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The SEC Whistleblower Program

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Whistleblowing is something that most people are afraid to do. People are afraid of the aftermath of whistleblowing. However, some programs help whistleblower report any actions especially those that involve federal security laws.

The SEC whistleblower program rewards to whistleblowers with monetary awards and employment protection. It was formed as a response to deal with the corporate scandals in the United States. Anybody can join the program. In order to qualify for a monetary award, one has to provide the SEC with the original information about a violation of federal securities laws.

The violations that one can report is on the federal securities laws that are on-going, is about to occur or has occurred. The violation may have occurred in any part of the world. Most of the enforcement actions are on deceptive and manipulative practice regarding the sale or purchase of a security. Therefore, a whistleblower needs to focus on these areas.

The procedure for submitting a violation is straightforward. To report the violation, one has to submit information on the federal law violations through the mail, complaint portal, or fax an SEC form to the whistleblowers SEC office. The successful whistleblower is one who has submitted detailed information on the violation. The SEC Whistleblower office will confirm if the violation report is valid or not.

The whistleblower program has awarded many whistleblowers upon successful violation reports. In order to take part in the program, one needs to be at the right place and at the right time. It is also necessary to do all things right. In January 2017, some whistleblowers got awarded $4,000,000. The whistleblowers had assisted staff after an investigation had been opened. There is also another whistleblower who received the same amount for providing the SEC with information on serious misconduct and even assisted during the investigation.

Whistleblowers are required to apply to receive an award. Once the monetary sanctions exceed $1 million, the SEC will post a notice of covered action on their website. The whistleblower has a period of 90 days to fax or mail their application for the award their respective offices. The SEC notifies the whistleblowers of the enforcement actions that were successful. A whistleblower can only apply for the award if their enforcement actions were successful. Therefore, it is necessary for whistleblowers to monitor their covered activities. In doing so, the whistleblower will not miss the application deadline for the award.

Peter Briger the Unbeaten Real Estate Manager at Fortress Investment Group

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Peter Briger is one of the Principal and Co-chair of Fortress Investment Group. He has served as the principal since November 2006 and after three years he was appointed the co-chairperson. He has served as a member of the management committee of this organization since the year 2002 where he oversees the credit and real estate venture at Fortress Group.

Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger served at Goldman and Sachs and Co. and in 1996 he became one of the partners. Peter is also a member of the board of management at Tipping Point which is a non-profit firm that served low-income earners in the societies living in San Francisco. Peter Briger holds a BA from the University of Princeton and an M.B.A from the Pennsylvania University School of Business.

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Under the leadership of Peter Briger, Fortress Investment Group has emerged as one of the best asset management firm for its esteemed customers. When he joined the firm, he was looking for a way of diversifying his portfolio in the year 2002. He was placed in the real estate docket where he showed exemplary performance thus creating a good name in the organization. Using his good marketing skills, Peter helped market the various products offered at Fortress. His entrepreneurial culture made him embrace patience and he always remained optimistic in all the activities that he undertook. He knew that for entrepreneurs to succeed in their ventures, the must always be optimistic.

Peter led the Fortress Investment group in buying assets at relatively low prices and later sold them at higher prices. The company also bought shares that were struggling in the market, waits until they stabilize in terms of prices and sells them at relatively higher prices thus making a fortune from the sales. The coming of Peter Briger to Fortress Investment Group was a blessing in disguise as the firm made huge profits under his watch. He earned recognition and he was therefore given a management position at the Investment group. He possessed the much-needed experience and skills and was always committed and dedicated to succeed in everything that he does.

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Michael Nierenberg: Leading The New Residential investment Corp

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Michael Nierenberg is the current chairman of the New Residential Investment Corporation. The New Residential Investment Corporation focuses on the management of residential real estate invesmtents and they operate in public trading of real estate investment trusts. The New Residential Investment Corporation focuses on investing on high performing and high risk investments which usually gravitate to associated call rights, servicer advances, excess mortgage servicing rights and non-agency residential mortgage backed services.

