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How Jason Hope’s Internet of Things will Change Everything

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If you went back in time even just thirty years then you would be looking at a world that lacked connectivity, at least in comparison to our current day and age. The change, of course, was the internet. Now techno entrepreneurs and giant corporations alike are trying to find their way into the next big thing with the internet. Jason Hope, a board member on XPrize and a Harvard graduate, believes that the Internet of Things is that future. What is the Internet of Things? Well, we’re glad that you asked and more information click here.

The Internet of Things refers to the interfacing of technology in our day to day life via an internet connection. Having every day objects connected to the internet in a two way network means a whole lot more than you might realize. Jason Hope believes that a connected world is our future and, unlike Asimov, he sees it as an entirely good thing. Imagine a world where buses were on time thanks to constantly updated smart maps. Imagine a world where traffic is essentially set to 0 thanks to smart cars driving people around.

Hope knows that the technology for the Internet of Things is at its infancy. We are seeing gigantic leaps of growth in every day tech that will eventually lead to this revolution. Hope, who has experience first hand with tech innovation thanks to XPrize, believes that the Internet of Things is going to be the next big thing and he’s advocating heavily for people to get involved and learn more about Jason.

Bob Reina’s Method Of Changing Lives

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It is very common for people to have dreams of changing lives. One of the most common ways that people try to change lives is through charitable acts. Bob Reina is one of the people that are involved in changing lives of others. However, he does more than get involved in acts of charity. His actions to change the world are actually deeper. He is actually very thoughtful about the purpose behind his work. One thing he has thought about is actually making his acts of charity a large part of his work. This has given a lot of motivation to push forward with some of the greatest projects.


Among the projects that he has finished is Talk Fusion. This app has made it a lot easier for entrepreneurs to move forward with their businesses. Talk Fusion in and of itself is an act of charity. Bob has seen how certain economic conditions have pushed people to try to work for themselves. He has also seen the challenges that a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs are faced with. Therefore, he has looked at what he can do to make the work easier for entrepreneurs.


When Bob Reina looked back on his attempts at being an entrepreneur, he has remembered the challenges facing him with his business. For one thing, he needed to find some kind of way to get the message across. One of the best ways to do this is with video. He has seen the value that video could bring to the internet with marketing. Therefore, he wanted to put together something that is going to make it easier for people to send video to customers. One area that he put his focus on is video email. He has worked very hard to come up with a way that people could send video in email.


Hussain Sajwani Partners with Tiger Woods to Establish Trump Gold Course Introduction

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In most businesses, product position in the market is the most vital strategy and plan to consider. The result is a successful business venture because product positioning helps in defining and exploiting available opportunities in the market. Networking is also as important in expanding a business. That is what DamacGroup has managed to achieve since its establishment.


The prominent Hussain Sajwani founded the Dubai-based company. He is the chief executive officer as well as the chairman. Established in 2002, DamacGroup has evolved into a stature and one of the world’s leading luxury property developer. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

The company has an employee base of over 2,000. From its first rental building geographically located in Dubai that was rented out six months before the finishing, DamacGroup specializes in the production of luxurious and stylish residential as well as commercial buildings. Read more: DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots | The National

Trump Branded Golf Clubs

In 2013, Hussain Sajwani partnered with Donald Trump to establish a gold club with Tiger Woods being the designer of the plan. This was way before Mr. Trump became president. The gold course was opened in 2017. It is a leisure project that has seen Mr. Donald Trump President of the United States applauding him for the branding.

The initiative indicated Damac’s growth in the real estate industry. Recently, Hussain Sajwani said he has plans to list Damac’s IPO in the London’s stock exchange interface. He also plans to expand its horizon in marketing through other affiliates.

About Hussain Sajwani

In 2002, Hussain Sajwani took advantage of the fact that the government of Dubai allowed foreigners to own land in the Emirates. He built the first business which attracted most Emiratis into buying the apartments. After his first venture, Sajwani bought land and invested in the construction of residential buildings.

