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Fortress Investment Group Lead By A Pool Of Visionary Leaders

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With profound financial experience Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffan partnered to form an alternative investment firm raising private equity, and investing in cutting edge investment vehicles. The three financial gurus started a private equity firm Fortress Investment Group, with a capital of $ 400 million in 1998. Armed with financial management genius, Fortress Investment Group witnessed robust growth from the infant stage, and within five years of its inception, its assets had increased from $ 400 million to $ 32.6 billion. The company started with investment fund 1 in 1999 targeting real estate markets in Toronto and New York and then moved to debt securities and hedge funds. Visit

To harness its growth Fortress, Investment Group added two more experienced persons in leadership in 2002. Peter Briger came as a principal whereas Michael Novogratz was given the role of the fund manager. Both managers came from a renown financial firm Goldman Sachs with Peter Briger coming in with a lot of experience in credit fund and acquisitions. Between 2006 and 2007, fortress made major acquisitions including, Ski resort Operator, and made essential purchases including RailAmerica, Penn National Gaming, and Florida East Coast Industries.

Fortress investments group continued with its growing trend making a huge step in 2007 of launching IPO. The bold move made Fortress get in annals of history as the first ever sizeable private Equity firm to be registered in the stock exchange. After the IPO, fortress expanded its funds including the launching of more international focused funds. One of the major events during its expansion was acquiring of AIG America General Financial Services in 2010. The financial services were later to become spring leaf financial services. Fortress investments turned fortunes of spring leaf skyrocketing to more than 27 times.

Fortress Investment Group financial muscle and tremendous growth over the years attracted the in the Japanese technological giant Softbank corporation. Ten years ago 2007 fortress became the first private equity company to go public and now in 2017 pulling another surprise going public that it has been bought. The soft bank acquired Fortress Investment Group in a record of $ 3.9 billion. However, Fortress Investment Group remained as an independent entity retaining all the three principals. Fortress has continued to grow under this significant agreement with a technological endowed soft bank


Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade: CEO, CAOA

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Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is perhaps one of the most successful Chief Executives in Latin America. Coming from a medical profession, he quit his job as a physician and focused on automobile importation and manufacturing. Presently, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is the chief executive of CAOA, the largest automobile importer in South America. More about him and the company is found in this piece.

Origin of CAOA and major Milestones

The birth of CAOA can almost be termed as miraculous. The whole idea came about when the Ford Dealership in Campina Grande went broke. They had sold a Ford Landau to Dr. Carlos. When they failed to deliver the car, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade proposed that the dealership, which was bankrupt at the time, be sold to him to compensate for the Landau that wasn’t delivered.

It was then that CAOA was born. The name of the company is attributed to Dr. Carlos’ initials, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade. After that, he switched his career and became the manager of the company. Since its inception, the company has achieved tremendous success, having been named the largest dealership in Ford automobiles in the whole of Brazil.

Importation of Different Vehicle Brands

CAOA took advantage of the lifting of the importation ban in Brazil of foreign vehicles in 1992. Subsequently, they rose to become the only recognized importers of Renault, a French brand. The brand, later on, topped the list in the number of sales among the vehicles that were sold by CAOA. However, the deal later came to an end, and the company ceased importing Renault cars.

Apart from Renault, Dr. Carlos’ company also imports other car brands such as Subaru and Hyundai. Their global recognition saw them become the exclusive importer of Subaru cars in Brazil in 1998. Additionally, the company also stated importing Hyundai cars in 1999. After that, Carlos Alberto de Oliveria Andrade applied his marketing strategy to make Hyundai cars become the bestsellers in the entire country.

The Final Word

The success of CAOA can be attributed to the leadership of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade. His dedication to the growth and expansion of the company has borne fruits, enabling the company to be the sole importers of Subaru, Hyundai and Ford vehicles. With over one million cars sold and 40 years in the automobile sector, CAOA says it still strives to be the best in the world while putting the interests of their customers first.

Instagram of the Famous The RealReal App

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The RealReal has been around for some time now and is a wonderful way to purchase high-end products at more affordable prices. Their Instagram is filled with some of the most amazing photos showcasing these items. From high-quality jewelry that would otherwise be expensive to purchase to designer purses and shoes, you can find a wide range of products on their site or app and begin to purchase what you feel is right for your own needs. Using The RealReal is also super easy and you can be making your first purchase in no time.

