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Todd Levine and his Team Recognized by The Best Lawyers in America

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According to an article from PR Newswire, the law firm of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine has been recognized by The Best Lawyers in America for this year. This is not the first time that the Kluger Kaplan firm located in Miami, Florida has won. Many of the attorneys at the firm, including Todd Levine, were recognized for their work in their specialty whether for real estate litigation, family law, securities law, and more. The entire team at Kluger Kaplan and lawyer Todd Levine spoke about how honored they were to receive this award as a group and to continue serving clients with excellent service with professionalism and winning results.

Together, Kluger Kaplan and others have been involved in some major deals. Many of the lawyers at the firm have contributed to the community as Kluger started his very own foundation that assists other charities. Another lawyer named Kaplan has worked in the commercial sector sorting out disputes, while Silverman works in the courts as a counsel. Katzen has an array of skills as an attorney having a career as an accountant previously but who has worked with clients in fraud and probate cases. All three of the lawyers in Kluger Kaplan and Todd Levine work to analyze each clients case or when it comes to businesses to win.

Todd Levine is a creative individual who aside from having a passion for law, also is a fan of the arts and sciences as he is a musician. Levine is one of the founding members and attended the University of Florida Levin College of Law and the University of Florida. The attorney has a law degree and a bachelors in finance. Todd Levine is noted as a well-rounded lawyer who has dealt with disputes in real estate, sports and entertainment, among investors, businesses, and more. The attorney is able to analyze each possible scenario in a case to win by using his creative skills as both a musician and artist. The list for Best Lawyers is conducted through evaluation. The law firm of Kluger, Kaplan, Katzen, Silverman, and Levine is suited to fit anyone’s needs. The company has been recognized by many publications such as Chambers USA, Super Lawyers, and others.

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The SEC Whistleblower Program

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Whistleblowing is something that most people are afraid to do. People are afraid of the aftermath of whistleblowing. However, some programs help whistleblower report any actions especially those that involve federal security laws.

The SEC whistleblower program rewards to whistleblowers with monetary awards and employment protection. It was formed as a response to deal with the corporate scandals in the United States. Anybody can join the program. In order to qualify for a monetary award, one has to provide the SEC with the original information about a violation of federal securities laws.

The violations that one can report is on the federal securities laws that are on-going, is about to occur or has occurred. The violation may have occurred in any part of the world. Most of the enforcement actions are on deceptive and manipulative practice regarding the sale or purchase of a security. Therefore, a whistleblower needs to focus on these areas.

The procedure for submitting a violation is straightforward. To report the violation, one has to submit information on the federal law violations through the mail, complaint portal, or fax an SEC form to the whistleblowers SEC office. The successful whistleblower is one who has submitted detailed information on the violation. The SEC Whistleblower office will confirm if the violation report is valid or not.

The whistleblower program has awarded many whistleblowers upon successful violation reports. In order to take part in the program, one needs to be at the right place and at the right time. It is also necessary to do all things right. In January 2017, some whistleblowers got awarded $4,000,000. The whistleblowers had assisted staff after an investigation had been opened. There is also another whistleblower who received the same amount for providing the SEC with information on serious misconduct and even assisted during the investigation.

Whistleblowers are required to apply to receive an award. Once the monetary sanctions exceed $1 million, the SEC will post a notice of covered action on their website. The whistleblower has a period of 90 days to fax or mail their application for the award their respective offices. The SEC notifies the whistleblowers of the enforcement actions that were successful. A whistleblower can only apply for the award if their enforcement actions were successful. Therefore, it is necessary for whistleblowers to monitor their covered activities. In doing so, the whistleblower will not miss the application deadline for the award.

Michael Hagele is a Successful Venture Capitalist

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Michael Hagele worked at a car wash in Chicago, Illinois during the cold winter. The pain and the numbness that he endured was enough to motivate him to get a great education and pursue what he thought was meaningful. He received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Iowa and earned his law degree from the University of California at Berkley. After college Michael was employed at Fenwick & West LLP in the Licensing and Online Commerce Group. Michael later managed the legal obligations of several venture capital internet companies. Today Michael Hagele serves as outside general counsel for several technology companies in a broad range of industries. He has invested in several startup technology companies and has helped to start several companies. View Michael Hagele’s profile on Linkedin.

