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Review of well-known television show NewsWatch TV

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NewsWatch TV is a prominent television show that focuses on entertainment and technology, among many other topics. It is played on the AMC Network and ION Network during morning hours and on various radio shows. The company is based out of Washington, D.C., but has offices in New York City, Colorado, and Virginia. It is owned by Bridge Communications.

NewsWatch TV was started in 1989 and still airs today. It has a company size of 11-50 employees and is a 30-minute television show that airs weekly in many markets as listed on LinkedIn. People can go to their website for breaking news on a variety of topics such as entertainment, business, technology, travel, and health. More than 1,000 episodes have been made. Many famous celebrities have made an appearance on the show such as Carrie Underwood, Julianne Moore, Brooklyn Decker, along with many others. Many other successful companies have also made an appearance on the show such as GoodYear, NASCAR, Ford, among many others.

A review of the company done by mentions how many companies have been assisted by the brand by exposure to 95 million households. Although it can be unaffordable for startups, many other brands have been able to do it. The production team has a vast amount of experience with over 75 years. They also have all the latest equipment and runs at a high quality of 1080p HD. The team makes sure that the video is primed and ready to reach thousands of people. Many have been satisfied with NewsWatch’s efforts in marketing. When it all comes down to it, NewsWatch is a great television show and an amazing opportunity for other brands to market their products. Many have been satisfied with the service.

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Lori Senecal’s Success to Behold

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She is the CEO of Crispin Porter and Bogusky. Lori has climbed the ladder of success from the onset after graduating in sales and marketing. Her motivation was her successful older siblings that she looked to emulate and she has made her dream a reality. Her quality leadership is noted in every company she has worked which leaves employers wanting to have her in their firms.

She launched a marketing unit for young adults in 2003 and named it TAG Ideation. She has a wide range of experiences with popular brands including working as the Coca-Cola’s Global Accountant Director. From 2005, she was the Chief Marketing Officer for DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. for four years. She then headed its full sales and marketing department. Lori’s innovative mind that led to the creation of TAG Ideation earned her a role at TAG-New York as the Co-Managing Director. Check out GCReport to see more.

She was the Accountant Managing Director and executive vice president of McCann Worldgroup for a while, and in 2009, she went a step higher and became CEO and President of Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners. Later in 2014, she served both as a director and as CEO of MDC Partners Inc. She has had so many achievements in her career that anyone within her industry would want to attain. Apart from climbing her career ladder at a steady speed, she has memberships in particular firms.

Senecal is a member of Ad Council Board and won Quantum Leap Award in 2013, with both achievements affiliated to her innovative and leadership skills. In 2017, she was termed as the most creative person in the business. Everywhere Lori works she leaves a mark of transformation and improvement. Her presence is influential for any level of business to grow tremendously.

Her role as CEO is to ensure global growth and expansion. She is in charge of 10 international offices of the company. She focuses on talent to build an entrepreneurial spirit wherever she works. In 2016, she was among the four agency executives to watch. She has been listed on Advertising Age as Standout Agencies. She continues to revolutionalize the business world.

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Lori Senecal’s Exceptional Leadership and Innovative Skills

Home | Advertising Agency | Lori Senecal’s Exceptional Leadership and Innovative Skills

Lori Senecal; the Global Chief Executive Officer at Crispin Porter & Bogusky, was motivated by the success of her older siblings to focus on higher life goals and career. She joined the employment world after graduating from the university with a Bachelor’s degree in Sales and Marketing. With a commitment to bring out the best in company employees, Lori is talented in leading organizations and companies to great achievements than when she found them.

Using her innovation skills, Lori Senecal conceived and started TAG Ideation; a young-adult marketing unit in 2003. She is knowledgeable in the multinational account professionalism with a broad experience in data analytics. She has also worked with some of the world’s leading brands including Nestle, Xbox, Staples, Sprint, Weight Watcher’s, InBev, Molson, Applebee’s, and Nabisco. Additionally, Lori has served has the Global Accountant Director of Cola Cola. She served at DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. from 2005 to 2008 as the Chief Marketing Officer. Check out GCReport for more.