Once you have made the decision to utilize The RealReal, it is easier than ever for you to browse through their selection of products and know that this is something essential for your every need. You can find purses, shoes and jewelry that are all much less expensive than if you were buying them all full price. Because you are buying luxury brands, you can also feel confident while out because you are wearing or using something that looks brand new and like you spent a ton of money on the item.

To learn more about The RealReal and to look through the wide range of amazing luxury products that they have available, it is time to look on their app and create an account for yourself. It is easier than ever for you to look for their Instagram account and get ideas for some of the luxury consignment items that you want or need without it costing you a small fortune. Be sure to give The RealReal a try for yourself to see why so many people are using this service and are finding it to be one of the best options for any and all of their needs and to look their absolute best.

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Jingdong Puts Safety First When It Comes To Medicine In China

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Nobody wants to take medicine but when you do you want to make sure that it is safe. This is why has introduced their Medicine Open Tracing Solution that implements blockchain in order to make sure that customers get the high-quality medication that they are supposed to be getting. It will also allow them to know exactly where their drugs came from by tracking everything about the process from lab to its sale to the customer. Transparency is becoming more and more important to customers and they are demanding that they get the quality that they were promised by business.

One of the countries that have been fighting hard when it comes to achieving transparency is China. In recent years, they have had several bad incidents when it comes to medication and other goods that have led to less than favorable results. They found that the medications that they were being given were sometimes not only expired, but also well below the quality that they were supposed to be. One of the areas in which they saw many problems was with vaccines which are being addressed by the solution system rolled out by Jingdong.

Jingdong isn’t doing this completely alone and has formed partnerships with several different companies and organizations that will make their new system more effective and easily implemented within companies. One of the important relationships that they have formed is with smart hardware companies that will help create more devices that use the Internet of Things. These devices will make these medical products more traceable which will hopefully aid to raise the standards across the country and increase transparency in the medical industry as a whole.

Many believe that the world is just on the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding uses for blockchain and Jingdong is prepared to help implement many. Their Retail as a Service platform includes many open source and blockchain enabled solutions that their brick and mortar partners are finding very useful. Jingdong is known for the transparency that they provide their customers and safety, as well as satisfaction, are some of their biggest concerns. Click here

OSI Industries: Acquiring Flagship Europe

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OSI Industries has decided to acquired another company that once made an impression on the world. This company is called Flagship Europe. This company distributed a wide range of sauces, salad dressings, mayonnaise’s, pies, and other foods that people all across the globe would normally eat. Now OSI has the company as their own, which makes the food they distributed theirs.

Acquiring this business was a very wise move on the part of OSI Industries. They get to have all of this food aside from the meats and other products they were already wholesaling. This strategy has given them a chance to be dominant in this arena. Globally no one can really compete with them. They also bought a Tyson facility back in Chicago. Now they are able to distribute even more of their goods thanks on part to buying this facility. It also puts more people to work which helps the economy. With a strategic move that was well played on their part to get Flagship Europe, they are going to be a very competitive company. Taking over companies that are liking to be bailed out is just one way of staying ahead of the competition. When you can distribute more than just meat, it helps to keep the profits flowing. This is a win for everyone involved. If the company was failing, then OSI Industries found a way to turn it around under their leadership and not it is prosperous for them.

OSI Industries offers a lot of what people really want. From meat to know to distribute baked goods and mayonnaise just makes the deal sweeter. This was a very wise business decision and more competitors are forced to stay relevant while OSI is reaping the benefits of a company that turn to them for a buyout. That is saying something about the company other companies need help from truly sinking. Other companies know if anybody could make things better, it would be OSI Industries. You will buy food from your local supermarket and realize that OSI is likely the maker of most of it.

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Split Between The P.R. And The U.S. Mainland With InnovaCare Health

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Two years ago, InnovaCare Health brought three then-new executive hires on at once. Jonathan Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides, and Mike J. Sortino. Respectively, the trio is employed as Chief Actuary Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, and Chief Accounting Officer, respectively.