Hussain Sajwani has beautified Dubai with stylish and modern structures. His interaction with high profile men like Donald Trump has massively contributed to his charity events. Hussain Sajwani commits to helping the less fortunate in the society through providing shelter, food, and clothing in the form of money donations. Under his leadership, DamacGroup has developed into the core provider of luxury and commercial properties in the Middle East.

How Duda Melzer Accomplished Being a Top Brazilian Entrepreneur

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Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is one of the top entrepreneurs in Brazil. Known by his nickname Duda Melzer, he is the Chairman of the Board and President of RBS Group which is one of the largest media company’s in the nation. RBS Group was founded by his grandfather Maurico Sirotsky Sobrhino in 1957 and is a leading provider of television, radio, newspapers, and internet news sites. It also operates a subsidiary that Duda founded, e.Bricks Digital, which invests in startup technology companies in the United States and Brazil.


Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul with a degree in Business Administration, he attended Harvard University in order to earn his MBA. He worked for a few American companies including consulting firm Booz Allen & Hamilton, Box Top Media as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Delphi Corporation as a Senior Analyst.

At RBS Group, Duda Melzer oversees the company’s journalistic and entertainment content as well as the strategic vision of the company. RBS Group has 18 television channels, 24 radio stations, and eight newspapers in addition to a number of online sites. There are 6000 employees at RBS Group and it has the second largest number of journalists employed in Brazil and more information click here.

Duda Melzer’s ability as an entrepreneur was recognized in 2015 when he was selected to choose the 25 members of the Annual Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise. This institute comprises a prestigious list of 25 people who come from families with a history of entrepreneurialism and are considered examples to follow for their peers. He was also awarded Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015 by Ernst and Young. Other awards he has received in his career includes Communications Week naming him Entrepreneur Communication Award of the Year in 2013 and in 2015 winning the Merit Award in Management in the Private Sector and Contact him.

Anthony Petrello Is As Much A Family Man As He Is A Businessman

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Anthony Petrello has always been a man with big aspirations, but he’s also a man with a big heart. Petrello is the Chairman of Nabors Industries, a large job in managing one of the nation’s largest oil drilling companies.

Nabors Industries is known to have the largest oil drilling land-based rig fleets, and they also have quite a few offshore modular operations. Petrello had a lot of experience in finance and corporate law which helped him earn the position as Chairman.

Anthony Petrello originally came from Newark, NJ and was one of the top students in math class at his school. He attended Yale and enrolled in advanced mathematics both in undergraduate studies and in graduate school, but he decided law was more appealing so he attended Harvard where he got his J.D. His career in law started as an associate at Baker & McKenzie law firm and in several years he became a managing partner there. He helped clients with tax compliance and business structure legal issues and soon his expertise in the field led Nabors Industries to ask him to come to their executive board. So in 1991 he joined Nabors as Chief Operating Officer.

Petrello is a contributor to the Dan and Jan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at the Texas Children’s Hospital. He has a young daughter named Carena who had periventricular leukomalacia, a disorder that triggered cerebral palsy as the young girl started growing. While there was no cure for Carena, Anthony Petrello got to know the Duncans well and joined them in their effort to find cures for future children born with the disease. Petrello’s philanthropy includes a gift of $7 million to the institute.

Mike Baur Delights In Seeing New Businesses and Entrepreneurs Thrive

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A residence of Fribourg in Switzerland, Mike Baur discovered his interest in finance right from his teenage years. He obtained his masters in business administration from the University of Rochester in New York and an executive MBA from the University of Bern. He is a person who always knew what he wanted to become; nothing could make him happier than his dream becoming a reality.


Mike Baur has worked for more than 20 years in the banking and investment industry, but later on shifted his focus to investing in startup firms. Mike joined Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, to start a flourishing business; the Swiss Startup Factory. The Swiss Banking Industry expert is responsible not only for fundraising but also for funding rounds at the Swiss Startup Factory. The Zurich-based firm that was launched in 2014 looks for thriving digital entrepreneurs to whom they provide exciting opportunities from the very start – using its strong network within Switzerland, and across the world.


