bailey, the CEO of the Splendid Hospitality group also added that Boghani had been a pillar in the success of the organization since he is hardworking, dedicated and unifies everyone under him. Sussex Health Care which was founded in 1985, currently has 18 Care Homes and more than 500 bed, this happened due to the joint partnership with Boghani who is not shy to help develop a worthy course for the society. Shiraz Boghani story is an inspiration to current and next generation entrepreneurs who are ready to take the risk to venture into different types of business. His reputation precedes him as a business and charitable man and should be emulated by everyone.

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Fagali’i Airport: The Little Gem Of Samoa

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Fagali Airport is managed and operated by the Samoan government in conjunction with Polynesian Airlines. This airport has undergone significant renovation from a grass-only airstrip to paving the runways to meet international standards. Unfortunately, Fagali airport has faced a few hiccups such as the constant complaints about noise and safety in 2005 that led to the temporary closure. Environmental concerns and the well-being of locals was a vital issue, but a thorough safety inspection quelled these fears by the Samoa Airport Authorities. This inspection was followed by another examination of the Pacific Aviation Office (PASO) to ensure that everything was in order.

The Fagali resumed operations in July 2009, and it added cross-border flights to American Samoa thus expanding its clientele base by a considerable margin. Ahead of the grand opening, Brent Schwenke, the general manager of Polynesia Airlines told reporters that Fagali would only cater for daytime flights. Therefore, travelers who wished to travel at night would use the Faleolo International Airport which is just forty-five minutes away in Apia. Fagali’i airport has grown by leaps and bounds, and it now serves global airlines such as South Pacific Island Airways and Talofa Airways.


The airport attracts numerous travelers each year mainly due to the great tourist attractions in Fagali Island. To start with, the famed Fiafia Night offers an enchanting experience of Samoa history with dance performances, spinning fire, and live music. Visitors travel to this part of the world to witness firsthand what they may have only read in travel magazines, and needless to say that it’s all worthwhile. Spending a day at the Samoa Cultural Village is yet another noble way of getting acquainted with Samoa’s rich history and learn a few handcrafts like basket weaving according to Those with a proclivity for adventurous sports have a slew of choices ranging from scuba diving to snorkeling or signing up for yoga hiking tours.

Fagali’i Airport is instrumental in connecting visitors to this part of the world, and what’s more, there are plenty of affordable flights to suit even the most frugal traveler. Travelers who are just passing by Apia will easily find connecting flights to nearby airports like Pago Pago and Ofu.


More Freelancers With Upwork Gives You More Time

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When you are trying to get a to-do list done there is a great amount of anxiety at hand. You want to be able to do your very best in building the type of to-do list that can easily be completed, but you may not always have the time and the resources to do everything on your own that you would like to do. This is where a website like Upwork comes in and make your life so much easier.

Upwork gives you access to freelancers. There are a ton of people that have skills that they employ through the web. There are an assortment of people that are able to help with a large variety of errands. You cannot overlook this outside help when it comes to completing things in a timely manner. There is no reason for you to have a to-do list that is not getting done. You have all the resources that you need at your fingertips if you are willing to trust a freelance worker to help you with some of these jobs.

If you have a desire to truly sail through your to-do list it is going to start with freelancers that can do multiple tasks all at the same time. This is where you find your best chance to get your list completed in a timely manner.

If you are physically trying to do all of the tasks yourself you will discover that there is not enough time in the day. If you can get multiple people working on multiple things all at one time the task list that you have seems much more practical. It seems much more doable when you have an abundant amount of freelancers at your disposal. This makes it easy to move on to another task while freelanced cover other tasks.

Anytime you put a to-do list together it is always going to come down to time constraints. What you complete and do not complete all comes down to time. If you have a lot of outsourced help you can do more with the time that you have.

Shervin Pishevar takes to Twitter to highlight the thorny issues affecting the US Economy

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Who is Shervin Pishevar?

Investment company and since then, he had maintained a low profile until he resurfaced on Twitter recently. Shervin Pishevar is a well-known entrepreneur and investor with interests in multinational companies such as Uber. In a tweet storm that lasted over 20 hours, Pishevar discussed various issues that affect the American economy.

Most of the people who know Pishevar argue that his rant on Twitter was not a surprise since he is known as man of many words. He never hesitates to make his opinion known to the public and his criticism of various aspects of the economy is in the public domain. Some people still found the tweet storm rather surprising, especially because it came after a prolonged silence.

What did Shervin Pishevar say about the economy in his tweets?

Shervin Pishevar seemed to agree with many financial analysts who believe that the stock market will continue to slip. In his opinion, Pishevar seems to think that the gains that have been made in 2018 have already been lost. He further claims that the economy is in the process of losing the gains it made last year. The outcome of the continued slippage in the stock market is an increase in credit account deficits, tax giveaways, and high interest rates.

In the numerous tweets, Pishevar sought to address the issue of government bonds and their effectiveness. In his tweet he says, Expect hints of QE4 from our leaders if market doesn’t normalize quickly.’ Pishevar argues that for many years, government bonds have been used by the Federal Reserve to address the instability in the stock market although this success does not mean that government bonds have an unlimited capacity. He seemed to suggest that the current instability within the stock market might reach a state where government bonds would be inadequate to address the instability in the stock market. If Pishevar’s analysis is true, the country is likely to experience an economic crisis in the near future.

Michael Hagele is a Successful Venture Capitalist

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Michael Hagele worked at a car wash in Chicago, Illinois during the cold winter. The pain and the numbness that he endured was enough to motivate him to get a great education and pursue what he thought was meaningful. He received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Iowa and earned his law degree from the University of California at Berkley. After college Michael was employed at Fenwick & West LLP in the Licensing and Online Commerce Group. Michael later managed the legal obligations of several venture capital internet companies. Today Michael Hagele serves as outside general counsel for several technology companies in a broad range of industries. He has invested in several startup technology companies and has helped to start several companies. View Michael Hagele’s profile on Linkedin.