InnovaCare Health operates the MMM of Florida in the United States’ markets. Other businesses are operated in Puerto Rico. Of course, it, too, is part of the United States. Its Puerto Rican operations have three HMO/PPO plans, two HMO-Medicaid plans, and five management services. InnovaCare Health’s United States operations don’t have as many subsidiaries as its Puerto Rican counterpart.

Dr. Richard Shinto is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of InnovaCare Health Services. Shinto is also the CEO and President of InnovaCare Health. Shortly after the company was founded, Dr. Shinto got involved with the NAMM, or the North American Medical Management in California. Five years in – in 2003 – the NAMM in California joined hands with Daniel E. Straus’ The Straus Group. Mr. Straus served the partnership as chairman of its board of directors.

Up until 2011, the group’s growth continually rose. A year after, in 2012, InnovaCare sold a variety of the North American Medical Management’s properties. InnovaCare immediately split its business into two: business in the contiguous United States and MMM Holdings’ subsidiaries across Puerto Rico.

The hurricane slowed them down

Hurricane Maria was 2017’s worst hurricane. It wrecked Puerto Rico, where cleanup efforts are still taking place. Dr. Richard Shinto found ways to keep MMM Holdings’ subsidiaries growing, entered the better-paying world of Medicaid and rising cash inflows.

An estimated 425,000 Puerto Ricans who were covered by the insurance coverage that InnovaCare sold. For every 225 Puerto Ricans covered by the InnovaCare-related plans, there was about one InnovaCare employee who was equally affected by Hurricane Maria.

Hurricanes develop off the coast of West Africa and find themselves sweeping from south to north across the southeastern United States.

InnovaCare teamed up with Bacardi Limited to give out water, food, and limited medical assistance to some 30 communities throughout the island. InnovaCare estimates that about one-fifth of one million residents have been impacted by the medical services provided by InnovaCare.

Four to five weeks after Hurricane Maria thoroughly disheveled Puerto Rico, a fundraiser promoted by InnovaCare Health that secured more than $4 million. It went to Puerto Rican relief efforts via the Gwendolyn and Joseph Straus Charitable Fund for Puerto Rico Relief.

Matt Badiali’s Investment Expertise Is Driven By Is Knowledge Of Science

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Matt Badiali has investment expertise that is driven by his knowledge of science. Matt has degrees from Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University where he studied Earth Science and Geology. While Matt was in school he began learning about the finance industry. He was working with a friend who encouraged him to get deeper involved in the subject because he believed that Matt would do great as an investor. Badiali became energized with the idea of becoming a successful financier after watching his father struggle with investing for many years. He was motivated to bring a simple concept to making money that those with less experience would understand. This lowered the risk of them losing the money they worked so hard for.

Matt Badiali had a talent for writing and chose this as a vehicle to reach his audience. His experience supports the advice that he has to give. During his time as an adviser Matt has doubled and tripled money for his clients. He continues to conduct speaking engagements around the world and is frequently sought after for his knowledge on finance. Badiali went on to publish a newsletter that showcases his experience and knowledge on various subjects. Matt’s specialty is investing in natural resources. He uses this information regularly in order to make the investing process extremely simple for the people he works with. Matt is very proud of being someone who has assisted people who are not as skilled as he is in the finance world.

Matt Badiali starts each day by reading the paper and catching up on current events with television. He is a family man who enjoys this precious time and sees his children off to school everyday. He then heads into the office and begins to write the content that is required of him from followers. After the writing is done Matt begins the communication process of returning phone calls and various messages. He uses this time to set up meetings and personal contacts for the following day.

Matt Badiali is confident in his knowledge because it is based on detailed experience. He is a person of action and believes that his ideas come from the process of doing. He has learned from his misfortunes over the years and uses this information to provide profitable investment tips.

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HGGC: Learn the benefits of investing in relationships

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HGGC is a private equity firm that is renowned for investing in close to 50 organizations and has achieved an aggregate of over $10 billion in transaction value as from 2007. Their brand is focused on a personal approach, and they believe that the partnership leads to the building of successful companies.

The company has gained popularity due to leaders like Steven Young who is a legend of NFL. However, it is run by a team of individuals who are dedicated, and they have contributed to the success of the brand. They have used minimal content, simple navigation, approachable image, and photography to boost their firm. They always ensure their site design is clean and they use color imagery for the company to take center stage.

