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How Perry Mandera Became Successful in the Field of Logistics and Transportation

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Perry Mandera has built a successful career in the logistics and transportation field. With over forty years of experience in the industry, he is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of The Custom Companies, Inc,. He has served customers diligently in Illinois and the country as a whole.

Mr. Mandera started his career while still in the Marines. At that time, he was in charge of transporting troops as well as supplies opening his eyes on the potential of shipping service business in the country. The experience Perry Mandera had in the Marine shaped his career as he felt a sense of accomplishment getting the necessary stuff to the troops he had established a deep connection with.

After leaving the armed forces, Perry Mandera was elected as the Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th ward in Chicago. He served in the elective position for a four year term. He was the youngest Republican Ward Committeeman in Chicago and his urge to help people around him continued to grow.

Perry Mandera is also concerned with the welfare of the less fortunate in the community. He values philanthropy and he often contributes resources and time to the under-privileged in the society. Perry puts an emphasis on helping children and he often helps under-privileged children through financial donations, material support including clothing as well as transportation services. Perry Mandera also runs charity programs aimed at identifying people who need assistance to be in a position to help them.

Perry Mandera is a big name built by not only his service and charitable works, but also his business prowess. He has been recognized widely for his outstanding capabilities in the business community. He was highlighted as one of the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium” by the Illinois Transportation Association (ITA) in 2000. His company leverages advanced technology and innovative programs to streamline logistics and ensure smooth, convenient shipping services.

The entrepreneur cannot emphasize enough the importance of motivational speakers in unlocking a person’s potential for excellence. His religious inclination also guides him through his endeavors. Perry Mandera’s normal day is packed with does and he only sleeps for about four hours.

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Nitin Khanna: Leading the World in Embracing the Benefits of Medical Marijuana

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Studies on Cannabidiol (CBD) oil have recently been fully licensed in the USA. CBD is found in marijuana and has been shown to help in the treatment of severe epilepsy, depression and anxiety, chronic pain, and skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and dermatitis. Studies are also looking at the role CBD can play as an anti-aging regimen. CBD has been shown to unlock both CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). It is for this reason that it has far-reaching benefits on treating neurological disorders, inflammation, skin conditions, and chronic pain. Unlike the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) component of marijuana, CBD lacks intoxicating effects that decrease short term memory, impair motor skills, and even lead to paranoia and hallucinatory episodes. Consequently, thanks to its positive effects and its legalization across many states in the U.S., it may be readily available for those who need it in the future.

Cura Cannabis 

Nitin Khanna is one of the people leading the charge towards the use of medical marijuana in the world. The current CEO of MergerTech has been a firm believer in the place of CBD within the cannabis industry. He was the CEO of Cura Cannabis, a company he founded in 2015, until 2018. By the time he was leaving this position, he had made the company the leading provider of cannabis oil and vape cartridges in the Northwest.

Saber Corporation

Born in India, Nitin Khanna immigrated to the U.S. to pursue his undergraduate and masters education in industrial engineering at Purdue University. It was while pursuing his doctoral studies that the entrepreneurship bug bit him leading to the establishment of his first tech company, Saber Corporation. The firm was dedicated to the provision of state government solutions ranging from managing electoral systems, drivers licenses, and unemployment registration, among other solutions. By the time he was selling the company, it was bringing in $300 million in revenues and employing more than 1,500 people.


His second company, MergerTech, was founded in 2009. The company specializes in mergers and acquisitions in the tech industry for companies beneath the $100 million threshold. By connecting U.S.-based tech startups to ideal buyers across the globe, he is helping these companies grow their revenue and customer base. Despite not being actively involved with Cura Cannabis, Nitin Khanna is looking forward to the company dominating the global cannabis industry in the future.

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Importance of Partnerships: David McDonald of OSI Group

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David McDonald is the President of the OSI Group – he leads one of the world’s most established food providers and they partner up with the world’s biggest international brands. David McDonald has been working for the company for more than thirty years already and he has been one of the major contributors of the company and is responsible for the company’s tremendous growth and development over the years. David McDonald is one of the main driving factors on why the company has been thriving and has been achieving globalization.

