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Adam Milstein: Philanthropist, Real Estate Investor and Jewish Rights Activist

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Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American businessman and philanthropist who is widely known for his pro-Jewish and pro-Israel political activism. Milstein is a contributor to a variety of political blogs and columns, and he frequently publishes blog pieces on the Israeli-American site Jewish News Syndicate (JNS.) On February 7th, he published a piece in the Israeli American Council column about Radical Islam’s efforts to promote worldwide anti-Semitism.

In both Europe and North America, Adam Milstein writes, radical Muslims are beginning to ally themselves with the radical left, an alliance that is as unlikely as it is threatening to the Jewish people. In theory, Milstein argues, this is an alliance that makes no sense: the radical left in Europe and North America are very socially liberal, while radical Islam is notorious for its misogyny, homophobia and human rights abuses. Yet these alliances continue to form, united by their intense dislike of Western global influence and their shared anti-Semitic tendencies.

The radical left, Milstein further argues, has a tendency to view Muslims as a single entity that is universally oppressed. This causes them to view even radical Islamists as victims, and Jews, who are in opposition to radical Islam in the Middle East, as oppressors. Radical Islam fuels these ideas in any way possible to promote Western anti-Semitism and advance their anti-Jewish agenda, which is why Milstein views these alliances as one of the greatest modern threats to Israel and to the Jewish people.

Adam Milstein is a co-founder of the prominent Israeli-American Council, of which he he was appointed Chairman of the Board in 2015. Milstein has made his career primarily as a real estate investor, but he has also spent considerable time on philanthropic efforts. In 2000, he and his wife, Gila, founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which sponsors education for young Jewish students and professionals. He is also a board member of StandWithUs, Birthright Israel, the Hasbara fellowships and the Israel on Campus Coalition, among other organizations.

Adam Milstein served in the Israeli Defense Forces during the Yom Kippur War before graduating from Technion in Israel in 1978. He moved to the U.S. in 1981, and shortly after acquired an MBA from the University of Southern California. He has used his considerable business acumen to become a Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate firm based in California.

The Best YouTubers of all Time

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The world’s most famous YouTubers are online everyday entertaining the masses. They make videos about a variety of different subjects and all of them rely on humor to reach audiences. Here is a list of the world’s most famous YouTubers and the shows they have to offer.


Pew Die Pie


|Pew Die Pie is a mega YouTube star that has over 10.1 billion views for his material. Technically, Pewdie Pie’s videos are so popular that they have more views than any television program or movie film in history. If Pewdie Pie landed a major network deal he would probably become the highest rated television program in all of history. He has a total of 39 million plus viewers.




Believe it or not You|Tube has only been around for only 11 years. The video channel is still fairly young and one of the first break out videos on the site was Smosh. Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla is the show’s creators and they are two comedians who have been entertaining people for years. |They have close to 5 billion views and well over 21 million subscribers.


|The FineBros Series


The FineBros Series was created by brothers Benny and Rafi Fine. These two young men have major cable network sponsors standing behind them. Comedy Central and Ford sponsors these two whimsical guys as they make videos about how people will react to certain situations. With over 3 billion views and 13 million subscribers this YouTube program is one of the best of all time.




Wengie is a YouTube star that doesn’t have the big numbers like many other YouTubers but she is on her way. This young lady is originally from China and she is 30-years-old. Wengie’s show airs in Australia where she now lives with her soon-to-be husband and hundreds of thousands of Aussies really love her work.
This young Asian beauty makes videos about makeup tips, relationship advice and fashion. She has a great sense of humor and frequently changes her appearances. However, she is known for her trademark pink hair. Wengie has over 5 million views for some of her videos has well over 1 million subscribers and her fan base continues to grow each day. These are a few of the many YouTubers on the internet and there are many more.