Swiss Startup Factory usually runs a three-month accelerator program. During this period, the company offers a unique platform for services ranging from mentoring and coaching, office spaces right at the heart of Zurich, and an entrepreneurial network to facilitate actualization of the set goals.


Besides helping new entrepreneurs to start, run and grow their businesses, Mike Baur is a generous man who enjoys giving back to the community. Mike never lets go an opportunity to encourage his colleagues and other successful business owners to give themselves an opportunity to act as mentors and stepping stones for the sake of keeping the entrepreneurs and businesses going. Mike believes that new ideas do not always come from individuals who are business oriented. Rather, they emanate from many different places, and firms such as Swiss Startup Factory are critical to bringing these ideas to life. Swiss Startup prides itself in developing and serving a dynamic community that is constantly in need of innovation.


Among the services offered by Swiss Startup include payroll management, bookkeeping, tax reporting advice, management of invoices, as well as reports and reviews. Inexperienced business owners receive guidance and step by step explanations of running successful businesses from experienced entrepreneurs and individuals who are reaping big in the corporate world.


One of the advantages of having a mentor or a guide is the fact that he or she comes in handy when it comes to learning about nearly all the pitfalls, and knowing how to avoid them – which in turn increases the chances of that business or entrepreneur becoming a huge success. Ventures such as Swiss Startup Factory go a long way in ensuring the presence of many successful entrepreneurs and businesses.


Don Ressler of JustFab Inc. and Fabletics

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Don Ressler founded JustFab in March 2010. Before that, he had always been an entrepreneur starting at the young age of fifteen with a company called gamers alliance. He has had success in the businesses that he has dabbled in over the years.

This has led him to a life of being the trendy one who spots talents and opportunities and works on Bloomberg to bring them aboard his ventures. He does his work with a certain fun to it that adds flavor to what he does tremendously. This has brought him the major success that can be attributed to the fact that he is well versed in growing up companies.

The History

Don Ressler’s first company Gamers Alliance was sold to MySpace’s parent company Intermix when he was just 15. He then went on to quit high school so that he could join the company Intermix as the Vice President of Strategic Planning.

At that age, it was quite impressive. At the age of just 20, Don Ressler was then promoted to become the Chief Operating Officer of a company that was publically traded.

He met Don while he was here and he too had sold his company. He was versed in the art of entrepreneurship and building brands. This would later play a big role in their ventures.

Over The Years

After all that time, Don has been able to generate over $1 Billion in revenues and over $100 million for capital in various internet-based ventures mentioned on Brandettes. They late went on to form a company called Intelligent Beauty after Intermix was acquired by News Corporation.

Their aim was to establish a beauty and health platform that would showcase all those things at the same place. This is what led to the online shopping experience where everything is done online including viewing what you wanted to buy, and everything involved there.

The Main Idea

JustFab was built with the idea of having a fun place to shop. They knew that competing with the other companies who had actual stores and theirs had to be a model that could run with the big dogs and win.

That is why they hired fashion consultants, designers and style gurus to make the best platform that you could find anywhere on the internet.

In Conclusion

When they started this company, they did not know what any of the fashion facets were. That is why they were so eager to learn because they knew the potential. And now, he has made all the difference with his company at

Tony Petrello’s Boundless Determination And Spirit Is An Inspiration To Everyone:

Home | Business Leaders | Tony Petrello’s Boundless Determination And Spirit Is An Inspiration To Everyone:

Tony Petrello shows true strength of spirit. Tony is the CEO and President of Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is one of the world’s largest oil well servicing companies–the world over. Not only does Nabors provide services: it possesses an impressive inventory of equipment: right for on-shore as well as off-shore work. It also is a producer of equipment.

