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Knowledge For Prevention With Life Line Screening

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Thanks to the internet, it is easy to find a source of information that is very trustworthy on any given topic. This is very important when it comes to health because people need as much knowledge as they can get in order to be prepared for when they have a health issue that needs to be taken care of. One company to go to is Life Line Screening. They not only have technology for screening, but they also have a lot of information on a lot of diseases and conditions that they can screen for. Therefore, people are able to learn a lot of useful information about these conditions. Also, whenever there is new important pieces of information, the social media site gets updated.

With Life Line Screening, people can look up information on different diseases. They can also look at the different health risks so that they can have a better idea on where they stand as far as their health is concerned. Life Line tells people about all of the signs and symptoms. Therefore, people will have a better idea on what to look for. They will also have better knowledge on when to go for a screening for a certain condition.

One of the best things about Life Line Screening is that they put forth a lot of information on their website so that people will be able to know when they need to take action and get treatment. They also offer people information on what they can do to prevent any type of illness they might be faced with. Another good thing is that these professionals are working on coming up with better forms of treatment for illnesses. One of the best things to do is figure out a treatment plan in order to make recovery a lot better.

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Maggie Gill – Education, Career, and Future Expectations for Memorial Health

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Margaret (Maggie) Gill is the president and CEO of Memorial Health. She joined the Memorial University Medical Center in 2004 in the capacity of vice president. She was later promoted to chief operating officer in 2005, and later to the position of president and CEO in 2011.

Education and Career Background

Maggie Gill attended Florida State University where she earned her bachelor’s degree with honors. She later attended Saint Leo University in Florida where she received her MBA with honors. Additionally, she completed a coursework in strategic thinking and management at the Wharton School.

Gill worked for other health organizations in different capacities before joining Memorial Health in 2004. For instance, she worked for Tenet South Florida Health System for five years before moving to Memorial University Medical Center. Her time at the company saw her work directly with three hospitals: Coral Gables Hospital, Palmetto General Hospital, and North Shore Medical Center. Her outstanding work also saw her receive the Tenet Outstanding CFO Award three times during her five-year tenure.

Providing Comprehensive Oversight

As president and CEO of Memorial Health, Maggie Gill is tasked with leading and guiding senior vice presidents and physician leaders. She is also tasked with a host of other responsibilities including internal audits, trauma services, physician relations, corporate communications, financial assistance, perioperative services, and government relations.

Maggie Gill has been contending with growing financial shortcomings over the recent past as Memorial Health’s CEO and President. She has so far managed to sustain the hospital’s operations, but she paints a grim future for the organization.

Maggie Gill’s Take on the Health Care System

Maggie Gill has been vocal about the health system’s continual loss of revenues and the complications that lay ahead. The bad news, however, is not a surprise as this has been the trend in the recent past.

According to Gill, the continual loss of revenues is a result of the changes taking place in the health care environment. The revenue losses are partly attributed to Medicaid cuts from the Affordable Care Act as well as higher levels of charity care. She also attributed it to the fact that Memorial Health is the only safety net hospital in Georgia that is not granted special and local funding.

However, the CEO has a plan for keeping Memorial Health afloat and improving its performance. First, she recommends partnership with other institutions with enough money and resources to help it recover. She also unveiled the Pathways to Excellence initiative which aims to generate $20 million every year.