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Talkspace with its New Partner, Michael Phelps

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Talkspace is a New York-based online mobile therapy company that has been helping millions of people. Oren and Roni Frank in 2012, founded this company. Users of Talkspace could have direct access to licensed therapists via the website or mobile app. Talkspace mainly deals in psychotherapy. It offers a wide range of options at different price packages. Along with text therapy, Talkspace also provides live talk therapy. Moreover, proper couple counseling is also given.  Check out to read more about Talkspace

Recently, Talkspace and Michael Phelps have become partners in time. Phelps will be serving Talkspace by using this platform for sharing his struggle with anxiety and depression. He will also be joining a national health campaign. To sum it all, Michael Phelps is looking forward to work alongside Talkspace in every aspect of providing awareness to commoners on issues related to mental health.

On the Talkspace website,, Michael Phelps has shared his own story. He has openly talked about the difficulties and problems that he faced being the victim of severe depression and anxiety. He also tells the solution and mentions the therapy which benefited him, made him stronger and helped Michael to fight and defeat depression. He voluntarily talked about his problem and therapy which shows how natural this partnership is.

Both, Talkspace and Michael Phelps want to break of the stereotypical taboos which prevent individuals suffering from mental issues from getting proper treatment. Most of the barriers arise from the fear of being counted as a left out. People also grow fear of stigma that he/she needs mental solutions. A highly recognized public speaker, talking about his own mental issues and a helpful therapy could be taken as a step forward in breaking these barriers and crossing these hurdles. Talkspace is looking forward to helping people in a much appropriate and reliable manner.



OSI Group’s Roots Are Intertwined With McDonald’s

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Few companies’ roots are as deeply connected as OSI Group and McDonald’s. The history of their partnership dates back to the early 20th century. In 1907, Otto Kolschowsky immigrated to Chicago looking to make a better life for himself. Two years later, he opened a small butcher shop in Oak Park.

Twentieth-century Chicago was home to many German immigrants, so Kolschowsky easily found a place within the community as a butcher. As the First World War came and went, Kolschowsky’s business expanded into the wholesale side of the industry and moved to the Maywood community.

By 1928, Kolschowsky renamed his company Otto & Sons as he continued growing the business. As the Second World War ended, Otto & Sons established itself as a vital part of the American way of life. When his sons took over, they ended meeting a franchise owner named Ray Kroc.

Ray Kroc wanted to open a new type of restaurant that would suit the growing suburbs of America at that time. Kroc went to Richard and Maurice McDonald to ask if he could use one of their restaurants to test his new franchising model. The first McDonald’s opened in 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois.


Before launching McDonald’s, Kroc went around forming partnerships with meat suppliers to provide fresh ground beef for his restaurant. Otto & Sons was one of the hundreds of suppliers McDonald’s used in the beginning. As McDonald’s demand for fresh meat grew, Otto & Sons invested in cryogenic freezing technology.

Due to the sons’ close relationship with Kroc, Otto & Sons became one of only four suppliers to end up staying in business with McDonald’s. With new cutting-edge technology at their disposable, the sons built a plant dedicated entirely to McDonald’s product line.

In 1975, Otto & Sons transformed to OSI Group and continued growing out of the public’s eye. The company leadership also changed, as the Kolschowsky sons approached retirement age. Since the 70s, Sheldon Lavin has served as CEO of OSI Group.

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Steve Ritchie of Papa Johns Looks to Restore Company Image

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The reputation of the pizza chain Papa Johns has suffered a recent setback. Last year, the company suffered a decline in its reputation among consumers and sponsors for conduct by the founder. Papa Johns founder John Schnatter criticized the NFL for declining sales of his company due to its inability to end national anthem protests by players. The NFL would eventually stop sponsoring his company. After Papa Johns was no longer a sponsor of the NFL, Schnatter would go on a conference call and make racial slurs. This led to Major League Baseball ending its sponsorship with his company. These two setbacks proved to negatively effect the overall reputation of the company.

With the reputation of the company in steep decline, the chief executive officer Steve Ritchie vowed to take action. His first step in addressing the company’s setback was to provide a letter to customers. The letter made a number of significant points. He apologized for founder’s conduct. He also said that the founder’s conduct does not reflect the views and values of Papa Johns. In the letter, Steve Ritchie said that the company embraces people from all walks of life as they make up a number of its employees and franchisees. While the letter made some positive statements, Ritchie also looks to take action by doing a number of tasks as well.

When making the statement, Steve Ritchie also said that racism is never tolerated in the company. There are many people who serve as employees and franchisees who make up a diverse group of people. As a result, Ritchie stated that the company will do everything possible to ensure that Papa Johns remains a safe and friendly place for people of diverse backgrounds.

