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Idiosyncratic Financial Institutions: Fortress Investment Group

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Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group participates in idiosyncratic feedback from customers and clients in the financial field and industry. Many individuals study nutrition and proper eating habits. There are countless innovative varieties of fruits and vegetables. Clothing is a specific industry relating to fashion. Clothing can be worn for fashion purposes or thermal purposes. If an individual resides in a temperate climate for the winter months, they may require heavy clothing to compensate for body heat loss.

Fortress Investment Group

Sweaters are used for many purposes. Sweaters can be fashionable as well as functional. A functional sweater keeps an individual warm and dry. Sweaters can be used during the cold winter months to keep warm. Sweaters are important for overall health when tempatures drop below average body temperature. Sweaters can be worn indoors as well as outdoors. Many individuals layer their clothing in the winter. Sweaters are typically worn underneath a thick coat or jacket. Sweaters can be made out of many different materials. Sweaters can be made from natural fibers or synthetic fibers. Cotton sweaters are quality choice for those with allergies. Cotton is hypoallergenic if sourced properly. Cotton can be organic. Organic cotton is the most suitable option for individuals with major allergies. Cotton should be grown in a clean field for optimal results.

Fortress Investment Group

There are a range of pesticides and fungicides used on generic cotton. When sourcing organic cotton, it is important to look for quality. Organic cotton should be made in an ethical factory. Organic cotton should be an ethically traded product between different country borders. Many cotton plants grow outside of the United States. For this reason, it is important that cotton producers treat their employees ethically and pay them as much as they can. Cotton workers perform an important job for clothing manufactures and retailers. For this reason, cotton workers should be properly compensation for all of their work in the field. From collecting cotton to separating it, cotton workers perform intense physical activity for many hours a day.

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Michael Nierenberg: Utilizing a Rich Career in Finance to Enhance New Residential Investment Corporation

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Michael Nierenberg hails from a long line of successful ventures in the world of finance, both on a global scale and throughout the United States of America. Kicking off his financial career at Lehman Brothers, Mike Nierenberg remained there for a term of seven years where one of the most notable things he accomplished during his tenure was being instrumental in the construction of the Lehman Brother’s adjustable rate mortgage business. Bear Stearns was next on the list of career moves for Mike Nierenberg. From 2006-2008 he served as a Member of the Board of Directors for Bear Stearns, as well as occupying a respectable range of upper leadership positions over his 14 years working with the company. Some of these positions included being in charge of interest rate and foreign exchange trading operations, co-head of mortgage backed securities trading, and co-head of structured products. From Bear Stearns, Mike Nierenberg transitioned to J.P. Morgan under the official title of Global Securitized Products and a leading member of the J.P. Morgan management committee. Following his time at J.P. Morgan, Nierenberg became Managing Director and ran the Global and Securitized Products at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Currently, Mike Nierenberg is a Managing Director at Fortress Investment Group. He is also Chairman, President, and CEO of New Residential Investment Corporation. The relationship between these two companies has changed and grown over the years. Initially, New Residential was owned entirely by Newcastle Investment Corporation; however, in 2013 it was spun off from Newcastle and became publicly traded. Fortress Investment Group is now charged with managing and advising New Residential.

Supporting personnel in New Residential Investment Group include Nicola Santoro who serves as Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of the company, and Jonathon Brown who is the Chief Accounting Officer of the company. Additional leadership includes Kevin Finnerty, Robert McGinnis, David Saltzman, Andrew Sloves, and Alan Tysone who serve as independent directors of the company.

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Betsy DeVos – Working to Make Education in America Thrive

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Have you seen Betsy DeVos in the news? She has been working with First Lady Melania Trump and touring the country’s schools. The pair started off in Miami where they visited charter schools under Florida’s educational choice program. DeVos has previously talked about the Sunshine State as being one of the more open states to educational choice programs.


There is still a lot of work to go for educational choice. DeVos was appointed to the 11th US Education Secretary Office in 2017 by President Trump, and ever since then, it has felt like a battle to get policies implemented. Previous administrations also had their difficulties, but DeVos wonders why people don’t want to put students first.