Persons familiar with the oil and gas industry, realize that this is a highly competitive market. It takes an individual with a great amount of leadership talent to influence the initiatives, set forth, in such a corporation.

Tony Petrello has demonstrated a marked progression of moving from one form of leadership to that of another. This is true, whether he is within a corporation; or making a difference in the community.

Tony, too, was blessed in attaining a terrific education. He attained two degrees in math from Yale University–those being a Bachelors degree and a Masters degree. He went on to study law at the Harvard Law School. He attained a J.D. degree at Harvard.

Tony joined the highly prestigious firm of Baker & McKenzie, after his academic training was completed. He became the firm’s Managing Partner, and oversaw operations in the New York office. He resigned and departed–his next step being that of a leadership role at Nabors Industries, Ltd.

The preceding move was interesting in that generally a Managing Partner is not able to take on the very different leadership role that is part of managing a highly competitive oil and gas company–however, Tony Petrello stood firm and up to the challenge. He has shown success in both levels of responsibility.

This is the type of enlightening leadership that truly inspires everyone. The preceding stated, it came to Tony’s attention and his markedly resourceful and insightful wife Cynthia, that their precious child was born with a neurological disorder. The recognition of it: brought the couple to their collective knees. However, they decided to do research and look for answers.

Tony researched, the globe, in order to find a good source, in possibly helping their child.

Little Carena had been born premature: she suffered from a disease that is common in infants, that are born early. The baby had arrived twenty-four weeks, prior to expected delivery.

Tony and Cynthia continued their search. Tony Petrello stated that there was research being conducted, with regard to the brain for adults; however, no such research existed for children.

The Petrellos found the solution, in way of Research, in their own hometown. They made a donation and commitment to Texas Children’s Hospital by launching a research facility that could provide services, relative to researching childrens’ neurological disorders. Tony mentioned that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

By watching little Carena, master chewing–something that took a determined effort of millions of repetitions of chewing: Cynthia Petrello said she “witnessed a miracle.” Tony advised that little Carena was put in place of everyone to show that something needed to happen in way of research as it pertained to neurological disorders–relative to the pediatric populace.

Tony and Cynthia Petrello provided five million dollars to launch a research facility at Texas Children’s Hospital. The Petrellos are committed to finding answers; and are committed to providing two million more dollars.

Yes: Tony Petrello has lived an outstanding life and is a true go-getter. However, he and Cynthia, now are given their greatest of life’s challenges: taking care of a situation that has gone unaddressed. Their child, born with strength of spirit and purity of heart, have brought the Petrellos to the conclusion that research is greatly needed in the way of children’s neurological disorders.

Notes Regarding Tony Petrello:

Anthony G. Petrello also goes by the name of Tony. Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries, Ltd. The company is a holding company of Nabors Exchangeco (Canada) Incorporated. Mr. Petrello has held the position, since October 28th of 2011. He has held the post of the company’s President since 1992. Tony served as the COO of Nabors Industries Ltd, since 1991.

Tony was with the prestigious firm of Baker & McKenzie (Now Baker McKenzie) from 1986 to 1991. During his time at the firm, Tony became its Managing Partner—working out of its New York office.

Tony Petrello became the Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries, Ltd., in June, 2012. He served as the company’s Deputy Chairman from the years of 2003 to June of 2012. (Source: Bloomberg)

Tony Petrello is a Director at Stevenson, LLC. He has been in the position since February 28th of 2011. He has served as a Director at Nabors Industries Ltd, since 1991.

Tony is a Director, too, at Texas Children’s Hospital. He strongly advocates research as it pertains to children’s neurological disorders.

He, prior served as a Director at MediaOnDemand.

As evidenced above, by way of the brief profile of Tony Petrello: Mr. Petrello has held a number of challenging leadership roles and positions. His academic determination is an inspiration. Tony’s strength, in the form of leadership, should humble all of us.

Visit for more information about Tony Petrello.