David McDonald punctuates that the goal of all employees is to meet or better, exceed the expectations of their clients and customers. All employees and team members must also remain very patient. Operating as a private company, they are very flexible and lenient to the solutions that they offer. The company is able to look at the bigger picture and take their time to form great strategies to be able to form stronger relationships with their clients. This is one of the main factors of the success that the OSI Group has achieved. Their ability to create and form dynamic, strong and successful relationships and partnerships with their clients is a huge driving factor for the success and development of the company. Each partner, team member, employee, is equipped with a deep knowledge and understanding of the business practices, the work ethic and the culture of OSI and every individual partner has a personal bond with their customers and clients in every region. Their ability to form partnerships creates a solid balance that holds influence on their decisions and expenditures. Their success in these areas allows the OSI Group to build a global company that is excellent in their industry. To know more about him click here.

David McdDonald has recently opened operations for OSI in China and he says that one of the main reasons that they have been able to successfully establish their operations in China is becoming one with the locals and building a relationship with them. They are able to establish solid partnerships with the locals which has helped the company fill the needs of the local market.

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Ted Bauman: His Career and Successful Investment Strategies

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Ted Bauman is the editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert and Plan B Club at the Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013. He mainly specializes in asset protection, investment strategies for low-risk stock and international immigration issues. Throughout his life, Ted has worked towards helping people aware of their resources and ways to live successfully free from the effects of government oversights and corporate unfair advantage. Bauman later moved to South Africa from the United States to study economics and history from the University of Cape Town. He started his career as a fund manager for affordable housing with philanthropic institutions. In connection to this, he founded Slum Dwellers Internationals whose impact has helped over 14 million people in 35 countries globally.

Ted Bauman, who has over 20 years’ experience in the market recently gave an insight that the current bull market may not last long. He provides an equal probability of the market rising or sinking to deeper lengths in the near future. The financial market has a history of crashes like the one in 2007-2008, and also times where it has risen beyond expectations. This prediction by Bauman calls for the investors to be cautious and careful with their asset management. He advises the investors to develop practical plans that cross cut through the bull and bear market to avoid being caught by surprises by market changes.

Through his published articles, Ted Bauman provides tips on how investors can navigate through the volatile stock market. One of these ways is a look at the market trends and analyzes the upward movements of stocks after a crash. He then advises rule-based selling strategy to select stocks. Second, Ted advises investors to maintain a balanced viewpoint in choosing the right stocks. Despite the high and lows, this leveled viewpoint will allow investors to stand strong. Lastly, Bauman advises investors to create and stick strong investment strategies.

Ted Bauman discourages investors from using emotions to make investment decisions. As far as instincts should not be entirely ignored, they should always be backed by actual data. These investment strategies and a follow up on Ted’s articles should help an investor succeed in the unpredictable market.

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Things you need to know about Felipe Montoro Jens

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Felipe Montoro Jens has brought a revolution in the field of finance. Many people look up to him for his counsel on the various things they should do to succeed in financially related ventures. He has also been engaged by prestigious people in Brazil so that he can offer them guidance on how they can improve the economy of the country. He never goes wrong when it comes to handling matters related to the field, and many people have applauded him for the great work he is doing. He is also a consultant on various projects relating to infrastructure, and he has shared his thoughts on the latter, through which he brought significant developments in the world.

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Felipe has worked with numerous companies based in Brazil through which he continued to share his expertise with other executives. Among the significant prestigious companies that he has served include Luciano Nitri Guidolin, among many others. He has been involved in the running of a vast number of projects that have already proved to be successful ones. As a financial expert, he has always guided people on the strategies they should incorporate in their firms to eliminate failure and bring forth growth. Based on the positive outcome marked by the economy of the country, it is clear that the duo has brought an impact in the world.

His successes have been associated with his dedication and critical thinking when it comes to handling severe matters. He advocates for attentiveness when it comes to accomplishing goals of a firm. The duo emphasizes on the importance of a focused business owner identifying the critical objective that he wants to achieve in his venture. He further insists that goals identification must be accompanied with outlined plans on how it will be accomplished as well as the possible impact it will bring to a firm.