One thing that Michael Hagele advises that everyone should do is some form of physical activity. He believes that partaking in physical activity is beneficial for refreshing and improving your mind. He spends time in the afternoon to ride his mountain bike. He says that getting a break from work and going to exercise is crucial. He believes that his time exercising is when he feels the most creative. He says that coming back from mountain biking can sometimes give him creative new ways to help tackle certain issues some of his clients may be having.

Michael Hagele has high hopes for Artificial Intelligence, particularly the application of genetic programming. He is currently an investor and advisor to a company that has launched an application currently in use by several nonprofit companies that can pinpoint the most industrious ways to use money from their funding sources. He believes that to be a successful entrepreneur, one should embrace social medial to grow their business. Social media is good for connecting with customers and it helps when they are giving insights into how they feel about particular products and services. Visit:


Bruno Fagali: Promoting Transparency And Compliance In Organizations

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Bruno Fagali is one of the leading lawyers in Brazil who specializes in Administrative Law. The outspoken lawyer has hit the headlines in the last few years for hitting the nail on the head regarding corruption in the country. Bruno Fagali has immense experience as a private advocate where he has served some of the most prominent companies in Brazil.

Bruno Fagali mainly tackles matters regarding Anti-corruption Law, Administrative Law, Regulatory Law, and Electoral Law among others. He also serves as the Corporate Integrity manager with the Nova/SB, one of the largest advertising agencies in Brazil. In his career, Bruno Fagali has portrayed outstanding skills as a legal professional who stands to fight for justice and integrity in our systems.

Bruno Fagali served as a legal representative in Calil, Associados Advocacia. He also gained immense experience while working for three other Legal Institutions in Sao Paulo. Bruno Fagali served as the primary legal representative to concoct while enacting the anti-corruption law for the agency. He has worked with other organizations in a similar manner, which has helped them to put efficient anti-corruption monitoring systems in their organizations. Bruno Fagali has offered his legal services to numerous companies and individuals by representing them in various court cases. Bruno Fagali is one of the most eloquent and outspoken lawyers ever seen in Brazil. He is known to fight for justice as evidenced in numerous court cases that he has won in the past.

Bruno Fagali’s Education Background
Bruno Fagali has spent much of his time seeking knowledge in his areas of expertise. He pursued his bachelor’s degree from the University of Sao Paolo and later on completed a Master degree in Anti-corruption and Administrative Law. Bruno Fagali also completed a bachelor degree in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University in Sao Paulo. Additionally, Bruno furthered his education by enrolling for training in various legal and law sectors.

Bruno Fagali’s multi-lingual abilities
Bruno Fagali can fluently communicate in Spanish dialect, English, Portuguese and French. These skills enable him to interact comfortably with people from diverse backgrounds. Few Brazilian Lawyers can match Bruno Fagali’s skills and expertise. His main dream is to see a nation where Laws are enacted and followed to the letter.


Karl Heideck Engages Wells Fargo In Lawsuit

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Karl Heideck graduated from Swarthmore College in 2003 with a bachelor’s in english and literature. He later received a juris doctorate with honors from the Beasley School of Law with Temple University in 2009.

Upon graduation, he joined Conrad O’Brien as an associate. Later, he joined Pepper Hamilton. His experiences geared him toward business law. He is currently a member of the prestigious Grant and Eisenhower Law agency in Philadelphia.

His current concentrations are on civil litigation, corporate compliance and risk management assessments. He has also championed class action suits stemming from corporate misconduct. He currently is suing banking giant Wells Fargo on behalf of the City of Philadelphia.

Karl Heideck’s suit alleges that the bank is using a 90 year old banking practice called redlining which systematically denies loan options to certain undesirable homebuyers, usually minorities, in certain neighborhoods. The suit charges that this practice contributes to segregation in direct contradiction of 1968 housing legislation combating the issue. It is also the city’s position that this creates high-crime areas costing more resources to keep people safe.


When the law was originally past, segregation throughout the country was a real problem that was illustrated by racially divided neighborhoods, and disproportionate distribution of civic resources. Much progress has been made since then. When attention is taken from this effort, unfair practices can creep back up.

When it comes to proving this case, the city may be facing an uphill battle. Damage must be proven to the city through their loan practices and that may be hard to pin on just one lender. Also, the effects may not be as drastic as in the past. The company has responded to the suit by claiming it to be frivolous and without merit. Recently, however, the company made the same claim when they were charged with making bogus accounts in their customers names. On those charges, they were found guilty.

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