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Fagali’i Airport: The Little Gem Of Samoa

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Fagali Airport is managed and operated by the Samoan government in conjunction with Polynesian Airlines. This airport has undergone significant renovation from a grass-only airstrip to paving the runways to meet international standards. Unfortunately, Fagali airport has faced a few hiccups such as the constant complaints about noise and safety in 2005 that led to the temporary closure. Environmental concerns and the well-being of locals was a vital issue, but a thorough safety inspection quelled these fears by the Samoa Airport Authorities. This inspection was followed by another examination of the Pacific Aviation Office (PASO) to ensure that everything was in order.

The Fagali resumed operations in July 2009, and it added cross-border flights to American Samoa thus expanding its clientele base by a considerable margin. Ahead of the grand opening, Brent Schwenke, the general manager of Polynesia Airlines told reporters that Fagali would only cater for daytime flights. Therefore, travelers who wished to travel at night would use the Faleolo International Airport which is just forty-five minutes away in Apia. Fagali’i airport has grown by leaps and bounds, and it now serves global airlines such as South Pacific Island Airways and Talofa Airways.


The airport attracts numerous travelers each year mainly due to the great tourist attractions in Fagali Island. To start with, the famed Fiafia Night offers an enchanting experience of Samoa history with dance performances, spinning fire, and live music. Visitors travel to this part of the world to witness firsthand what they may have only read in travel magazines, and needless to say that it’s all worthwhile. Spending a day at the Samoa Cultural Village is yet another noble way of getting acquainted with Samoa’s rich history and learn a few handcrafts like basket weaving according to Those with a proclivity for adventurous sports have a slew of choices ranging from scuba diving to snorkeling or signing up for yoga hiking tours.

Fagali’i Airport is instrumental in connecting visitors to this part of the world, and what’s more, there are plenty of affordable flights to suit even the most frugal traveler. Travelers who are just passing by Apia will easily find connecting flights to nearby airports like Pago Pago and Ofu.