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Allied Wallet, a leading provider of online payment processing, recently added some new options on its Norway platform. The company is led by its CEO Andy Khawaja who says it is a prime goal of Allied Wallet to provide new options to its platforms all over the world. Its constant drive to do so is revolutionizing the e-commerce industry. The new Norwegian updates mean that AW is now compatible in that country with payment options like BankAxess, Mobilepay, Paylevo, and Trustly. Norway has a high percentage (96%) of people who often use the internet.

This portion of the country makes 57% of its product purchases online and across borders. This new changes will substantially increase its earnings from Norway. As mentioned, Norway is only one of its worldwide platform which it is constantly seeking to improve. Allied Wallet also recently provided new alternative payment methods for its South Korean market. South Korea is said to have the highest average internet speed in the world. Plus 100% of their populace log an at least once a day. The majority of South Koreas online purchases are fashion, toys, and hobby-related (AlliedWallet).

The South Korean update means that the country’s Allied Wallet platform is now compatible with ShinhanCard, T-Money, and Toss. T-Money alone is a huge addition, with about 71 million cards in use. T-Money can be used for online shopping, but most of the time its users use it for transit purposes. Of the other two options, ShinhanCard is a credit card issuer with 12 million users and Toss is an eWallet service with six million users. Allied Wallet maintains offices throughout the world. Its CEO Andy Khawaja founded it in 2002.

Its services include the provision of an eWallet app, a mobile point of sale, prepaid cards, and a global payment gateway. The company is known for utilizing the most current state-of-the-art security technology.

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