How the Former Small Town Startup, OSI Group Is Making an Impact on the World’s Food Industry

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The OSI Group has risen from a small backyard business of the mid-70s to becoming an international food chain industry with stations in several continents. The OSI Group began as a family business supplying meat to McDonalds. It earned a name as one of the most proficient butcher stores in the Chicago under the influence of Otto and his two sons. The two began working closely with financial institutions and discovered Sheldon Lavin, who would later join the expanded business to spearhead its spectacular growth.

OSI manages to stay afloat in a flooded meat industry by implementing new techniques that meet the global requirement. Besides ensuring that clients receive quality and timely deliveries, OSI Group observes influence in non-related fields such as the environment. Consequentially, the group has received numerous recognitions and awards such as the California Green Business, Global Visionary award, the British Safety Council Globe of Honor award and the North American Meat Institute Environmental award.

OSI’s efforts to increase the environment’s sustainability received additional support with the creation of a new job post to cater to the division. Nicole Johnson-Hoffman became the chief sustainability officer in 2017 and took on the role of establishing and implementing strategic solutions to every branch of the company.

The OSI Group takes pride in adapting to the culture of a new place of operation by employing candidates who understand the traditional cuisines of the people. It is in this regard that the firm set strong roots in the United Kingdom. The main branch of the group operating in Scunthorpe, has a reputation for processing and delivering fresh beef and pork to residents in various areas of the UK. In 2013 and 2015, OSI received the Globe of Honour award, which is a reputable UK based recognition platform.

In 2017, the Spain OSI completed refurbishment of its chicken production facility. The project cost $17 million and resulted in the doubling of chicken productions to approximately 24,000 tons annually. The management also added extra security cameras, refrigerating rooms, suppies stores, hot water systems, nitrogen tanks, waste removal systems and a social area for the staff. The European Agricultural Guarantee Fund awarded the group a grant of $1.5 million for observing the region’s environmental conservation regulations. The OSI Group has certifications from OSI Food Solutions Spain, FSSC 22000 and the Environmental Standard ISO 14001. The OSI steadily continues to expand its operational efficiency and sustainability measures across the globe.