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Norka Luque Is Discovered By Emilio Estefan

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As a little girl, her parents wanted her to be musically trained. When she was just eight, they enrolled her in music and voice lessons to see these desires come to fruition. However, they had no idea that they were helping young Norka Luque to one day become a singing sensation. Music is an ever-evolving industry that changes daily. The young girl knew that if she was to start her journey into the music industry, she would have to be very good to make it. She had the training, but she needed a message to give to her audiences. That is when she decided that she had to ensure her music had passion and a message. Her tunes are about positive things that people can enjoy listening too.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how great your singing is if you have not been discovered. Remember what Clive Davis did for Whitney Houston? It didn’t take long for Emilio Estefan to see and hear the talents in Luque. He didn’t want her to be just another “one hit wonder.” He worked and mentored her to release singles that would make her a success. You don’t get a second chance and if the public didn’t like what she was delivering, she would never make it. Due to the fact that Estefan won numerous Grammy Awards for his work on the Miami Sound Machine, she was in good hands.

As one of the hottest Latin American artists around, Estefan knew what it would take for her to be great. With some training, she could be the next J-Lo or Beyonce. She released her first single with much success. The young Venezuelan artist had some luck with her music in her home country, but it was when she moved to Miami, Florida that things really began to heat up. Though she will never deny her Latin roots, she knows that she needed a bigger market to branch out into. It just so happens that when she came to Florida, Estefan was one of the first people to see her. She was doing a play that he was working on with Shakira.

The sky is the limit for Luque. It appears she has the makings of something great. She has certainly already made her mark on the music industry and will continue to do so. With a great mentor like Estefan directing her paths, what could go wrong?

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