Anthony Petrello: From A Working-Class Background To Highest Paid CEO

Home | Business Leaders | Anthony Petrello: From A Working-Class Background To Highest Paid CEO

Newark, New Jersey native Anthony Petrello is Nabors Industries president and CEO. The Houston, Texas based company is among the largest gas and oil drilling contractors in the world. Many people were surprised Petrello became involved in the energy industry.

As a teen he was a math whiz and most expected him to have a brilliant career in academia. He won a scholarship to attend Yale University where he earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees. He then attended Harvard Law School and after getting his Juris Doctor he practiced law with the respected Manhattan, New York law firm Baker & McKenzie.

Nabors Industries was one of Baker & McKenzie’s most prominent clients and the were aware of the high quality work Petrello was doing. In 1991 Nabors offered Petrello a job as their chief operating officer and president. In 2003 he was promoted to deputy chairman and in 2011 he became Nabors Industries president and Chief Operating Officer. Today he is chairman of the board, president and Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries. He’s also director of Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart & Stevenson LLC. He provides them with operating functions as well as direction and strategic planning initiatives that have helped them to prosper.

A husband and father, Anthony Petrello is married to actress and producer Cynthia Petrello. The two had been dating since their college days. They also have a daughter named Carena. Carena was a premature birth and doctors diagnosed her with cerebral palsy. Anthony Petrello jumped into action and donated $7 million to fund a neurological research center located at Texas Children’s Hospital. He has continued to support the hospital and a number of other philanthropic causes. He is currently Texas Children’s Hospital Incorporated’s director. Petrello has also been director of

Anthony Petrello is an example of someone living the life many Americans dream about. He was raised in a working-class neighborhood, yet through his talent, hard work and good use of the opportunities presented to him he’s now a rousing success. He has had the good fortune to study under noted mathematician Professor Serge Lang. He has also made the best of his chance to work with the world’s largest land-based gas and oil drilling contractor. He has provided the company with innovative ideas and the highest quality leadership. In 2015, the Associated Press said he earned $68.2 million and was the highest paid CEO.

Launching of the Davon Real Estate Mobile App

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Apps are useful tools especially in the highly modernized dispensation. It took six months for the Executive Director of Davos Real Estate Group (REG), Gerard González,to work very closely with Teknolution in order to design the application. Its purpose is to account for gain of on investment property having factored in the expenses incurred. The app, called Davos CAPCalculator,is based on high technology and has already been effected particularly for the Android and iPhone users. Those of their clients in the U.S are expected to reap maximal benefits from the same, through learning how to analyze the markets before making decisions. Read more:



Qualities Picked from David Osio of Davos Financial Group



A prominent financial advisor of the current times, David is known to work at the helm of Davos Financial Group, where he has been serving an eliteset of clients since 1993. His diligence has seen the company from milestone to milestone. Recently, the Davos Real Estate group publicized the inauguration of their new mobile app intended to help in analyzing and giving an estimate of the return on investment that a client develops registers an interest in. The real estate firm plays a considerable role in making Davos Financial Group a global service provider. For more than twenty years the company has been leading the Latin American market through advice.



Wisdom got David facilitating the institution of offices in strategic cities. In a bid to efficiently serve the entire global market, the offices are situated in New York, Panama City, Miami, Lisbon and Geneva. In those specific markets, they offer tailored services aimed at meeting individualized needs as they vary from one client to the other. Specialized services are also offered to companies as long as they are certified. Having founded the company with an aim of reaching the largest market, Osio has been working tirelessly to realize the maximal benefits, through delivering quality service to his client base. Having a professional approach towards things has also helped him maintain a devoted crew that offers to diligently serve the clients.






Before settling for mortgage plans on any property, you can now estimate the relationship between the total cost and your projected income. As such, you will only make an informed decision when you use the application. David, a significant partaker in pioneering the idea is no doubt a great professional. He has amazingly expedited great income in Davos, not forgetting the expansion of the geographical market.

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