DeVos says that her polices are putting students first in bigger ways than in any other previous administration. She doesn’t believe that common core or standardized testing has helped students in any way, despite the results that test scores have gone up 20 percent in the past few years. Reading and math scores have shown that US still ranks low on reading comprehension and math skills. In fact, the US is ranked below 60 other countries for reading comprehension.


So how do you fix the problem? DeVos is working on a solution to help students get back to school and stay in school. However, it will take a lot of people in every state to bolster the state leaders to act. DeVos has challenged all of the states to add more educational choice programs to their education systems. Despite these requests, many states are still not allowing students to pick where they want to go to school.


DeVos says that Florida has the best programs because there are so many options for students. In the Sunshine State, students are able to pick from magnet programs, private schools, charter schools, virtual schools, and homeschooling programs. While it’s difficult for students to get into these programs in other states, Florida also has a tuition-based scholarship program.


So who pays for all of these programs? Well truthfully, DeVos has contributed over $35 million to the cause, while some of her donors include Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton. They have sponsored many education programs in the past, but now they are working towards making it easier for students to get into a good program that doesn’t revolve around common core or “No Child Left Behind.”


DeVos has less than two years to get all of the states on board. She is currently working on school safety reform to lessen gun violence on school campuses.


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Why Sandy Chin Thinks Mentorship is Important

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Sandy Chin is a professional in the investment management field. She has worked in New York for over twenty years in her field. She has a Bachelors in Political Science from Barnard College. She received her MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business in 2007. She is currently at Tidal Bore Capital where she is a portfolio manager at the hedge fund. She launched this in 2016 with her mentor, William “Bill” Leach. Sandy did not allow the things that she learned to just stop with her. She is a mentor. She mentors women who are starting out in finances and Streetsquash. It is a nonprofit organization that helps schools, children and families in Harlem and Newark.

Sandy Chin believes in mentorship so much that she considers it to be one of the factors in her success. She thinks mentors can teach valuable lessons. She met her mentor when he asked her to join his investment analyst team. Two things she learned from him are to always ask questions and to never turn down a meeting no matter how small the company or junior analyst is. It can be hard to navigate the finance industry without having a mentor. By having a mentor it would be easier to climb the career ladder.

Another reason Sandy Chin believes in mentors is they can introduce their mentees into new professional contacts and open new business opportunities. They can help in the next career move and introduce their mentees to people who can make decisions. If someone is well connected, it can completely change the way that others look at the mentee.

Mentors can help a person to gain knowledge and skills. Sandy’s mentor had her to go to conferences with him. This helped her to gain more experience and gave her the opportunity to learn how to pick stocks from others. Bill was a pro at studying body language and verbal tone helped him to determine which stocks to invest in. He then passed on this knowledge to Sandy Chin. He helped her to see what was needed to be successful in the investment industry.

Mentorship is great because it gives people the ability to ask questions about the industry. She learned that asking questions will give people the ability to get to know the management and form a relationship with them. They will have the opportunity to learn how they think and how they feel the company should be run.

By having a mentor, a person can miss some of the mistakes they would have made if they did not have one. Mentors can help people to stay focused on long-term goals and not just on what is happening at the moment.


How Neurocore Neutralizes Stress

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Are you aware that stress can be contagious? Studies have discovered how people can sense and feel the emotions from people around them automatically—including stress. The worst part is that stress is especially contagious when a person is prone to depression or anxiety. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

A lot of us can instantly tell when the energy of someone who is stressed enters the room. This happening is explained by the brain’s mirror neurons. Seeing a person who is under stress causes these mirror neurons to blur the lines of observation and behavior—ultimately transmitting the emotion to us.

This is a difficult challenge because the impacts of stress are damaging. Tension leads one to experience: anxiety, allergies, restlessness, obsessive thoughts, appetite variations, upset stomach, libido changes, dizziness, high blood pressure, migraines, cardiovascular disease and trouble sleeping. While we’re stressed, the brain goes right into fight-or-flight reactions that release hormones and produce a variety of physiological reactions such as a faster heartbeat, tense muscles and accelerated breathing. Read more about Neurocore at

Stress also leads to the emission of cortisol, making our cells crave sugar. This has the capacity to cause weight gain—particularly around the mid-section. The actions are evolutionary and were developed due to life-threatening hazards even though the problems of today necessitate a lot less physical energy.