One thing that Michael Hagele advises that everyone should do is some form of physical activity. He believes that partaking in physical activity is beneficial for refreshing and improving your mind. He spends time in the afternoon to ride his mountain bike. He says that getting a break from work and going to exercise is crucial. He believes that his time exercising is when he feels the most creative. He says that coming back from mountain biking can sometimes give him creative new ways to help tackle certain issues some of his clients may be having.

Michael Hagele has high hopes for Artificial Intelligence, particularly the application of genetic programming. He is currently an investor and advisor to a company that has launched an application currently in use by several nonprofit companies that can pinpoint the most industrious ways to use money from their funding sources. He believes that to be a successful entrepreneur, one should embrace social medial to grow their business. Social media is good for connecting with customers and it helps when they are giving insights into how they feel about particular products and services. Visit:


Jeremy Goldstein uses his Corporate Expertise to help Raise Funds for Fountain House

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Fountain House is a charitable organization that has gained the attention of some predominate people in the New York area. Jeremy Goldstein is one individual who supports the efforts made by this organization, which is to help adults with mental illness become more self-sufficient community members. As someone who has established a reputation as one of New York’s leading corporate attorneys, Mr. Goldstein lent his expertise to help orchestrate two wine dinners as fundraising events for Fountain House. The combined totals of the two dinners was more than 55,000 dollars. Mr. Goldstein believes the efforts put forth by the professional staff members at Fountain House create employment opportunities for adults with mental illness that might otherwise not exist.


Jeremy Goldstein has been a member of the Fountain House board since 2010. Having had an extensive background in mergers and acquisitions within the field of corporate law, he understands the importance of working together to reach a single-minded goal. Mr. Goldstein not only holds a seat on the board for Fountain House, he also holds the position of chair person on the mergers and acquisitions sub-committee for the business section of the American Bar Association.


Having obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Cornell, Jeremy Goldstein went on to acquire a Master’s Degree from the University of Chicago and a Juris Doctorate in Law from the University of New York. Working closely with many leading corporations in the area of mergers and acquisitions, Mr. Goldstein saw a need to better address the issues of executive compensation and corporate governance at a level that could better benefit all parties involved. This led him to found his own legal consultation company known as Jeremy L Goldstein and Associates. The wine dinners held for Fountain House are part of this New York based entrepreneur’s philosophy on giving back to the community.


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Review of well-known television show NewsWatch TV

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NewsWatch TV is a prominent television show that focuses on entertainment and technology, among many other topics. It is played on the AMC Network and ION Network during morning hours and on various radio shows. The company is based out of Washington, D.C., but has offices in New York City, Colorado, and Virginia. It is owned by Bridge Communications.

NewsWatch TV was started in 1989 and still airs today. It has a company size of 11-50 employees and is a 30-minute television show that airs weekly in many markets as listed on LinkedIn. People can go to their website for breaking news on a variety of topics such as entertainment, business, technology, travel, and health. More than 1,000 episodes have been made. Many famous celebrities have made an appearance on the show such as Carrie Underwood, Julianne Moore, Brooklyn Decker, along with many others. Many other successful companies have also made an appearance on the show such as GoodYear, NASCAR, Ford, among many others.

A review of the company done by mentions how many companies have been assisted by the brand by exposure to 95 million households. Although it can be unaffordable for startups, many other brands have been able to do it. The production team has a vast amount of experience with over 75 years. They also have all the latest equipment and runs at a high quality of 1080p HD. The team makes sure that the video is primed and ready to reach thousands of people. Many have been satisfied with NewsWatch’s efforts in marketing. When it all comes down to it, NewsWatch is a great television show and an amazing opportunity for other brands to market their products. Many have been satisfied with the service.

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The Career Accomplishments of Anil Chaturvedi

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An Indian native, Anil Chaturvedi is a globally known banker who boasts of over four decades of experience in investment banking and corporate and private banking. In fact, he featured in the list of the world’s most elite bankers. Handling cross-border transactions between India and European nations is one of his areas of expertise. Mr. Anil’s sheer hard work and determination at Delhi University earned him a degree in Economics in 1973. Delhi University School of Economics honored him with an MBA in Financial Management in the same year. Mr. Chaturvedi worked for numerous banks in India before relocating to the United States where he landed his first job as the managing director of development and planning at the State Bank of India. Most of Anil Chaturvedi’s clients at the State Bank of India were Indians living in the United States.


After years of excellence in the State Bank of India, Anil Chaturvedi landed a job as the global managing director of Merrill Lynch. Anil Chaturvedi worked as a private banker for 18 years and would serve clients all over Asia, Europe, and the United States. He held the position of the Managing Director of Merrill Lynch for fifteen years before his appointment as the Managing Director of Hinduja Bank, a multinational bank headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Mr. Chaturvedi leverages his banking experience and expertise to help Hinduja Bank form cross-border strategic alliances with European and Asian banks. He was also instrumental in creating opportunities for people interested in investing in the world of banking. His other areas of specialty include capital raising, global banking, amalgamations, and credit syndication. Besides, Mr. Anil has contributed immensely towards the success of numerous e-commerce startup companies in India.


In 2006, Anil Chaturvedi teamed up with his wife, Kiran, to establish a charitable organization, Kiran, and Anil Chaturvedi Foundation, to offer grants to global humanitarian entities. Mr. Chaturvedi would also use the foundation to encourage voluntarism and help aspiring tech entrepreneurs get off the ground. Anil Chaturvedi initiated the introduction of credit cards and online banking in Hinduja Bank in the 1990s.