One of the goals of the New Residential Investment Corporation is to maximize skillfulness and prowess in the investment industry and use this to deliver excellent numbers to their shareholders. The New Residential Investment Corp. is set to drive very significant dividends to their shareholders. The New Residential Investment Corp. targets various investments and assets to be able to provide multiple channels of income for both the company and the shareholders. The New Residential Investment Corp. eyes stable cash flows that can last on the long run and also eyes conservative capital structures that can reel in significant numbers of returns in different interest rate environments. The New Residential Investmenr Corp. deeply understands the volatile and dynamic nature of US market which is why they can respond accordingly.

All thanks to the excellence in business of Michael Nierenberg, the company has been elevated into a 14 million dollar valuation with 1 million in equity valuation. The company is now performing better than ever thanks to the leadership of Michael Nierenberg and his team members, of course.

Michael Nierenberg has extensive experience in the industry of managing investments. Michael Nierenberghas also served as managing director in another high profile firm, Fortress. And Michael Nierenberg has also served as managing director and head of securitized products and global mortgages at the Bank of America – Merrill Lunch. Michael Nierenberg handled all activities that was related to sales and trading within his division. Michael Nierenberg has also served as head of Global Securitized Products in JP Morgan. And before he hs served in JP Morgan, he has a 14 year venture as a senior leader in Bet Stearns, he served here as the head of interest and foreign exchange trading operations.

About Michael Nierenberg: The Help You Need to Declutter Your Email

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Unroll.Me also helps you come up with a list of each mailing list that you have subscribed to. It makes things easy as you can quickly get rid of any email that does not interest you. For easier viewing, Unroll.Me compiles every email newsletter you are interested in into a single digest email. You get to do away with emails you do not need just with a single click.

The free email service has much more to offer. After your little exercise of removing unwanted emails, Unroll.Me helps you merge the emails you like into a fancy digest known as “The Roll Up”. The Roll Up is a tool that enables the user to further organize what is in their email. Messages are classified differently. Under the Roll Up, your emails are categorized as Travel, Lifestyle, News updates, Social Media or whichever group you as a user wishes to have. The email subscriptions in the Roll Up are classified prior and placed in the various sets.

The founder and CEO of Unroll.Me, Josh Rosenwald, is optimistic that the app will continue being of great aid to users. The CEO continues to work towards the advancement of the company and the addition of better features on The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and all one needs to do is to sign up and enjoy the email subscription service. A new user also gets the benefit of becoming a part of Rakuten Intelligence’s online shopping panel after signing up.

Harry Harrison Trades In His Job At Barclays For Entrepreneur Role

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Harry Harrison decided after three years as the head of Barclay’s Non-Core business that he wanted to go it alone out on his own and see what kind of returns he could generate on his own. He had done great work with Barclay’s, but he felt that there was even more out there for him to accomplish. He also simply felt that it would be more profitable to him personally to try out entrepreneurship.

One could gain a lot of valuable lessons and information from being the head of Barclay’s Non-Core department. There is something to be said for someone who recognizes all of the value that there is there and takes full advantage of it. That is what Harry Harrison has done. He noted what kind of businesses Barclay’s found worth investing in, and most importantly, which wants they wanted to get out of.

Sometimes when you have information like this you can find a way to apply it to some other field or part of your life. That is essentially what Harry Harrison has done. He has reviewed the facts before him and decided what to do with this information.

Being an entrepreneur is a lot different than being in charge of a major portion of a major bank. There is definitely less structure to your day, but Harrison says that it is also something that is very freeing at the same time. He is now more able to enjoy spending time with his son than he was before. He has the time on his hands that he can do something like this. When you view it from that prospective it starts to sound a lot more appealing to a lot of people.

There is some great advice that has been passed on from Harrison as well. He tells those who are considering following in his footsteps to remember the journey along the way. He suggests that it is easy to be goals-oriented and only focus on the bottom line, but he says that doing that is a big mistake. He has made it himself, and he doesn’t want others to fall into the same trap.


