Harry Harrison Trades In His Job At Barclays For Entrepreneur Role

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Harry Harrison decided after three years as the head of Barclay’s Non-Core business that he wanted to go it alone out on his own and see what kind of returns he could generate on his own. He had done great work with Barclay’s, but he felt that there was even more out there for him to accomplish. He also simply felt that it would be more profitable to him personally to try out entrepreneurship.

One could gain a lot of valuable lessons and information from being the head of Barclay’s Non-Core department. There is something to be said for someone who recognizes all of the value that there is there and takes full advantage of it. That is what Harry Harrison has done. He noted what kind of businesses Barclay’s found worth investing in, and most importantly, which wants they wanted to get out of.

Sometimes when you have information like this you can find a way to apply it to some other field or part of your life. That is essentially what Harry Harrison has done. He has reviewed the facts before him and decided what to do with this information.

Being an entrepreneur is a lot different than being in charge of a major portion of a major bank. There is definitely less structure to your day, but Harrison says that it is also something that is very freeing at the same time. He is now more able to enjoy spending time with his son than he was before. He has the time on his hands that he can do something like this. When you view it from that prospective it starts to sound a lot more appealing to a lot of people.

There is some great advice that has been passed on from Harrison as well. He tells those who are considering following in his footsteps to remember the journey along the way. He suggests that it is easy to be goals-oriented and only focus on the bottom line, but he says that doing that is a big mistake. He has made it himself, and he doesn’t want others to fall into the same trap.