McCann Erickson Worldwide; a section of McCann Worldgroup Inc, allowed Lori to serve as the Co-Managing Director of TAG New York after considering her previous great achievements. She was later appointed to serve at McCann Worldgroup as the Executive Vice President and Accountant Management Director. In 2009, Lori became the Chief Executive Officer, Partner, and President of Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners. She later served at MDC Partners Inc. between 2014 and 2015 as the Chief Executive Officer and Director. Visit LinkedIn to know more.

Lori’s competitive and innovative leadership skills made her win a Quantum Leap Award during the 2013 AWNY Game Changer Awards. In 2014, she was recognized as the Woman to Watch in the advertising industry. Lori was also named in the list of the Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company in 2017. She continues to offer thought leadership and industry insights through motivational speaking seminars, television interviews, and meetings.

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Jose Henrique Borghi-An Icon In Brazilian Advertising

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Jose Henrique Borghi is an accomplished Brazilian advertising executive who started in the business over 25 years ago. He currently serves as founder and Co-CEO of the Mullen Lowe Group. Along with his top marketing and advertising team they create award winning advertising campaigns to catapult their customers businesses to the next level in advertising. He provides leadership and vision for the continued development and advancement of this award winning advertising agency.


Jose Henrique Borghi knows how to emerge in international markets and is a superior creative spirit whose emotions and creative spirit can be seen in all of his advertising campaigns. It is this reason he has landed campaign ads for top international companies such as Delta, and American Express.


The road to this position is paved with a series of brilliant advertising campaigns that was created by Jose Henrique Borghi including the ad for wildlife conservation entitled “Mammals of Parmalat”. And with this success comes rewards, including seven London Festival Awards, 10 Clio Awards, 14 Cannes Lions, and 11 New York Festival Awards.


Prior to his position of Co-CEO at Mullen Group, Jose Henrique Borghi started his career with Standart Ogilvy where he quickly learned the in’s and out’s of the advertising industry. From that point on he was determined to succeed and decided to pursue a career in this industrious field and learn more about Borghi.


Some of his most memorable ads include those of top companies such as Fiat, Unilever, Delta and Mitsubishi. Jose Henrique Borghi holds a degree in Marketing from Pontifical Catholic University in Brazil and more information click here.

A Look at Mullen Lowe Brasil’s Jose Borghi

Home | Advertising Agency | A Look at Mullen Lowe Brasil’s Jose Borghi

The Brazilian advertising sector has very influential advertisers and Jose Borghi is at the top of the list. Jose founded Mullen Lowe Ad Agency, an advertising firm that was previously called Borghi Lowe. He has many campaigns to his name such as Mammals of Parmalat that involves children dressed as staffed animals singing jingles. He has also advertised Sazon, a very memorable advert.

Advertising Story

As a young man, Jose was not sure exactly what he wanted to do in life. While in high school, his sister invited him to a theater called Castro Neves to watch a performance. This is where the idea of what he wanted to do life came to him. The performance involved an award ceremony at Canned. Jose Borghi later came to win the Cannes lions.

Campaigns and Awards

Jose has always been involved in important campaign. This started in the early years of his career. He has taken part in Fiat’s Review Concepts, Honda campaigns, and Down Syndrome Association’s Carlinhos among others. Other companies he has been involved with are Delta Airlines, Globo, Folha Group, Procter, American Express, and Antarctica among others. Some of the awards Jose Borghi has received are 7 London Festival Awards, 10 Clios Awards, 14 Cannes Lions as well as 15 April Avertising Awards.

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Jose Borghi’s Ability

Jose Borghi is a very dedicated and persistent worker. An advertiser called Marathoner says Jose is very committed to his work. Jose says that life has taught him that no one can make life easy for him unless he works hard to make it so. This has helped hi achieve his goals by appreciating the fruits of hard work. He has learned to never give up until during setbacks in the course of trying to achieve his goals.

About Jose Borghi

Jose has a degree in advertising from PUC Campinas. His first job was at Standart Ogilvy Agency. He has also worked at other prosperous ad agencies such as Talent, FCB, Leo Burnett and DM9/DDB to start BorgiErh with Erh Ray, his partner. Jose says that they started the company from scratch without a godfather, investors or a bank to help. He attributed the company’s success to the fact that they learned everything first-hand. In November 2006, due to its success, Lowe acquired the agency that was later renamed to Borghi Lowe. The agency recently merged with Mullen Group and Lowe & Partner to become Mullen Lowe. Andre Gomes and Jose are co-CEO’s at the agency.

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