New Residential Investment Corp Is Ready For The Future Of Real Estate

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The publically traded company New Residential Investment Corp invests in and manages residential real estate. The company was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in the Greater New York area. There are 4 areas in which the company specializes in. These include opportunistic investments, residential mortgage loans, residential mortgage-backed securities, and excess mortgage servicing rights. In 2017, the company acquired the Shellpoint Partners on November 29. When deciding on investments, New Residential Investment Corp focuses on driving risk adjusted returns that are able to provide strong dividends to their shareholders.

When deciding on assets to invest in, they choose them on the basis that they will be able to generate cash flow that is long-lasting. In addition, they employ capital structures that are considered conservative in order to generate returns with different interest rates. The real estate market has become increasingly more complex in the last decades which has led to a lot of developments in the residential housing market in the United States that is valued at around $21 trillion. New Residential Investment Corp knows that there are various financial opportunities in the market and is doing everything that they can to keep ahead of the times.

After the financial crisis, there were some major changes when it can to real estate in the United States. One of the areas that saw the most changes was mortgages due to the many regulations that were placed on the mortgage industry. New Residential Investment Corp is a Newcastle Investment Corp wholly owned subsidiary and in 2013 created its own initial public offering. The company is advised and managed by a Fortress Investment Group affiliate. Fortress Investment Group is an alternative investment management group with a global and diverse portfolio. The collective experience in real estate investment that the team of the company has allowed them to make good investment decisions that the market notices.

Jos Auriemo Neto The Leader of JHSF to Take the Company to Newer Heights

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JHSF is the leading name in the world of luxury and high-end real estate in Brazil. The company specializes in developing luxury and commercial real estate properties in Brazil and many other countries in the business world. In the last few years, the company has been growing exponentially, mostly due to the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto, its Chief Executive Officer. JHSF has been the leader in developing high-end real estate in Brazil and has been expanding its operations to many other countries, including the United States.


JHSF also specializes in the management of the shopping malls. It has developed shopping malls such as Cidade Jardim, Santa Cruz, and many others in the country. Jose Auriemo Neto has completed his graduation from FAAP University, and after completing his education, he went on to join his father’s real estate firm in 1993. Soon after joining the company, he started Parkbem, which is a parking management firm that continues to operate profitably till date. Along with developing the shopping malls, commercial properties, and residential complexes, JHSF has also been developing hotels and commercial airports. JHSF has made a lot of investment in the emerging real estate markets and has also invested in the United States, where the prices of the real estate in certain areas have been growing rapidly. The company believes that the right amount of investment at the right time would help the real estate firm to grow and flourish.


Jose Auriemo Neto is never afraid of challenges, and he has been successful because of the calculated risk that he takes. There are people who judged his business decisions in the beginning, but after watching the success of JHSF, they had to take their words back. Many thought that he would not be able to run the company as his father did, but he proved everyone wrong and is helping JHSF see results and profits that were not seen ever before. He is also dedicated to environmental projects that make him even more forward-looking than his own predecessors. He also works for the community and aims to uplift the community around the different real estate projects that the company works on.

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Talkspace with its New Partner, Michael Phelps

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Talkspace is a New York-based online mobile therapy company that has been helping millions of people. Oren and Roni Frank in 2012, founded this company. Users of Talkspace could have direct access to licensed therapists via the website or mobile app. Talkspace mainly deals in psychotherapy. It offers a wide range of options at different price packages. Along with text therapy, Talkspace also provides live talk therapy. Moreover, proper couple counseling is also given.  Check out to read more about Talkspace

Recently, Talkspace and Michael Phelps have become partners in time. Phelps will be serving Talkspace by using this platform for sharing his struggle with anxiety and depression. He will also be joining a national health campaign. To sum it all, Michael Phelps is looking forward to work alongside Talkspace in every aspect of providing awareness to commoners on issues related to mental health.

On the Talkspace website,, Michael Phelps has shared his own story. He has openly talked about the difficulties and problems that he faced being the victim of severe depression and anxiety. He also tells the solution and mentions the therapy which benefited him, made him stronger and helped Michael to fight and defeat depression. He voluntarily talked about his problem and therapy which shows how natural this partnership is.

