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Brian Torchin Is A Crucial Asset In The Medical Staffing Industry

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Brian Torchin runs a company called HCRC Srtaffing. It is a healthcare staffing agency and he is a crucial asset to the medical staffing/healthcare staffing industry. Here’s more information about his business model, the advantages of using his services and other interesting info about him.

Brain Torchin: Business Model

His business model is simple, he provides staffing to companies in the medical industry. His healthcare staffing agency provides the industry with billing managers, desk assistants, doctors, nurse practitioners and chiropractors to name a few. Those are only a few examples of the type of staff Torcin’s company can provide businesses with.

Advantages Of Using His Services

The main benefit is HCRC Staffing has an array of professionals that work within the healthcare industry. This means finding talent is easy when you use the agency. Not only that, but the company provides companies with referrals in less than four days, which is good news for those needing new hires right away.

Media Outlets That Have Featured Brian Torchin

According to Wellness, a number of media outlets have features Brian Torchin, including well-known ones. CNN and Xrepublic are a few out lets to have featured Torchin. Generally speaking, the coverage has been in regards to him and his company providing staffing to those within the healthcare industry, such as chiropractic offices.

Social Media

Brian Torchin is on a number of social media platforms. This includes both Facebook and Twitter. On Twitter, he posts about positions that he has open within his company and where those positions are located. He also posts the same content on Facebook. This is good because it means medical professionals or those that work in the industry can learn where there are job openings and contact him or his agency for more information.

If anybody wants to learn more about finding work or finding staff members within the healthcare industry, then they can visit HCRC Staffing’s website.