Peter Briger the Unbeaten Real Estate Manager at Fortress Investment Group

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Peter Briger is one of the Principal and Co-chair of Fortress Investment Group. He has served as the principal since November 2006 and after three years he was appointed the co-chairperson. He has served as a member of the management committee of this organization since the year 2002 where he oversees the credit and real estate venture at Fortress Group.

Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger served at Goldman and Sachs and Co. and in 1996 he became one of the partners. Peter is also a member of the board of management at Tipping Point which is a non-profit firm that served low-income earners in the societies living in San Francisco. Peter Briger holds a BA from the University of Princeton and an M.B.A from the Pennsylvania University School of Business.

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Under the leadership of Peter Briger, Fortress Investment Group has emerged as one of the best asset management firm for its esteemed customers. When he joined the firm, he was looking for a way of diversifying his portfolio in the year 2002. He was placed in the real estate docket where he showed exemplary performance thus creating a good name in the organization. Using his good marketing skills, Peter helped market the various products offered at Fortress. His entrepreneurial culture made him embrace patience and he always remained optimistic in all the activities that he undertook. He knew that for entrepreneurs to succeed in their ventures, the must always be optimistic.

Peter led the Fortress Investment group in buying assets at relatively low prices and later sold them at higher prices. The company also bought shares that were struggling in the market, waits until they stabilize in terms of prices and sells them at relatively higher prices thus making a fortune from the sales. The coming of Peter Briger to Fortress Investment Group was a blessing in disguise as the firm made huge profits under his watch. He earned recognition and he was therefore given a management position at the Investment group. He possessed the much-needed experience and skills and was always committed and dedicated to succeed in everything that he does.

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Harry Harrison Trades In His Job At Barclays For Entrepreneur Role

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Harry Harrison decided after three years as the head of Barclay’s Non-Core business that he wanted to go it alone out on his own and see what kind of returns he could generate on his own. He had done great work with Barclay’s, but he felt that there was even more out there for him to accomplish. He also simply felt that it would be more profitable to him personally to try out entrepreneurship.

One could gain a lot of valuable lessons and information from being the head of Barclay’s Non-Core department. There is something to be said for someone who recognizes all of the value that there is there and takes full advantage of it. That is what Harry Harrison has done. He noted what kind of businesses Barclay’s found worth investing in, and most importantly, which wants they wanted to get out of.

Sometimes when you have information like this you can find a way to apply it to some other field or part of your life. That is essentially what Harry Harrison has done. He has reviewed the facts before him and decided what to do with this information.

Being an entrepreneur is a lot different than being in charge of a major portion of a major bank. There is definitely less structure to your day, but Harrison says that it is also something that is very freeing at the same time. He is now more able to enjoy spending time with his son than he was before. He has the time on his hands that he can do something like this. When you view it from that prospective it starts to sound a lot more appealing to a lot of people.

There is some great advice that has been passed on from Harrison as well. He tells those who are considering following in his footsteps to remember the journey along the way. He suggests that it is easy to be goals-oriented and only focus on the bottom line, but he says that doing that is a big mistake. He has made it himself, and he doesn’t want others to fall into the same trap.


Renew Youth- Chronicle Week Recap

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Keeping a Balanced Life

Aging is a fact of life that cannot be stopped. It also comes with a lot of side-effects. How these side effects affect you depend on the type of lifestyle you have, genetics and how you decide to deal with them. However, the types of age-related problems in men and women will be different. For men, it will be andropause and for women, it is menopause. The good news is that there are ways to drastically reduce the negative effects of andropause and menopause. One such method is Renew Youth.

Balancing Hormones

Once a woman enters the menopausal cycle of her life, balancing her hormones will become a top priority, in order to live a healthy normal life. When menopause hits, estrogen levels can either increase or decrease. When estrogen levels decrease, hormonal imbalance takes over. This is when the patient experience’s symptoms such as fatigue, memory issues, and heat flashes. The trick is to find out before menopause starts to take over. There is a transitional face just before menopause, and it is called perimenopause. Ideally, it is during the perimenopausal phase that women should consult a doctor and look at treatment options, if necessary.

