Why Sandy Chin Thinks Mentorship is Important

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Sandy Chin is a professional in the investment management field. She has worked in New York for over twenty years in her field. She has a Bachelors in Political Science from Barnard College. She received her MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business in 2007. She is currently at Tidal Bore Capital where she is a portfolio manager at the hedge fund. She launched this in 2016 with her mentor, William “Bill” Leach. Sandy did not allow the things that she learned to just stop with her. She is a mentor. She mentors women who are starting out in finances and Streetsquash. It is a nonprofit organization that helps schools, children and families in Harlem and Newark.

Sandy Chin believes in mentorship so much that she considers it to be one of the factors in her success. She thinks mentors can teach valuable lessons. She met her mentor when he asked her to join his investment analyst team. Two things she learned from him are to always ask questions and to never turn down a meeting no matter how small the company or junior analyst is. It can be hard to navigate the finance industry without having a mentor. By having a mentor it would be easier to climb the career ladder.

Another reason Sandy Chin believes in mentors is they can introduce their mentees into new professional contacts and open new business opportunities. They can help in the next career move and introduce their mentees to people who can make decisions. If someone is well connected, it can completely change the way that others look at the mentee.

Mentors can help a person to gain knowledge and skills. Sandy’s mentor had her to go to conferences with him. This helped her to gain more experience and gave her the opportunity to learn how to pick stocks from others. Bill was a pro at studying body language and verbal tone helped him to determine which stocks to invest in. He then passed on this knowledge to Sandy Chin. He helped her to see what was needed to be successful in the investment industry.

Mentorship is great because it gives people the ability to ask questions about the industry. She learned that asking questions will give people the ability to get to know the management and form a relationship with them. They will have the opportunity to learn how they think and how they feel the company should be run.

By having a mentor, a person can miss some of the mistakes they would have made if they did not have one. Mentors can help people to stay focused on long-term goals and not just on what is happening at the moment.