Dr. Dov Rand: Providing a High-Quality Life for His Patients

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Dr. Dov Rand is a physician who specializes in patient rehabilitation and physical medicine, which is referred to as the science of physiatry. He has been practicing his profession at the Healthy Aging Medical Center, and Dr. Dov Rand is the first person that the people would think about if they are trying to look for a specialist who can help them with the problems attributed to aging. The goal of the doctor is to provide his patients with the highest quality of health through maintaining a healthy lifestyle and providing them with other alternative activities that would encourage them to become fit and well.

Dr. Dov Rand took his undergrad degree at Rutgers University. For his medical degree, he went to Howard University. He chose the Saint Barnabas Medical Center to become his workplace as an intern, and when he was done with his internship, he proceeded to the Albert Einstein Medical Center and served as a resident doctor. He chose physical medicine and rehabilitation as his specialty because he wanted to improve the people’s quality of life (Drdovrand).

When he checks a patient, he mainly focuses on their muscles, bones, and the nervous system. He focuses his work on people who are recovering from major injuries and helps them to become better. Working with other specialists to speed up their treatment is also a must for Dr. Dov Rand.

Aside from helping those who need obvious physical rehabilitation services, Dr. Dov Rand is also using a therapy that helps his male patients recover the amount of testosterone that was lost inside their body. Dr. Rand applies bio-identical hormone therapy, providing his patients an alternative way on how they can achieve a high-quality life. Aging is attributed to the loss of testosterone in the body, and Dr. Dov Rand can provide medication for those who wanted to increase their testosterone levels. It is one of the most common conditions that are being shared to him, and he is ready to resolve these issues because he has access to some of the most effective procedures that can restore the levels of the male hormones inside the body. Aside from the procedure, he is also advising his patients to perform exercises and have a balanced diet.

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