Renew Youth to the Rescue

If you are women who may have entered the perimenopausal stage of life, then it may be a good idea to take a closer look at the Renew Youth Program. The company has been around for nearly 20 years and has gained invaluable knowledge and experience with menopause-related problems. Renew Youth is not a “one size fits all” program. Each patient is treated individually and given a holistic and personalized treatment options. Apart from this, the treatment includes bioidentical progesterone, to help maintain proper estrogen levels.

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The steps that Sheldon Lavin has taken to boost the growth of OSI Group

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The moment Sheldon Lavin started his entrepreneurial matters the vital thing to him has been sustaining natural resources. From the moment Sheldon Lavin was welcomed to the OSI Group he got a platform that he would use to show his eco-friendly and progressive ideologies. OSI Group has gained a reputation all over the world as a leading food producer. They have managed to have 65 facilities in 17 countries. In the United States, it has gained the ranking of being number 58 in the list of the largest private company. Over the years and under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin the company has achieved a net worth of $6.1 billion.

Sheldon is the CEO and chairman of the OSI Group. He is one of the members of the company that has been with the company longer. The years that Lavin joined OSI Group, it was still in its formative years. He joined when the company was still a family-owned firm called Otto & Sons that later changed the name to OSI Industries in 1975. The works that he has done at the company has been phenomenal. The company has grown globally from what it was as a little company. Before Sheldon joined OSI Group, he was offering his services at the banking sector. In the capitalization of the food company, he has played an enormous role. To know more about the company click here.

The moment Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group they only offered their products to one client the McDonald’s. Though they were struggling to meet the demand because the MacDonald demand was high. They needed to do something so that they could expand the business to meet the demand. The other thing that they needed to do was have other facilities nationwide so that supply to other McDonald facilities without an issue. Because of Sheldon, the company was able to meet all the objectives he was the one who facilitated capitalization. Over the years Sheldon has become the key man in the company. The thing that has been of help in his career is the background in finance and accounting, and that’s what has helped him to take OSI to another level.

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Strategies Ted Bauman Says Provide Overall Investment Protection

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A potential stock market crash scares investors and makes them vulnerable to making investment decisions to protect their assets. Ted Bauman, Editor of The Bauman Letter Publication offers informative strategies and tips to investors. He said to Gazette Day in May 2018 that the stock market has a 50 percent change to rise and a 50 percent change to decline. In any event, inventors primary concern is protecting their investments with a diversity of investment options, such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Suppose the stock market crashes; an investor can rely on monthly dividends with bonds and quarterly dividends with mutual funds.

It is best to invest in all three options to offset potential losses when stock prices decline and there are losses instead of gains. Ted Bauman said in a letter published that investors should build a profitable investment portfolio by including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. He writes weekly newsletters for The Sovereign Investor Daily sharing with investors how to protect their assets by creating secured portfolios. The safest investment options are bonds and mutual funds compared to stocks, although all three come with some risks. Bauman calls the strategic defensive, resulting in profitable gains and protection from substantial losses when the stock market is troubled.

He explains how unexpected crashes can happen to cause investors to experience substantial losses. One way is with the rules-based selling of stocks which includes strategies, valuation sell, and opportunity cost sell. While working at the World Bank, Ted Bauman recognized stocks on Wall Street were overvalued and that investors will realize their investments are at higher risks when stock prices revert to lower valuations. Investors tend to use the valuation technique to sell stock when its value is too high, and they use the opportunity cost technique to replace a stock with another stock with fare future value.

Ted Bauman earned bachelor degrees in Economics and History from the University of Cape Town and continued his education earning an MBA from Georgia State University. He’s dedicated years working for non-profits, writing newsletters, authoring a book, and researching housing developments in the Caribbean and Latin America. In 2015, Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing as Alpha Stock Alert and editor of the Bauman and Plan B Club.

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