How Perry Mandera Became Successful in the Field of Logistics and Transportation

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Perry Mandera has built a successful career in the logistics and transportation field. With over forty years of experience in the industry, he is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of The Custom Companies, Inc,. He has served customers diligently in Illinois and the country as a whole.

Mr. Mandera started his career while still in the Marines. At that time, he was in charge of transporting troops as well as supplies opening his eyes on the potential of shipping service business in the country. The experience Perry Mandera had in the Marine shaped his career as he felt a sense of accomplishment getting the necessary stuff to the troops he had established a deep connection with.

After leaving the armed forces, Perry Mandera was elected as the Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th ward in Chicago. He served in the elective position for a four year term. He was the youngest Republican Ward Committeeman in Chicago and his urge to help people around him continued to grow.

Perry Mandera is also concerned with the welfare of the less fortunate in the community. He values philanthropy and he often contributes resources and time to the under-privileged in the society. Perry puts an emphasis on helping children and he often helps under-privileged children through financial donations, material support including clothing as well as transportation services. Perry Mandera also runs charity programs aimed at identifying people who need assistance to be in a position to help them.

Perry Mandera is a big name built by not only his service and charitable works, but also his business prowess. He has been recognized widely for his outstanding capabilities in the business community. He was highlighted as one of the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium” by the Illinois Transportation Association (ITA) in 2000. His company leverages advanced technology and innovative programs to streamline logistics and ensure smooth, convenient shipping services.

The entrepreneur cannot emphasize enough the importance of motivational speakers in unlocking a person’s potential for excellence. His religious inclination also guides him through his endeavors. Perry Mandera’s normal day is packed with does and he only sleeps for about four hours.

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