Neurocore: Create more social relationships for a healthier life

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Neurocore Brain Performance Centers came about in 2004. Nuerocore is a big advocate of noninvasive treatment for various mental illness such as dementia, Alzheimer’s , brain injury , OCD , DHD , migraines , PTSD , stress , and sleep disorders. Neurocore combines psychotherapy with neuromodulation technologies in their treatment.

According to Neurucore, being social has many benefits to our wellbeing and health. As human beings are created to be social beings, forging strong social ties with other members of the society can help people live longer lives. Neurocore adds that people who feel lonely increase their risk of dying at a tender age by 26% while those that are socially isolated experience a higher risk of 29%.

People living in areas that emphasis on strong social relationships live longer as Neurocore points out.Additionally, Neurocore says that having strong social ties keeps people healthier because they are more likely to practice a healthier lifestyle. Neurocore adds that living in a social setting brings along the element of accountability that informs the way we eat, drink and the habits and hobbies that we pick up. It is easier for us to adopt a healthier lifestyle while living in a social setting as opposed to living an individual or isolated life.