Steve Ritchie is looking to bring in experts who specialize in studying organizations. He is looking to have these experts evaluate the company and analyze its diversity and inclusion practices. Along with having experts evaluate the diversity practices, Papa Johns will also have executives meet with the employees and franchisees. This will allow them to get valuable feedback on their views and what Papa Johns can do to restore its image. Ritchie hopes that these actions will help Papa Johns regain its status as the number one pizza restaurant chain.

Renew Youth- Chronicle Week Recap

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Keeping a Balanced Life

Aging is a fact of life that cannot be stopped. It also comes with a lot of side-effects. How these side effects affect you depend on the type of lifestyle you have, genetics and how you decide to deal with them. However, the types of age-related problems in men and women will be different. For men, it will be andropause and for women, it is menopause. The good news is that there are ways to drastically reduce the negative effects of andropause and menopause. One such method is Renew Youth.

Balancing Hormones

Once a woman enters the menopausal cycle of her life, balancing her hormones will become a top priority, in order to live a healthy normal life. When menopause hits, estrogen levels can either increase or decrease. When estrogen levels decrease, hormonal imbalance takes over. This is when the patient experience’s symptoms such as fatigue, memory issues, and heat flashes. The trick is to find out before menopause starts to take over. There is a transitional face just before menopause, and it is called perimenopause. Ideally, it is during the perimenopausal phase that women should consult a doctor and look at treatment options, if necessary.

Renew Youth to the Rescue

If you are women who may have entered the perimenopausal stage of life, then it may be a good idea to take a closer look at the Renew Youth Program. The company has been around for nearly 20 years and has gained invaluable knowledge and experience with menopause-related problems. Renew Youth is not a “one size fits all” program. Each patient is treated individually and given a holistic and personalized treatment options. Apart from this, the treatment includes bioidentical progesterone, to help maintain proper estrogen levels.

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Businessman Dick DeVos

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Most people don’t realize that Dick DeVos is a pilot, as well as the former CEO of Amway. His family’s company has always been there, and he led the company’s growth and sales in the 1980s and 1990s. However, he changed his focus in the past decades to philanthropy and working within aviation. DeVos is now the founder and CEO of the Windquest Group, which helps businesses that want to do something for the world. For example, his firm currently works with Boxed Water. DeVos has also been working as a partner with the CEO of Gerald R. Ford International Airport to achieve more traffic and put Grand Rapids on the map.


The past two decades have been eventful for the small West Michigan city. DeVos has been working with a committee called Grand Action to build up commerce in downtown through philanthropy and community outreach. This included building projects like Andel Arena, DeVos Place Convention Center, and DeVos Performance Hall.


Now DeVos is working with a different business partner. In the early 2000s, DeVos made one phone call to the CEO of Air Tran Airways, an airline that was at Grand Rapids’ local airport. DeVos asked the CEO if he would be willing to add four new destinations to the roster at the Grand Rapids location. This included Orlando, Vegas, St. Louis, and Denver.


The CEO of Air Tran Airways agreed and suddenly, there was a new flux of business travelers through the location. DeVos’ plan had worked. He wanted to use the new convention center in conjunction with the airport to bring in more business travelers, as well as lots of commerce for businesses in downtown.


Much later, DeVos intervened again to ensure that Southwest would keep the terminals from Air Tran open after the buyout a few years later. Southwest CEO not only agreed but he praised the move by the FAA stating that DeVos was perfect for the position.


DeVos has been working with the FAA for a year now. He meets with the agency every three months to discuss plans for future budgets, growth, policies, and regulations. The council meets every three months and provides their ideas to the FAA, which takes them into account before voting on final budgets and policies. You need only to look at the $45 million renovation project and the new $40 million GSO Tower to understand the influence of DeVos so far.


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Naturally Cleansing Is Perfect For You

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If you decide that you have gained too much weight over the Christmas holidays, it’s time to look to helping your internal organs regain the strength that will help your overall body. Specifically, there are body cleanses that are located on that will assist your body with gentle detoxifications. If you have problems lingering in your body, it’s time to find out what you can do naturally to help yourself.

When you begin to take great care of your body, your skin and hair will look better and feel better. Consequently, if you partake in a natural body cleanse and decide to return back to the old lifestyle, you will end up with health issues again. The whole point of using natural food and supplements is to see if there is a difference in the way you feel after you follow directions. If you want to hear more about natural detoxes, you can start by searching on Read this article at Huffpost to know more about Dherbs.

In some cases, you may want to learn more about vitamins and minerals that you can include in your daily regimen. If that is the case, you can research on to find out what you can take on a daily basis. Men and women have different vitamins and supplements. Before purchasing any supplements, you can talk to your physician or seek counseling with a natural representative at Dherbs. In conclusion, your life will change for the best. You think much better and be able to share your experiences with your close friends.