Both, Talkspace and Michael Phelps want to break of the stereotypical taboos which prevent individuals suffering from mental issues from getting proper treatment. Most of the barriers arise from the fear of being counted as a left out. People also grow fear of stigma that he/she needs mental solutions. A highly recognized public speaker, talking about his own mental issues and a helpful therapy could be taken as a step forward in breaking these barriers and crossing these hurdles. Talkspace is looking forward to helping people in a much appropriate and reliable manner.



SoftBank Acquires Top Investment Firm Fortress Investment Group

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Fortress Investment Group has been one of the most successful investment and asset management firms in the world. Since 1998, the firm has been one of the leading firms when it comes to managing private equity and real estate assets around the globe. It primarily serves institutional investors and corporations. The company was founded by longtime finance executives Randal Nardone and Rob Kaufman along with entrepreneur and executive Wesley Edens. All of these individuals have been able to build Fortress Investment Group into a highly reputable investment management firm. Today, Fortress still continues to provide assistance to companies and investors who are looking to reach specific financial goals. Visit

Over the years Fortress Investment Group has built a solid reputation. It offers a number of services that are always able to meet the specific needs of its unique clientele. Along with offering a wide range of services, Fortress is also managed by top executives and run by the founders who make it the highly successful firm it is today. Randal Nardone and Wesley Edens always strive to ensure that the needs of al clients are met on a consistent basis. They often relish the opportunity to assess the client’s goals and find ways to enable them to accomplish them. This strategy has worked very well for two decades as the firm has become well known in the financial sector as a dependable firm that gets results.

The success of Fortress Investment Group has led to attention from investors. One of these investors is the Japanese conglomerate company called SoftBank. This company has been involved in acquiring companies in the telecommunications and technology sectors. It has recently looked to acquire an investment firm to expand its portfolio and asset base. As a result, SoftBank recently acquired Fortress in 2017 for a sum of over a billion dollars. This will help the company make progress towards building its business holdings.

After acquiring Fortress Investment Group, SoftBank has been praised by many experts in the business world. These experts believe that SoftBank will now be in position to increase its presence in the valuable North American market. As a result, SoftBank will also be in position to continue working towards long term success as well.



OSI Group’s Roots Are Intertwined With McDonald’s

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Few companies’ roots are as deeply connected as OSI Group and McDonald’s. The history of their partnership dates back to the early 20th century. In 1907, Otto Kolschowsky immigrated to Chicago looking to make a better life for himself. Two years later, he opened a small butcher shop in Oak Park.

Twentieth-century Chicago was home to many German immigrants, so Kolschowsky easily found a place within the community as a butcher. As the First World War came and went, Kolschowsky’s business expanded into the wholesale side of the industry and moved to the Maywood community.

By 1928, Kolschowsky renamed his company Otto & Sons as he continued growing the business. As the Second World War ended, Otto & Sons established itself as a vital part of the American way of life. When his sons took over, they ended meeting a franchise owner named Ray Kroc.

Ray Kroc wanted to open a new type of restaurant that would suit the growing suburbs of America at that time. Kroc went to Richard and Maurice McDonald to ask if he could use one of their restaurants to test his new franchising model. The first McDonald’s opened in 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois.


Before launching McDonald’s, Kroc went around forming partnerships with meat suppliers to provide fresh ground beef for his restaurant. Otto & Sons was one of the hundreds of suppliers McDonald’s used in the beginning. As McDonald’s demand for fresh meat grew, Otto & Sons invested in cryogenic freezing technology.

Due to the sons’ close relationship with Kroc, Otto & Sons became one of only four suppliers to end up staying in business with McDonald’s. With new cutting-edge technology at their disposable, the sons built a plant dedicated entirely to McDonald’s product line.

In 1975, Otto & Sons transformed to OSI Group and continued growing out of the public’s eye. The company leadership also changed, as the Kolschowsky sons approached retirement age. Since the 70s, Sheldon Lavin has served as CEO of OSI Group.

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