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Mark Linzenbold Named New CFO of Agera Energy

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Agera Energy is looking to make a change to its executive team. For the last several years, Geoff Duda has served as its chief financial officer. Read more about Agera Energy on

However, the company announced that it will be naming a new CFO within the next few months. In a recent announcement, Agera Energy revealed that Mark Linzenbold will become its new top financial executive. As the new chief financial officer, Mark will be responsible for helping the company oversee its financial operations, manage its finances and help it reach all of its financial goals in the future. Linzenbold will be a great addition due to his experience and expertise.


He has spent many years as an executive in which he has used his expertise and leadership to guide numerous organizations. Mark has spent time working as the Vice President of Finance and Business Development at Direct Energy and as the Vice President of Business Planning & Corporate Controller at Strategic Energy. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

The Career Accomplishments of Anil Chaturvedi

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An Indian native, Anil Chaturvedi is a globally known banker who boasts of over four decades of experience in investment banking and corporate and private banking. In fact, he featured in the list of the world’s most elite bankers. Handling cross-border transactions between India and European nations is one of his areas of expertise. Mr. Anil’s sheer hard work and determination at Delhi University earned him a degree in Economics in 1973. Delhi University School of Economics honored him with an MBA in Financial Management in the same year. Mr. Chaturvedi worked for numerous banks in India before relocating to the United States where he landed his first job as the managing director of development and planning at the State Bank of India. Most of Anil Chaturvedi’s clients at the State Bank of India were Indians living in the United States.


After years of excellence in the State Bank of India, Anil Chaturvedi landed a job as the global managing director of Merrill Lynch. Anil Chaturvedi worked as a private banker for 18 years and would serve clients all over Asia, Europe, and the United States. He held the position of the Managing Director of Merrill Lynch for fifteen years before his appointment as the Managing Director of Hinduja Bank, a multinational bank headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Mr. Chaturvedi leverages his banking experience and expertise to help Hinduja Bank form cross-border strategic alliances with European and Asian banks. He was also instrumental in creating opportunities for people interested in investing in the world of banking. His other areas of specialty include capital raising, global banking, amalgamations, and credit syndication. Besides, Mr. Anil has contributed immensely towards the success of numerous e-commerce startup companies in India.


In 2006, Anil Chaturvedi teamed up with his wife, Kiran, to establish a charitable organization, Kiran, and Anil Chaturvedi Foundation, to offer grants to global humanitarian entities. Mr. Chaturvedi would also use the foundation to encourage voluntarism and help aspiring tech entrepreneurs get off the ground. Anil Chaturvedi initiated the introduction of credit cards and online banking in Hinduja Bank in the 1990s.

Timothy Amour Takes Control of Capital Group

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Timothy D. Armour is the chief executive officer and chairman of Capital Group. He took over the chairmanship on 28th of July 2015 after the election by the company’s board of directors. Armour has more than three decades of experience as an investor at Capital Group. Armour served as Capital’s investment analyst covering United States telecommunication services and world’s telecom. His first job at the company was a participant in the Capital’s Associate program.


Timothy Armour has an economics degree from Middlebury College in Los Angeles. After graduation in 1983, he joined the Associate Program at Capital Group, which marked the beginning of his lifetime career at the company. Armour’s current position at Capital put him in charge of one of the global leaders in the investment management industry. He identifies the key to success in the investment management sector a firm’s collective talents targeted at pursuing the company’s mission. Armour observes that smart managers evaluate companies and estimate or determine companies’ prospects in distant or foreseeable future. He cites the example of baby boomers healthcare, which ostensibly intersects with innovative therapies. Armour deduces that an active strategy to exploit such opportunity requires financial analysis to establish the risk-reward scenario before investment. He emphasizes the work of good managers to better themselves to rival the market particularly in a troublesome some market and more information click here.


