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Sentient AI- Personalized Merchandising

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Many businesses have the habit of flashing their new products to their consumers. It’s a modern necessity that the consumers want what’s new or what’s in today’s trends. Default or massive advertisements work in wonders as it exposes these products in every form of media possible. This form of advertisement isn’t searched or sought by the consumers, rather, the companies have control over what they want their consumers to see or be exposed to of their products.

Personalized merchandising plays a big role when the buyers are searching for products based on their own personal sense of style or interest. It only exposes products or merchandises that the consumer wants to see. This form of Sentient AI can collect information on their consumers’ taste or preference with little to no information about them.

Instead of the consumers being pushed into the company’s merchandises, the personalized merchandising helps the consumers get pulled into the products they desire or want to see. This leads to an increase in sales since it pulls the consumers back into their products, leading them into a conversion funnel.

Personalized merchandising has helped retail businesses gain productive exposures of their merchandises. Within results, online stores or digital markets have noticed the productive effects and benefits that come along with this personalization of advertising for them as well. It is a very important factor for digital marketing or e-commerce businesses as personalized merchandising can help drastically with the increase of the business’s conversion rates, as well as order values and product exposures. Conversion rates for e-commerce can increase drastically up to 50% to 300% compared to the average site conversion rates gained from default advertisements. This form of Sentient AI advertisement helps draw new or regular consumers back into their digital businesses.

Personalized merchandising also aids businesses into creating a solid, sturdy foundation of information and statistics of their sales. It’ll be easier to determine investments, such as reproductions, advertisements, labor, etc, based on their increase in conversion rates. They have a more accurate view of what products are being sold. With the direct relationship between high conversion rates and low investments, businesses will see an increase in their profit and money.