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From a humble background and family Nick Vertucci came from there. His family would hardly make ends meet. When he was 10 years old his father died. His father’s death made the family’s situation worse. When he 18 years old, he began his own business. Sales of computer accessories this is what he specialized in. Abruptly his business in 2000 came to an abrupt end. He also lost his home due the accumulation of debts.

After he lost his tech business, he walked away from the tech business and at this point he had millions in debt. He became a student in real estate training industry in 2004. Nick Vertucci ventured into real estate business later after he enrolled in a real estate academy that freed him from his financial problems. For 3 days that he was invited in the real estate class, he gained some investing traction.

From broke to flourishing financially, he changed his financial outlook over the next 10 years that he had invested. He offered what he had in the 10 years of hard work to change his financial problems and his life by investing and attracting more investors to his business. This did really help him grow from the Trunkey system that he created to invest into single family rentals to a very successful man. He managed the foreclosures that he bought, rehabbed them and rented them within his system.

Nick Vertucci took his perfected investing strategies to the masses in 2014. He had his own channel radio show “The Real Estate Investing Hour” that helped him to sell his name and business to many people. This is when he launched Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy commonly known as NVREA in January, 4th,2014 after he led a successful career as a real estate investor. His mission was to create best training for Real Estate Industry.

He is able to keep succeeding and pushing since he has an unbreakable pattern of self-belief in himself. Nick Vertucci is the founder of NV Real Estate.