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Isabel dos Santos is committed to changing the world in which we all live. She highly values women and the role that they play as mothers, wives, business leaders, and activists of change. Isabel dos Santos is both a mother and businesswoman and consistently works hard to help ensure the success of other women in business and in life.


Isabel dos Santos has taken interest in studying the role that women play in the workforce. While many women have begun to take jobs outside of the home and have moved up in the world, there are still too few women in management positions. As a woman in society, Isabel dos Santos is encouraging all of us to change sexism and to promote women to the jobs they deserve. She believes in empowering women and taking a stand to ensure that all people of all genders are given the same opportunities in the workplace.


Isabel dos Santos speaks to young people and explains to them the importance of ensuring all people of all genders are treated fairly and equally. She agrees with the World Bank and believes that if women’s salaries matched men’s global wealth would increase over one hundred trillion dollars. When women and men are both given the same opportunities it helps the employees but also helps the business grow (Alivenewspaper).


Isabel dos Santos has very strong beliefs about women in the workplace and constantly works to inspire young women and young men of all ages. She shares her inspiration by giving talks to Yale students, participating in interviews, leading press conferences, and working with people on teams and one on ones. Isabel dos Santos is an example and a role model for women of all ages and backgrounds because she does not only speak about these issues but works to ensure that there is some kind of change in the world. Isabel is a very powerful and strong woman and is an inspiration to women all across the globe.

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