Capital recently entered into a partnership with Samsung Asset Management t to build asset management products and competency in its Korean market. Tim Armour, Capital chairman, lauded the partnership with Samsung for its benefit to Koreans and Korea institutions in helping them realize their long-term investment goals in the same way as Capital Group’s success in the United States market and globally through assets management and holistic market cycles. Janet Yang, the CFA a long-term worker at Capital, praised Armour’s appointment as the perfect choice to fill in the shoes of the late Capital chairman Jim Rothenberg. She particularly lauded the company’s accountability and administrative measures and linked them to its long-term success. Capital currently commands $1.3 trillion capital in the form of asset and learn more about Timothy.


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How Duda Melzer Accomplished Being a Top Brazilian Entrepreneur

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Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is one of the top entrepreneurs in Brazil. Known by his nickname Duda Melzer, he is the Chairman of the Board and President of RBS Group which is one of the largest media company’s in the nation. RBS Group was founded by his grandfather Maurico Sirotsky Sobrhino in 1957 and is a leading provider of television, radio, newspapers, and internet news sites. It also operates a subsidiary that Duda founded, e.Bricks Digital, which invests in startup technology companies in the United States and Brazil.


Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul with a degree in Business Administration, he attended Harvard University in order to earn his MBA. He worked for a few American companies including consulting firm Booz Allen & Hamilton, Box Top Media as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Delphi Corporation as a Senior Analyst.

At RBS Group, Duda Melzer oversees the company’s journalistic and entertainment content as well as the strategic vision of the company. RBS Group has 18 television channels, 24 radio stations, and eight newspapers in addition to a number of online sites. There are 6000 employees at RBS Group and it has the second largest number of journalists employed in Brazil and more information click here.

Duda Melzer’s ability as an entrepreneur was recognized in 2015 when he was selected to choose the 25 members of the Annual Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise. This institute comprises a prestigious list of 25 people who come from families with a history of entrepreneurialism and are considered examples to follow for their peers. He was also awarded Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015 by Ernst and Young. Other awards he has received in his career includes Communications Week naming him Entrepreneur Communication Award of the Year in 2013 and in 2015 winning the Merit Award in Management in the Private Sector and Contact him.

George Soros’ Expert Opinion on The World Economy

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Emerging financial policies are pushing the developed economies to the brink. The first alarm should have been triggered when china devalued its currency. A lot is left to be desired from the communist country action. More and more economies are facing a mini financial crisis. This was one of the points that were raised by George Soros while he was in Sri Lanka. He continued to state that investing in this shaky economy was dangerous and investors needed to be careful. Change in strategy by china which is the second largest economy in the world will lower productivity on and spiral down the economic climate. Many countries are facing currency problems and there is no economic healing in the near future. According to Soros estimations there are tough times ahead which will need very stringent measures to remedy. In George Soros opinion investors should read the troubling signs which are evidenced by the unpredictability of markets.

As of this year the world is facing serious economic challenges on and it is by pure lack that the financial sector has not hit rock bottom. This can be evidenced by the loss of $ 2.5 trillion in the stock markets. Low currencies that are being experienced in Asia are as a result of China’s economic instability. In order to protect their markets different economies react in different ways, some states such as the U.S will provoke rate-hiking cycle. According to George Soros there is little economic growth and the economic situation as of now can be compared to 2008. The 2007-2008 financial crisis was the worst financial crisis in over 60 years. The aftershocks might be worse since not many countries have recovered from the recession. George Soros first aired his concerns in September 2011 while speaking in Washington. While in Washington he talked about the European situation and the various factors in play that were almost drowning the union. Greece a member of the union is deep in debt and the government does not seem to be aware. According to his prediction featured in Russia which is also not doing very economically has done little to change the situation. Some time back it invaded Ukraine and the E.U retaliated by imposing very high sanctions. The international financial market is gloomy and keeps deteriorating as the days pass by. The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index, the Nikkel Stock Average Volatility Index and the Merrill Lynch index have all plum metered.

George Soros is an international hedge fund billionaire with investments in almost all continents. According to his economic graph began to rise in the late 1970s and has never stagnated since then. He is a human rights activist according to he feels compelled to intervene and help those who are not able to speak and fight for themselves. His foundation which goes by the name Open Society has offices all over the globe. In a recent press review that was aired in Russia felt threatened by the good work being done by the organization.

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