HGGC is a firm that makes use of an infographic to distill the information about the company and make it digestible and based on facts. They use quantifiable stats as well as qualitative intros to show their vision as a company. They ensure the platform is suitable for busy CEOs. They have a team area useful for introducing the members of the team. They use professional photos with a sense of information connection but maintaining their professionalism.

Their sleek site is filled with well-scripted photographs to make it friendly and have a feel for visitors. HGGC interacts with most of the investment firms, and this can be shown through their portfolio section. It contains hero stories of these great companies. Metaphoric images are used in the site to capture the sector of each firm. They use their imagery to expand their portfolio.

They have constructed a site that shows credibility for the services they offer. It is a site that is highly responsive in a wide range of devices and screens. They use complex Twitter interaction when it comes to news, and this is curated through Content Management System that is curated. It makes it easy for editing and updating content in the site. It is possible through technological features.

Their style is centered on the use of minimal content and use of visual style. They use visual images to tell their story and invite relationships by demonstrating the advantage of the brand. Portfolio companies can learn how they can benefit from the relationship with HGGC.

Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky Explains Why He Started His Latest Firm, Tempus

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Tempus is a technology firm that was co-founded by its chief executive officer, Eric Lefkofsky. The idea of this company came about a few years ago when a family member was being treated at a hospital for cancer. What he found rather surprising was the oncologists didn’t have access to the modern technology that is revolutionizing other industries. He sought at any individual or business that was working on using technology at scale for cancer care but came up empty.

Eric Lefkofsky says that he and his long-time business partner, Brad, usually come up with business ideas when they are trying to find a solution to some problem. If the issue isn’t being addressed at all, or not at the right scale, they will co-found a company to solve it. They have followed this plan of action for the past 20 years, building up new companies including Groupon, Lightbank, Echo Global Logistics, Uptake Technologies, Innerworkings, and Mediaocean.

Tempus provides a way for physicians to treat cancer care patients using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and genomic sequencing. They built a platform that has the genomic sequencing of many prior cancer patients. This information, along with the outcomes of the patients, is used to figure out what the best course of treatment is for current patients. It’s big data applied to medicine and is being used in more and more hospital across the United States and at some point the world.

Asked what trend in the world most excites him and Eric Lefkofsky answers with biotechnology. He has lived through some of the largest technological revolutions ever such as the microprocessor, the internet, and mobile devices. He feels that biotechnology will dwarf all of these advances. Doctors today can look inside their patients and figure out how to treat diseases that have been with people since forever. People will lead longer and healthier lives than ever before. He feels it is a very interesting time to be involved in the life sciences and biotechnology, getting a first-hand look at the revolution.

Matthew Fleeger: The Inventive Brains Behind Gulf Coast Western

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Gulf Coast Western is an innovative venture that seeks to survey, develop, and obtain gas and domestic oil reserves. Primarily, they focus on the gulf coast area of the United States. To achieve their objectives, the venture integrates resources, talent, experience, and savvy of the sector. This enterprise has been pursuing properties that assure them geophysical and geological benefits and well built-up structures. Matthew Fleeger, serving as the CEO and President of the firm, confirms that their success is greatly attributed to honest relations they have maintained with their partners.

Success Of Fleeger At The Helm

Matthew Fleeger ranks top in the list of the high-profile business moguls in the world. He is particularly celebrated for his proficiency in oil and gas industries. His unparalleled adeptness in strategic planning can never go unnoticed and have made him an international figure. At the same time, his admirable entrepreneurial abilities have made him a good team builder and a smart contract negotiator.

Matthew Fleeger attended Sothern Methodist University, where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. After that, he got enrolled into executive positions in oil and gas firms, where he honed his skills and experience in finance and marketing. Before assuming office at Gulf Coast Western, the business magnate founded MedSolutions, Inc. The venture specialized in haulage, discarding, and treatment of wastes generated by healthcare facilities.

Gulf Coast Western Could Only Get Better

This venture never relents when it comes to research and exploration. They do not just limit their abilities to the prime areas they have been targeting but are seeking to enlarge their regions across the United States. So far, Gulf Coast Western has succeeded in establishment of over a thousand accredited collaborations. That is a remarkable move considering that they all operate under guidance of their mantra, which is observing ethics and business integrity. Checking with Better Business Bureau you will realize that they have maintained the admirable A+ rating.

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