How Neurocore Deals with Stress

All of us experience the effects of stress every now and then. The amount of stress we’re exposed to and the way we manage these influences depends on the person. The various kinds of stress offer their own mental and physical health challenges.

That is the reason that Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have been diligently working to provide a drug-free treatment for those dealing with the effects of stress. The process that Neurocore uses begins with a general assessment that distinguishes the client’s brain activity to determine their emotional and physical responses to stress.


Bhanu Choudhrie Interview: C&C Alpha Group And Other Ventures

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Bhanu Choudhrie was born in Delhi in 1978. He went to study at the University of Boston to gain a degree in International Business and Marketing but later moved to London for his ventures. He is known for investing in hotels, restaurants, and airlines. On his interview in the site, Choudhrie shared his life experiences as well as his ventures in different industries.

When asked about his reason why he moved to London and didn’t pursue ventures in the US, Bhanu Choudhrie revealed that he actually had an internship in 1999 at JP Morgan. He realized that business opportunities and ventures are gathering in London. He decided to start in London to start his business and founded the C&C Alpha Group.

C&C Alpha Group is known to invest in areas such as healthcare, hotels, and restaurants. According to Bhanu Choudhrie, the area of investments that he personally takes the most pleasure from are real estate, service sector, and aviation. In real estate, he likes to meet different people at different events. He also finds it rewarding to meet people such as care assistants, doctors, and even the patients in the healthcare sector. In aviation, one of this biggest investment was with Air Deccan back in 2003. See more on Wikipedia.

Air Deccan was one of Bhanu Choudhrie’s success stories in investing. In 2003, the airline only had one plane operating in low budget. However, after almost half-decade, he and his colleagues were able to sell the airline to Kingfisher in 2008 with 200 flights per day in operation. Another one of his success stories is the Ebookers site, which let people book flights, rides, rentals and more. They sold it for half a billion pounds. Although he has a lot of success stories, he confirmed that on every five investments, three ends in failure, that’s how investing is hard and needs experiences.

Bhanu Choudhrie is a fan of emerging markets such as his homeland, India. He believes that emerging markets still has huge room for growth and has a huge opportunity for long term investments and projects. As per the Hindu philosophy, he believes that the more someone gives, the more he or she will get in return. Because of this, he and his company engages in different philanthropic works such as supporting the foundation “Path to Success“.

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Amanda Morgan-Taylor was appointed to be the CEO of Sussex Healthcare recently. She has tons of experience and is an expert in the healthcare business. She has worked as an operational manager for a while and specializes in companies that are making significant changes to their profiles while still operating. Sussex is one such company; it provides healthcare to the elderly who have reached an age where they experience difficulties living on their own. Sussex Healthcare is upgrading its services to stay on top of the game and also to draw more clients it’s way hence the hiring of Amanda. At the early stages of her career, Amanda was a service manager, but she has worked her way to the top over the years. She is now sought after by various organizations due to her knowledge and expertise, but Sussex is the one that managed to acquire her. Read more health news about Sussex Healthcare at

The services that Sussex Healthcare provides varies from mental to physical issues. It has a team of trained staff that know how to deal with various illnesses such as mental impairments, neurological disorders, and learning disabilities. Sussex holds various therapy sessions for different diseases, and it recently added nutritional support and physical rehabilitation to its list. Patients that have lost their motor skills use an underwater treadmill that strengthens their muscles while they enjoy the submersion therapy. Sussex is based in the UK and has twenty different locations each equipped with the necessary equipment to deal with long term care.

The locations are built in such a way that they provide a balance in the social and medical life of the patients. The residents are provided with a comfortable environment that helps in their recovery process. A specialized gym is even available to the patients. Sussex Healthcare has a mission of providing the elderly and disabled with the best experience in their lives as they battle with various illnesses. To achieve this, it holds activities for the residents such as sing-alongs and trips to different places. With Amana Morgan-Taylor on board, the quality of services provided by Sussex is bound to improve. Sussex is aimed for the top, and nothing is about to stop them. Learn more: