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Michael Nierenberg: Utilizing a Rich Career in Finance to Enhance New Residential Investment Corporation

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Michael Nierenberg hails from a long line of successful ventures in the world of finance, both on a global scale and throughout the United States of America. Kicking off his financial career at Lehman Brothers, Mike Nierenberg remained there for a term of seven years where one of the most notable things he accomplished during his tenure was being instrumental in the construction of the Lehman Brother’s adjustable rate mortgage business. Bear Stearns was next on the list of career moves for Mike Nierenberg. From 2006-2008 he served as a Member of the Board of Directors for Bear Stearns, as well as occupying a respectable range of upper leadership positions over his 14 years working with the company. Some of these positions included being in charge of interest rate and foreign exchange trading operations, co-head of mortgage backed securities trading, and co-head of structured products. From Bear Stearns, Mike Nierenberg transitioned to J.P. Morgan under the official title of Global Securitized Products and a leading member of the J.P. Morgan management committee. Following his time at J.P. Morgan, Nierenberg became Managing Director and ran the Global and Securitized Products at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Currently, Mike Nierenberg is a Managing Director at Fortress Investment Group. He is also Chairman, President, and CEO of New Residential Investment Corporation. The relationship between these two companies has changed and grown over the years. Initially, New Residential was owned entirely by Newcastle Investment Corporation; however, in 2013 it was spun off from Newcastle and became publicly traded. Fortress Investment Group is now charged with managing and advising New Residential.

Supporting personnel in New Residential Investment Group include Nicola Santoro who serves as Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of the company, and Jonathon Brown who is the Chief Accounting Officer of the company. Additional leadership includes Kevin Finnerty, Robert McGinnis, David Saltzman, Andrew Sloves, and Alan Tysone who serve as independent directors of the company.

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Michael Nierenberg: Leading The New Residential investment Corp

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Michael Nierenberg is the current chairman of the New Residential Investment Corporation. The New Residential Investment Corporation focuses on the management of residential real estate invesmtents and they operate in public trading of real estate investment trusts. The New Residential Investment Corporation focuses on investing on high performing and high risk investments which usually gravitate to associated call rights, servicer advances, excess mortgage servicing rights and non-agency residential mortgage backed services.

One of the goals of the New Residential Investment Corporation is to maximize skillfulness and prowess in the investment industry and use this to deliver excellent numbers to their shareholders. The New Residential Investment Corp. is set to drive very significant dividends to their shareholders. The New Residential Investment Corp. targets various investments and assets to be able to provide multiple channels of income for both the company and the shareholders. The New Residential Investment Corp. eyes stable cash flows that can last on the long run and also eyes conservative capital structures that can reel in significant numbers of returns in different interest rate environments. The New Residential Investmenr Corp. deeply understands the volatile and dynamic nature of US market which is why they can respond accordingly.

All thanks to the excellence in business of Michael Nierenberg, the company has been elevated into a 14 million dollar valuation with 1 million in equity valuation. The company is now performing better than ever thanks to the leadership of Michael Nierenberg and his team members, of course.

Michael Nierenberg has extensive experience in the industry of managing investments. Michael Nierenberghas also served as managing director in another high profile firm, Fortress. And Michael Nierenberg has also served as managing director and head of securitized products and global mortgages at the Bank of America – Merrill Lunch. Michael Nierenberg handled all activities that was related to sales and trading within his division. Michael Nierenberg has also served as head of Global Securitized Products in JP Morgan. And before he hs served in JP Morgan, he has a 14 year venture as a senior leader in Bet Stearns, he served here as the head of interest and foreign exchange trading operations.

About Michael Nierenberg:

Andrew Rolfe Is A Committed Chairman Of The Ubuntu Fund

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The success of the Ubuntu Education Fund is anchored on its leadership team. Jacob Lief and Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula are the founders of the organization. They two were inspired to help the needy children in the society after seeing their suffering. To this end, they moved with speed to provide them with educational tools. However, they came to the realization that education was not the problem considering that the some children could not attend school. Upon carrying out a comprehensive research, Banks and Jacob realized that hunger, HIV and other family issues were adversely affecting them, thus the low turnout in school.

Jacob and Malizole decided to provide the students with food and look after their well-being by developing a pediatric clinic within the institution. This way, more students started reporting to school and concentrating on their studies.

In the spirit of seeking to help more students, the Fund decided to organize a funds drive. Andrew was charged with the duty of ensuring that the guests are provided with a variety of delicacies. He was also responsible for entertaining the guests. Notably, 300 guests attended the invitation-only event. When they were planning for the occasion, the leadership of the Fund had targeted to raise $900,000. The guests raised more than $972,960.

Andrew and the management of the Fund posited that they would use the money to equip and expand the pediatric clinic. They would also expand the campus’s capacity. After these projects have been completed, the Fund will increase the number of needy children enrolled at the Port Elizabeth-based school. This South-African campus has an elaborate cradle-to-career program that seeks to support all the children enrolled at the institution from when they are young until when they start their respective professions.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe has been serving as the chairman of the Fund for many years. His transformative leadership has been beneficial to the institution, as the Fund has managed to operate as a going concern. Moreover, Rolfe is passionate about giving back to the society.

The executive has worked for different renowned corporations. It is for this reason that he has a extensive management experience. Rolfe has worked for the Gap where he served as the president in charge of its international operations. He has also rendered his services for Pret A, Manger and PepsiCo Restaurants International.