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Rocketship Education stands for the empowerment of low-income students through scholarly representation. Rocketship Education is founded as a non-profit entity of public elementary chartered schools. Rocketship Education stands for a more transformative framework that allows students to engage with their teachers, parents and at the same time inspire the Bottom of the Pyramid, BoP, communities.

Since the framework implementation, Rocketship Education has outperformed most multi-schools especially in California. The results posted from the Rocketship Education program, are exceptionally high and most students, parents, and teachers have had positive comments to make. Rocketship Education forum aims at developing a deep yearn and love of learning, ensure most of the students graduate at and or above grade level and also ensure that Rocketship students become self-motivated, competent and lifelong learners.

Rocketship education has managed to close academic gaps and set rocketeers up for excel in high school, college and also enhance their learning in general. Rocketship Education has managed to attain a 99 pecentile in math learning and 86 percentile in the English language in the low-income students in California. The students’ interest in math has gone up and also as recorded the Rocketship Education students’ academic gains have persisted in their further education.

Rocketship Education has resolved to enhance the great success achieved across the nation. Rocket Education have laid solid plans to improve students’ trajectories. Rocketship Education has attained growth in the number of students proficient in English language arts in Milwaukee. In Tenessee, Rocketship Education came second in rank in growth rate among the 73 public elementary schools. Rocketship Education still have plans to open and expand their enrollment in most low-income parts.In so doing, Rocketship education has enabled low-income societies to access better quality education, same as their peers from high-end societies. In this way, Rocketship Education helps bridge the gap thus promoting a more equitable society.

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